Avoidant Attachment Style: Triggers, Signs And Solutions

Avoidant attachment style

During the early stages of childhood, there are a couple of noticeable attachment styles. Each of these attachment styles is a reflection of the child’s experience with the caregiver.  This emotional attachment between infants and their caregivers also comes up during intimate relationships. The emotional experience your significant other had as an infant would determine … Read more

Touching Love Messages To Make Him Cry

Verbal expression of love is among the most viable means to keep a relationship steady and steamy. Having intimacy and a lot of PDAs aren’t enough to keep reminding your significant order of your love. It is often necessary to communicate your feelings for your significant order through words.  But you have to make sure … Read more

12 Zodiac Lips Corresponding To The 12 Zodiac Signs

Do you know your zodiac sign but you’ve been unable to identify your zodiac lip? It is normal for some people to have difficulties picking up the perfect lipstick that corresponds to their zodiac signs.  The trend of having a zodiac lip that actually represents your zodiac sign started recently across different social media platforms … Read more

How To Be More Affectionate: 10 Surefire Strategies

How to be more affectionate

In an intimate relationship, affection is a physical expression of feelings towards a partner. Affection is a show of love, attention, care and desire towards your partner, through subtle means. You may not have to wait for their birthdays or anniversaries before reminding them how glad you’re to be in a relationship with them. Through … Read more

Be Careful Who You Trust: 10 Important Things To Know Before Trusting People

Trust is an essential asset needed to build a committed and healthy personal or professional relationship. It forms the basis of business deals and the bedrock of intimate relationships. Indeed, trust is invaluable when people are coming together for any purpose. In intimate relationships, if trust is found wanting, there is difficulty in tagging along. … Read more