Empty Feeling After Breakup Could Be Prevented By

Feeling lonely after breakup

I have come across many people lament their ordeals after they received a breakup notice from their partners. Especially, the empty feeling after breakup. The pain is understandably excruciating. The feeling of loneliness is always inevitable. Feeling lonely after breakup is unavoidable. Unless, you were not really smitten with your partner. Precisely, breakup is a … Read more

Good Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

Good questions to ask your girlfriend

There are good questions to ask your girlfriend, especially, to ascertain her level of commitment to the relationship. It is very necessary to ask questions. Not just questions but, important and good questions. It will give you an idea of what your girlfriend thinks about the relationship and the extent she can to make things … Read more

Why Do Men Cheat In A Relationship

Why do men cheat in a relationship

Cheating in a relationship is gradually becoming alarming. Especially, amongst men. To be precise, Cheating is the act of having intimate flings with persons outside a relationship. The concept of cheating has broken many intimate relationships and has rendered some other relationships toxic. Generally, infidelity is more predominant amongst men. There are higher tendencies of … Read more

Early Warning Signs Of A Toxic Relationship

Toxic Relationship

For a relationship to succeed, the early warning signs of a toxic relationship should be carefully identified and managed. Generally, the primary aim of an intimate relationship is to build a sense of companionship between the partners. Most people go into relationships, not because of the material benefits but, because of emotional and psychological help … Read more