Wife Material Meaning, Signs And Qualities

The phrase “wife material meaning” is gradually becoming a household name within the United States. Sometimes, it’s more popular variant, “wifey material” is often used amongst intending and young lovers.

The meaning of “wife material” is not too far from the name. By connotation, wife material refers to the inherent qualities in a lady that makes her very much suitable for marriage. These are qualities that are considered very much important for a healthy and lovely marriage.

Especially, at a time like this, when the United States is leading in the list of developed countries with the highest rate of divorces. The concept of “wife material” has been stylishly introduced to checkmate the awful qualities that are detrimental to marriages.

Is The Concept Of “Wife Material” A Stereotype?

With ongoing debates over gender equality, one might misconceive the concept of “wife material” as an injustice against women – a situation where women are envisaged to live for the validation of men.

This is entirely different from what “wife material” portrays. It is just a term to highlight the relevance of women in any successful and healthy marriage. It is just an honour and not a prejudice against women.

In most relationships today, boyfriends have been keen to identify if their girlfriends have the qualities of a wife material. Everyone would certainly like to settle down with that calm, loving and understanding lady who will always make sacrifices for the peace of the family.

Coming into terms with this reality, a lot of young girlfriends have started to readjust their extravagant way of life. Some are gradually upgrading their skillset and their managerial skills. These changes are obviously taking place because everyone would love to be referred to as a “wife material”.

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Wife material meaning

What Are The Qualities Of A Wife Material

This is actually where the challenge comes in – trying to differentiate a dedicated girlfriend from a wife material. Being a wife material is more different from being a good girlfriend. One could be a dedicated girlfriend but lacks necessary qualities to be a wife.

In other words, constant sex, flamboyant parties, too many monetary requests, and consistent text messages, are not enough for one to be considered a wife material. Below are some basic qualities of a wife material.

Financial Independence

This is exactly where some ladies get it wrong. Because they are in a relationship, they quickly forget their entrepreneurial skills and depend on their boyfriends for survival.

For one to be considered a wife material, her financial competence should not be in doubt. She is very okay financially and often times, very much ready to assist the boyfriend financially.

This quality is very basic and essential because, marriage could be unpredictable and their could be times when the wife may be expected to pay the bills because of some unforeseen circumstances. Only a wife material can boldly take up such responsibility.

She Could Maintain The Sanctity Of Marriage

With increasing tendencies of extramarital affairs, men are becoming very skeptical when choosing a partner. This is obviously intended to avoid getting married to some lady who may not exactly understand the demands of marriage.

A wife material perfectly understands the sanctity of marriage and is always ready to preserve this sanctity. During courtship, such qualities are readily verifiable. They are always interested in making the best out of the relationship and always ready to commit to their partner. This is a very rare quality amongst our young girlfriends. Because of it’s rarity, the few with such qualities are considered wife materials.

A Wife Material Pushes You To Be The Best Version Of Yourself

Another sign to watch out for in any lady is if she is ready to assist you in your career and aspirations. A lot of people, in their selfish interests, tends to submerge the interests of others for their own benefits.

This is a major reason why almost everyone is seeking to be with someone who understands them better and is very much ready to push them deeper into their various career paths. Every lady with the qualities of a wife material would always find it convenient to push the partner towards his career.

wife material meaning

Wife Material Is Someone Who Is Ready To Make Sacrifices

This is another quality that defines the success of every relationship – the ability to make sacrifices. In relationships where the partners are always reluctant to make sacrifices for each other, the ultimate end of such relationship is seldom far from a disheartening break up.

Any lady that has the natural tendency to make sacrifices is always considered a wife material. This basically implies that, she is always very much ready to discomfort herself for the success of the relationship. Selflessness at it’s peak. Women are the backbone of every relationship and we cannot overestimate the need for their timely sacrifices.

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Wife Material Meaning And Loyalty

Often times, some ill-informed authors juxtapose a loyalty in a relationship to weakness. In it’s entirety, being submissive in a relationship is not a sign of weakness. It is rather, a great virtue that can make things easier in a relationship. It is always the dream of every man to be in a relationship where he is respected and admired. Any lady that could assure him of such qualities could easily pass as a wife material.

From the foregoing, it has been established that being a wife material is simply being a virtuous woman. Unlike the unscholarly interpretations of “wife material meaning”, it is just a phrase to accentuate ladies that have consistently shown signs of making a lovely family and happy home.

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