How To Be Dominant In A Relationship – The Model For Alpha Males

Dominance in a relationship is basically being in control and incharge of the relationship. As the dominant partner, you call the shots and the buck will always fall on your table. 

How to be dominant in a relationship is a mind bugging question for adult males who are yet to figure out the principles of an “Alpha Male.” It is very attractive to be a dominant partner. 

Women love being around that man who has the capacity to lead and direct them. In as much as they may be opposed to the firm decisions of a dominant partner but they’re still much adjusting to the masculine frame than keeping up with a feminine man.

However, oftentimes, dominance has been juxtaposed with aggression. The two are two distinct words with clear separate meanings. Dominance in a relationship does not in any way suggest being aggressive to your partner.

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Aggression is a toxic behavior often exhibited by narcissists and people with ego issues. It includes gaslighting, unnecessary yelling, emotional stress and in severe cases, physical assault. On the other hand, dominance in a relationship entails being romantic, caring, protective and ready to lead. 

With this, we would detail the 8 means to become dominant in a relationship.

How to be dominant in a relationship

How To Be Dominant In A Relationship: 8 Strategies

1. Show That You Care

Relationships entail mutual support and commitment. 

Always show up for your partner when they’re in need. You don’t have to wait for them to remind you, you should be able to figure out when they’re going through hard times. It is during such moments that they so desire your care and attention.

As a dominant partner, you have to show up, even though it is a problem you can’t proffer a solution to, just your care would be enough. 

It could be during the death of a relative, a career challenge, family issues or just rounds of emotional stress. Be around and reassure her that you’ll always be there for them.

2. Provide For Your Partner

How to be dominant in a relationship? Start by taking care of the needs of your partner. 

You’re already lucky that society has evolved from the era when women used to be just housewives. Now, women work and also take part in footing the bills. Just for clarity, a recent survey showed that over 50% of American women work.

This positive transition has significantly relieved men of so much burden. 

However, it is still the basic responsibility of the man to take care of his partner and family. If you want to be dominant in the relationship, you have to be responsible. 

Provide for her. Take care of her needs and make sure you’re doing these within your financial strength. Don’t go out there trying to impress some gold-digger before you go bankrupt.

3. Don’t Ask For Permission or Be Submissive

It is the responsibility to love your partner and then, her responsibility to submit to you. Don’t twist this natural formation or you mess up your relationship.

You may seek the advice of your partner but never request for their permission. In fact, there are phrases you should never use when you’re with your partner: “can I visit that my friend this weekend?” “Would you allow me to spend the evening at the game center?” “Can I visit the gym this weekend?”

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Such phrases reduce your quality and delays your journey to being a high value man. Women love assertive and decisive people. People who are capable of making decisions on their own. 

You don’t have to ask for her permission. Just let her know what you want to do and if she has some reservations, you can then factor in her concerns and still make the final decision by yourself.

How to be dominant in a relationship

4. Learn When To Say No

How to be dominant in a relationship? You have to be firm. Know when to say no and always stand by your “no.” Don’t be swayed by emotions because they’ll certainly come. Be polite and don’t bother giving so many reasons for choosing to say no.

Only give reasons when strictly necessary. 

Being a “yes” man would put you on the pedestal and put you under the pressure to always say yes even in obvious difficulties. You’re setting up your relationship on a faulty foundation and shouldn’t blame you when she decides to call it quits because you failed to say yes.

5. Always Make The First Move And Use Your Masculine Energy

What differentiates “Alpha Males” from other males is the presence of a masculine frame and energy. This is an unrepressed determination to lead your partner while sticking to your personal principles.

The masculine frame and energy are viewed analytically by your partner to gauge your assertiveness. How to be dominant in a relationship entails portraying the masculine frame.

More so, as the dominant person in the relationship, you have to be the first person to make the needed moves. Initiate intimacy if you want one. Ask her out if you need her. Propose to her if she meets up with your standards. Don’t be cajoled into working on principles established by your partner or third parties.

6. Maintain Your Independence

At the beginning, there were fascinating qualities of you that triggered the interest of your partner. 

These are qualities that got her attracted to you. And these qualities are the basis of your uniqueness and authenticity. 

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Unfortunately, when you enter into a relationship, your partner may tend to change you to make you unattractive to other girls, in an apparent attempt to keep you to herself.

But in the long run, when you have completely lost touch with these qualities, just like other girls, your partner would inevitably find you unattractive.

How to be dominant in a relationship?

You don’t have to be changed, there is only you. Remain independent and mysterious to keep her imaginations wild.

Keep your hobbies, friends, family and job very close and as important as your relationship. Don’t lose touch with these companions as they are your only go-to when the ship capsizes.How to be dominant in a relationship

7. Initiate The Plans For Both Of You

In a relationship, there would be demands to go for Dinner, vacation, date nights, weekend breaks and evening strolling. 

If you’re still wondering how to be dominant in a relationship, make sure you’re the one making these plans.

Your partner is welcomed to add her contributions but always remain firm with your decisions. 

Bottom Line

Being dominant in a relationship is as important as the submissiveness of the partner. If the two dynamics fail to coexist, the relationship would never stand the test of time. 

You have to work on being a dominant male. Keep your masculine frame intact and provide for your partner. 

As the dominant person, you have to lead and direct your partner. They subconsciously look up to you especially in times of difficulties. 

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