The Biggest Turn-offs In A Relationship You Must Avoid

Oftentimes, the desire with which you venture into a relationship , at some moment, turns into a disdain. You might have been looking forward to starting a wonderful relationship but before you could even get to know each other better, you’re already irritated about them. This is so because of turn-offs in a relationship.

Relationship turn-offs are habits or attitudes which may have difficulties tolerating from your partner. They are your partner’s habits that leave you angry, sad, jealous or emotionally downcast. 

It varies according to gender. That is to say, relationship turn-offs for men are somewhat different from relationship turn-offs for women. This article is targeted at identifying these turn-offs in a relationship to enable you to position yourself very well for your dream relationship.

Turn-offs in a relationship

Turn-offs In A Relationship For Women

Women are very selective and are highly visual. They’re mostly moved by what they see, hear and perceive. It doesn’t take much to impress a woman as it also takes a little to get her dissatisfied. Here are a few relationship turn-offs for women.

1. Insensitivity

Nothing irritates a woman like her man being insensitive to her emotional demands and needs. Women are naturally wired to be taken care of and they appreciate it more if you figure it out by yourself when they’re in need of this care. If you are not sensitive enough to identify her needs, she wouldn’t have the courage to take you seriously.

2. Bad breath

Turn-offs in a relationship for women include bad breath. Women are very sensitive to their personal hygiene and also expect their men to do so. If you have bad breath, she wouldn’t have the enthusiasm to show you off to her family and friends and that will likely mean bad for the relationship. Take care of your personal hygiene and appear irresistible to your woman.

3. Being indecisive

Most women who are in a heterosexual relationship are often the submissive ones while men maintain dominance. In such a scenario, a woman naturally looks up to her man for direction and guidance.

It doesn’t imply they’re not capable of taking informed decisions but it is just a mark of respect. It is therefore expected of the man to be resolute and decisive when issues arise. If you’re indecisive, your woman would start evaluating the tendencies of you leading her right.

4. Arrogance

Arrogance and rudeness are minor things that matter a lot to the welfare of your relationship. If you’re in the habit of insulting and abusing everyone around you, your partner would have a lot of questions running in her mind. She’d imagine if that’s also how you’d treat her. This is a very big relationship turn-off to women.

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5. Sense of fashion

As said earlier, women are visual beings; they’re easily moved by what they see. The major things your partner evaluates about you are your footwear, haircut and general appearance.

If you fail to capture her interest with your great taste in footwear, you may have difficulties keeping her around. Footwear is an easily noticeable thing in your dressing and if it captures the fancy of your partner, you may have ticked another box.

6. Lack of boundarie

As a man, you ought to have limits or red lines which people must not cross. This doesn’t only make you a principled man, it also boosts your reputation. Because women are highly dissatisfied with men that have no boundaries. They’re not comfortable with their man letting in every dick and Harry while tolerating everything from everyone. 

7. Selfishness

Selfish attitude is among the turn-offs in a relationship for women. Relationships are all about attention, care and intimacy. If you truly love your partner, you’d take care of them and show them kind gestures as often as possible. A woman wouldn’t like staying with a guy that doesn’t give a damn about her welfare. You need to show her that you’ve got her interest at heart.

8. Reminding them of your ex

This attitude is not taken lightly by women. They would certainly dump your ass if you always make the mistake of comparing them to your ex. Besides, if your ex was that good, why did you have to call it quits? Talking about your ex in the presence of your partner is an indication that you’re still attached to your ex. 

9. Turn-offs in relationship include cheating

Relationships are all about trust and understanding. You have to genuinely give them your word and maintain the sanctity of the relationship. No woman entertains the idea of sharing her man with another person. This is why cheating, swaying and flirting are considered big relationship turn-offs.


Pride people rarely keep a healthy relationship. Your pomposity should end outside; don’t bring it into your relationship. Pompous disposition would undermine your partner’s worth and inflict serious harm to their self-esteem. This is a relationship turn-off that is always taken seriously by women.

Turn-offs in a relationship

Turn-offs In A Relationship For Men

In a similar vein, men also have attitudes which keep them away from women. No matter how drop-dead gorgeous you might be, once any of these habits pop up, men wouldn’t hesitate to call it quits. 

1. Mean attitude

No one is against you being serious over sensitive issues, but acting mean unnecessarily is a relationship turn-off. Such meanness makes you unattractive and difficult to approach. Instead of discussing issues with you, he’d bottle it up because your outburst can not be predicted. 

2. Manipulative tendencies

It is a very bad attitude to manipulate or gaslight people for your own selfish interests. Such attitudes are capable of breaking down the emotional walls of some men and leave them irredeemably vulnerable. Men are now very sensitive to these techniques for manipulation. Once they detect them, they feel irritated. 

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3. Detesting his family and friends

Turn-offs in a relationship for men include how you relate with their family and friends. They have the perception that how you treat their family and friends won’t be much different from how you’d treat them. If you don’t like or respect his family and friends, he wouldn’t have the interest to continue the relationship. 

4. Nagging

Who likes staying with a nagging woman? No one. Nagging is a toxic attitude that makes the home uncomfortable for all. It is very difficult for a nagging woman to make a peaceful home and no man would like to stay with a partner that complains about almost everything. Peace of mind is very important and that is why nagging is seen as a relationship turn-off for men.

5. Lack of respect

Men are mostly the  ones in most heterosexual relationships while women are the submissive ones. In such a relationship dynamic, respect is valued highly and its absence stalls the growth of the relationship. Disrespect doesn’t speak well about your interest in the relationship and such an attitude keeps the partner quite uncomfortable.

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6. Using them as backup

It is true that most women keep different relationships at the same time. They have the main relationship with the main guy and have another relationship with another guy as a second option or backup. Keeping a guy as an option is a big turn-off and it discourages them entirely from continuing with the relationship.

7. Comparing them to your ex

No one is perfect and everyone deserves correction if they stray. You can correct your partner without equating them to your ex. This is a big relationship turn-off for men. They can’t just process the thoughts of being compared to someone who dumped you in the past. You’ve already moved on, just concentrate on your new relationship and put behind everything about your ex.

8. Flirting with other guys

A guy that loves you would never tolerate your flirtatious lifestyle. A little jealousy is unavoidable when you’re in love. Flirting with other potential partners is something no serious partner would condone.

9. Poor hygiene

Your personal hygiene matters a lot to your partner. They would like to show you off to their friends and family but that would be difficult if you have chronic body odor or your breath stinks. It is not easy keeping up with a dirty partner. It is advised that you take your personal hygiene seriously to avoid this relationship turn-off.

10. No support

Relationship is a two-way thing; it requires the contributions of the two sides. Though it might be the responsibility of the man to take care of the family, your support and assistance would be highly appreciated. If you don’t support him or make calculated efforts to assist, he might have reasons to look elsewhere.

Bottom Line

These turn-offs in a relationship have put an end to many promising and almost perfect relationships. Though tolerance is highly needed in matters of intimacy, there are habits that are beyond irritating.

Turn-offs in a relationship are habits and they can also be changed. If you figure out you have any of these habits, you are advised to start working on yourself and unmake these characters. 

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