Do Narcissists Cry?

Yes. Absolutely! Narcissists do cry. The only concern is the intention. Whether it is coming from a place of empathy and sympathy or it is just another tool for manipulation. Oftentimes, the latter is the case – the cry of a narcissist is just another measure to checkmate and manipulate the feelings of their victim.

However, when extended outside the domains of a victim, the cry of a narcissist could be a sign of empathy. For instance, a narcissist can shed genuine tears when their pet dies, when they read a news about a being hurt, when their favorite football team is beaten or in the demise of a close relative like their mother. 

When a narcissist cries because of either of these reasons, it is largely a sign of empathy, sympathy and compassion. 

Because the situation does not directly affect their ego. It doesn’t deflate their own self-esteem. There is not really a well established and reciprocal affection between the narcissist and such situations. Succinctly, despite their tears in such circumstances, their ego and self-esteem would still remain undaunted.

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Do Narcissists Cry?

Meanwhile, in common scenarios, the tears of a narcissist could represent advanced manipulative tool. This is very obtainable in intimate relationships –  between a narcissistic partner and their victim lover. In such a relationship, a narcissist exudes so much sense of self-importance. Their excessive need for admiration turns the relationship to an exploitative one.

As a way of keeping their victim partner in control, narcissists resort to crying. When there is a feeling of emptiness and boredom because of their victim’s change in character, they put up crocodile tears to win the pity and attention of the victim. They did not cry because they felt empathy for the partner. Rather they cried to further subjugate the partner in emotional abuse.

What Does It Mean When A Narcissist Cries?

Remember, narcissists have the capacity for empathy, but they consciously withhold such feelings. In rare cases, often not about their victim, narcissists cry out of empathy. Research has shown that people with narcissism only have lower empathy. Little empathy does not imply no empathy. Narcissists still have empathy and compassion. 

In a nutshell, the cry of a narcissist implies empathy, in very rare cases. But in rampant scenarios, their cry implies manipulation. They have a high degree of self-centeredness. They crave so much for their narcissistic supply. They enjoy their victim’s benefit of doubt. To keep everything intact, a typical narcissist could play to the gallery by crying. 

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Do Narcissists Feel Sorry For Themselves?

Yes. They do. Narcissists have feelings for themselves and can also feel frustrated and pained when things do not go their way. Narcissism is all about grandiosity, Self-centeredness and selfish interests. An excessive cravings for self admiration. This is a typical narcissist. They believe the world revolves around them and their interests supersede others’. 

Once it is about them, their emotions are unconsciously out of check. They can feel anything. Though such feelings are not extended to other people.

A narcissist can feel frustrated when he doesn’t get good grades. A narcissist can feel pain when his favorite football team is beaten. A narcissist can feel demotivated when he gets poor grades. Above all, a narcissist can feel sorry for themselves. 

Do Narcissists Cry?

Do Narcissists Have Friends?

Yes. Narcissists keep friends. They even keep intimate relationships. They can also like others. The major concern is the purpose of such friendships or relationships. For narcissists, people are only useful to the extent they are perceived as beneficial. If you’re not beneficial to a narcissist, they won’t hesitate to block you off. 

Being useful means you romance their ego. You effortlessly rate them over yourself. You prioritize their interests and emotions. You are ready to be in their exploitative friendships and relationships. You always give them the benefit of doubt. You give them maximum attention without complaining about their inattentiveness towards you. 

Such qualities could earn you a friendship with a narcissist. They actually keep friends, just that people do not like keeping them as friends. Obviously and apparently because of their toxicity and selfishness. 

What Kind Of Woman Do Narcissists Like?

A woman they can easily and conveniently manipulate. A woman who is ever ready to feed their ego and maintain their self-importance. A woman who can give them so much attention. A woman who can make them feel that the world revolves around them. 

Narcissists only keep exploitative relationships and only use their partners to satisfy their cravings without emotional attachment to the partner. They like non-toxic women. Women who would not get them frustrated with consistent nagging. 

They like women they can emotionally manipulate and keep in perpetual emotional bondage and abuse. They are very much uncomfortable with outspoken women. Women that can courageously confront them and question their relevance. They distance themselves from such women.

Do Narcissists Cry?

Does A Narcissist Regret Losing You?

No. Narcissists would instead feel empty and bored than occupy themselves with your thoughts. They easily move on once you slip off their hands. Basically because they have nothing to lose, instead they need to protect their ego and re-establish their self-importance.

A typical narcissist cannot regret losing you. Before they lose you, they might have exploited so much emotionally, till they reached your limits. They already know they have nothing more to benefit from you. Keeping you around would only deflate their ego. 

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What Are Narcissists Weaknesses?

Narcissists are poor listeners. They hardly listen to other people’s opinions about issues, because they believe so much in their own thoughts. They assume a frail sense of perfection that gives them unimaginable confidence in their own thoughts and actions. 

They cannot handle criticisms. With their sense of self-importance and perfection, they believe it is impossibly wrong for them to make mistakes. Don’t bother criticizing these people, else you get them highly offended.

They are very aggressive and abusive. Their relationships are often characterized by so much toxicity. Because of clash of interests, and their insistence to play the dominant role and relegate the feelings of their partners. They end up in toxic relationships, where they can easily resort to passive-aggressive communication styles.

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