10 Signs Your Ex Is Testing You

10 Signs Your Ex Is Testing You

It could be very easy to call it quits in a relationship, but it could be very difficult to put behind the lovely memories. Despite walking away from the relationship, our connections with our ex girlfriends or ex boyfriends continue to re-emerge.

Even in subsequent relationship, some people do not even hesitate to remember their ex’s qualities. At the extreme, they try to compare the present partner to their ex. It goes a long way to reemphasize how difficult it is to break an emotional attachment.

Those who couldn’t control the trauma of being an ex, always continue with thoughtful efforts. Efforts that are targeted at getting the attention of their ex. However, because of some personal reasons, you may not find it convenient to entertain the return of an ex. But, can you really figure out signs that show that your ex actually wants you back?

10 Signs Your Ex Is Testing You

You need to be very watchful of these signs. A little mistake from you could possibly return you back to the relationship you recently freed yourself from. These signs show that your ex is actually testing the waters to know if they still stand a chance.

Signs your ex is testing you

1. They are all over your social media handles

You’d expect them to unfollow you on various social media handles? Hell no! They still got some unfinished business with you. They are in your comment box, in your threads among others. Though, they might not readily divulge their interests. But, their disturbing online presence has a lot to do with testing you.

2. They remember your anniversaries

Even before you begin plans, they’ve already texted you about the upcoming anniversary. Though, they’d probably do this without betraying their obvious concerns.

3. You meet them often

Even though, they don’t live within the same street with you, you’d probably see them around. They could also bump up at your workplace or at your favourite amusement parks. These are efforts to register their presence in your mind.

4. Your ex begins to hangout often with your best friends

To create an uncomfortable atmosphere for you, they begin a friendship with your best friends. This makes it even more difficult to avoid them. They stick around always through your friends.

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5. They text you

These texts could be awkward and could also come in at awkward moments. They just want to force out a reaction from you. Any uncalculated reply could confirm to them that they still have an effect. You just have to calm down and treat it casually.

6. They try to make you jealous

They seize every opportunity to remind you of what you’ve been missing. They easily get lovey-dovey with some random persons, to make you jealous. They flaunt their curves and beauty every moment. A lot of attempts are made to remind you of the things you let go. If the jealousy is not well constrained, you’d probably fall in their trap.

Signs your ex is testing you

7. They ignore you

Every attempt is made to make sure you are well avoided. It’d become very difficult to see them. They make sure no trace is left. Don’t just think they are doing this to avoid you. These are attempts to know how much you’d miss them. They want to know if you could cope without their presence. 

8. They ask questions about you

These could be casual questions but very sensitive questions for your ex. To know how you’re progressing without them, they’d ask your friends a lot of questions about you. They are checking if you’ve improved or to know if there’s still opportunity for them to come back. 

9. They share their travails with you

Though, you have went separate ways, but they still find solace in your warm pieces of advice. Your ex would conveniently share a lot with you. Especially, if you have something worthwhile to offer her. 

10. They are still interested in your wins

They cheer you up at the slightest opportunity. Your success becomes a source of joy to them. They are always interested to know about your career, your business and your other endeavours. It is just a typical sign that they are testing you. 

Takeaway: it has been established that these signs are indicative of the fact that your ex is testing you. Though, we cannot entirely ascertain their intentions. It is often targeted at recovering the relationship. Everything relies on how you handle these signs. You can shut them off if you’re not interested in getting back to them. You can also play along with them if you still have some reasons to give them a second chance.

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Why Is My Ex Trying To Get A Reaction Out Of Me?

There could be a couple of reasons why your ex is acting up around you. They make every attempt to get noticed  whenever they are around. Because, they want to know if they still have an effect over you. 

1. They want to check if you can still tolerate them. 

2. It is a sign that they still love you. When you truly love someone, you crave for their attention always. Irrespective of the prevailing circumstances, they make attempts to get themselves noticed because they are still in love.

3. They want to recover the relationship. Those bizarre texts from your ex are just reflections of their over pouring emotions. It is really difficult for them to let go.

4. They want to get you confused. If they know how much effect they have over you. Your ex could use it against you. Since you can’t readily reach them to thrash out things, they keep you emotionally busy with their actions.

Signs your ex is testing you

How Do I Know If My Ex Is Hurting After A Breakup?

If you were truly in love with your ex, you can easily figure out when they are passing through pain. If your ex refuses to discuss the breakup with your friends, or they fail to move on in the next three months, just know that they still feel hurt by the breakup. 

Sometimes, they do everything possible to avoid you. They block you from checking them through their social media handles. Every attempt to reach them often proves abortive. This might indicate that they are testing you, but it is also an indication that they are still yet to recover from the breakup.

Some of them could not stand the chance of seeing you with another person. They still nurture some feelings and are very much hopeful that things would take another turn. 

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