Signs Of Negative Energy In A Person

Have you ever wondered why you will feel demotivated when you’re around someone – but feel highly motivated when around another person? You feel the aura of optimism around some people. But you’re dazed by the aura of pessimism around others.

These are energies that emanate from people. Such energies are emitted as a result of the person’s thoughts and views. This energy could be positive or negative. You have the tendency of getting readily comfortable around people that emit positive energy. On the other hand, you’re readily dissuaded by the negative energy from others.

Either of these energies come in different forms. Positive energies are often laden with positive vibes. You feel the positivity from people with positive energy. Whenever they talk, they speak with inspiration and motivation. Their compliments are always hearty and you always yearn to have these kinds of people around. 

On the other hand, when you get associated with people with negative energy, you’re easily held down by their negativity. Everything about them reeks of demotivation and contempt. Your genuine efforts are easily deflated by their ever unappreciative nature. You hardly get recognized, instead, they take delight in reminding you of your inefficiencies.

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What is Negative Energy

Succinctly, negative energy is the totality of negative thoughts, ideas, and feelings that are caged within the mind of a person, which reflects in their actions and emotions. When negative thoughts are trapped in someone’s mind, they create negative energy that could be felt by people around the person.

Such negative actions that emanate from negative thoughts include but are not limited to fear, hatred, jealousy, and anger.

11 Signs Of Negative Energy In A Person

Apart from a person, negative energy could also come through the environment or a person’s negative self-talk. 

Environments we live in could be a source of negative energy. If your views and beliefs do not resonate with the environment, the environment would certainly be a source of negative energy. For a child, visiting a pharmacist would be of greater inconvenience than visiting his ‘buddies.’ 

Notwithstanding, your negative self-talk is another source of negative energy. If you’re fond of having negative thoughts, you’d only emit negative energy. However, because of its effects, we’re much concerned about the negative energy in another person. 

Signs Of Negative Energy In A Person

Effects of negative energy from a person around you, could not be overemphasized. It could be a source of demotivation and its severe scenarios, orchestrates depression. 

If you’re always around person’s with negative energy, you’d lose grip of your positivity and get immersed in the pool of self doubt. It is very necessary to easily figure out signs of negative energy in a person.

11 Signs Of Negative Energy In A Person

1. They Complain A Lot

A lot of complaints characterize a person with negative energy. They complain about practically everything – both trivial and relevant issues. There are circumstances that could be easily overlooked, but a person with negative energy would certainly make a case out of it. 

In relationships, these endless complaints come in the form of nagging. They make the home and the relationship with their ceaseless nagging. Almost everything done by the partner is inconsistent with their views and desires. 

Through these complaints and nagging, they put out negative energy. Because they have internalized negative thoughts and feelings. A relationship or friendship with this kind of person could easily get toxic. 

2. They Find Fault With Almost Everyone And Everything

You’d be surprised to see them get dissatisfied with almost everything. They easily identify faults – especially where unnecessary. Instead of exploring the positive attributes of a person or circumstance, they enjoy finding the faults.

You just acquired a Ferrari. Instead of them congratulating and celebrating your latest acquisition, they’d begin to uncover holes in your latest achievement. 

They would give you reasons why it is preferable to get a Lexus RX instead of a Ferrari. Despite trying to notify them about your preferences and tastes, they will make sure they tell you that your latest achievement isn’t worth celebrating.

‘Besides, you’re not the first to get a Ferrari.’ ‘One of my friends sold his Ferrari to get a Benz.’ ‘How dare you patronize this car that has just two seats? Where were your economic instincts?!.’ These and more are common phrases they implore to deflate your latest achievement.

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3. They Criticize A Lot

Negative people have a critical mindset. It is a way through which they emit negative energy. Their mindset is riddled with negativity and they cease every opportunity to extend it to people around them.

Your successes and achievements are subjected to critique. They explore reasons to condemn a person’s exploits. You may have topped your class at the end of the year. Instead of congratulating you, they inform you that someone else should have come out on top.

They remind you why you don’t deserve the praises you are getting. They just have to find a way to condemn or criticize others. Because they have a lot of negative thoughts going through their minds.

11 Signs Of Negative Energy In A Person

4. They Always Want You To Go Down With Them

People with negative energy are always discontented by the success of other people. To make them feel better, they wish for the failure of others. Failure is very necessary when you fail with them – but very unacceptable if they fail alone.

Instead of finding reasons why they didn’t pass with good grades, they go around searching for people with worse grades. They can only allow failure if you’d fail with them.

5. They Are Very Pessimistic

A person with negative energy is very quick to label things as ‘bad.’ Optimism does not exist in his dictionary. Because they are always skeptical about good things. They are filled with the aura of bad happenings. 

They can easily figure out when a bad occurrence is imminent. Just like a fundamental pessimist, negative people resonate very well with bad news. 

With such a negative mindset, almost everything you do is labeled ‘bad’. In every situation, they expect the worst results. Not because of obvious circumstances but their internalized negative thoughts.

6. They Cannot Handle Disappointments

Though disappointment should not be tolerated, it is sometimes unavoidable. What we could do in such cases is to lower our tolerance level and explore a second chance. However, negative people are easily disconcerted by any slight disappointment.

A little murmuring while they’re speaking could get them ‘mad.’ They want everything to revolve around them and your slight attempt to change the game could be mistaken for an affront. 

7. They Are Very Skeptical About Taking Risks

When one has a negative energy, it affects their general perception about things. They look at things with a critical mindset and only to explore the negativity in everything. This goes a long way to affect their decisions. 

Taking risks is not their thing. They are very skeptical about failure and are not ready to trade their momentary happiness with anything. Instead of evaluating objectively and finding the positivity in taking a risk, they’d close their minds because they already have a feeling that it won’t work out well.

8. They Cannot Tolerate Criticism

Very good at criticizing others, but very intolerant to criticisms. Inability to tolerate criticisms is one of the major signs of negative energy in a person. They are easily offended by corrections. It is only acceptable when they are criticizing others.

Mainly because their ego feels threatened by such criticisms. As they have negative energy, they are always quick to figure out the signs of negative energy in a person. When they feel such negative energy, they feel disconcerted and uncomfortable. 

Taking criticisms is a very big deal for them. They don’t really want others’ influence. They always want to be in control so they could be safe from bad energy that may come from other people.

9. Very Secretive

Watch your friend very well. If they’re overly secretive about their affairs, it is a sign that they have negative energy. It is in their character to edge others from getting a hint about their affairs. They go every length to hide their plans, relationships, businesses and others from you.

Ironically, they’re very curious to know about your own affairs. Every detail must not be spared when they interrogate you about your relationship and businesses. They want to get every detail to enable them to know how to lay their criticisms. Sometimes, just to find faults.

It is their nature. They are secretive with their affairs to prevent you from finding faults in their affairs. But they’re very curious to know about your affairs to know exactly how to criticize them.

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What Are The Characteristics Of A Negative Person? 

  1. Secretive and very curious.
  2. Cannot handle criticisms.
  3. They find it very challenging to take risks.
  4. They cannot tolerate disappointments.
  5. Very pessimistic.
  6. Very critical.
  7. Always finding faults in everything.
  8. Chronic complainants.

How Do You Stop Negative Vibes?

  1. Dissociate yourself from people with negative vibes. Once you figure out a negative person, start distancing yourself from their discussions and company. 
  1. Create an internal wall to wade off their negative energy. If you find it very difficult to distance such a person, the best you could do is create barriers to their negativity. Prepare your mind to get acquainted with their negative energy to prevent yourself from getting worked up because of them.
  1. Take control of your discussions with them. Though this may be difficult, do very well to be in charge of your discussions with them. It would not be easy for them to emit their negative vibes.
  1. Be resolute in your decisions. If you want to go on a vacation, go ahead and make the trip. Don’t allow their talks to weigh you down. They’d give you a plethora of reasons to back off from the journey.
  1. Create boundaries. Let them know there is a limit to what you can tolerate from them. Especially in finding faults in what you do. Limit their contributions. 
  1. Make their contributions unimportant. Try to live above their tantrums. Don’t appear shaken by their verbal and emotional attacks. They’d get uncomfortable and end such vibes.

What Causes Negativity In A Person?

Low self-esteem, negative thoughts and feelings, hatred, jealousy, among others are primary causes of negativity. In some cases, it could be caused by depression. 

How Can I Attract Positive Energy?

The easiest way to attract positive energy is by remaining positive always. Be optimistic about things. Find it necessary to celebrate with others. Eschew every sign of negativity and allow yourself to resonate naturally with positive vibes.

What Are Examples Of Good Vibes?

  1. Optimism and eagerness to envision only good things.
  2. Very easy to work with and accommodating.
  3. You have good tolerance for criticisms and corrections.
  4. You don’t keep many secrets. You easily discuss your affairs with other people.
  5. Very ready to congratulate and celebrate the little achievements of others.

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