My Wife Yells At Me: 10 Reasons And What You Must Do

Intimate relationships are not always rosy, especially when you’ve passed the honeymoon phase. There bound to be a time when you’d argue with your significant other, sream at them or even even exchange harsh words. 

Understandably, if you’ve reached this stage in your relationship, you might be wondering “why is my wife yelling at me,” rest assured, it is a normal thing in intimate relationships and does not imply that your affair with her is about to hit the rock. 

But it’d become unusual if you frequently cry “my wife yells at me.” It indicates that you actually settled down with a nagging woman who makes something out of any situation. If this is your experience, a talk with her may not be enough to solve the problem. You may have to consider the intervention of a professional therapist.

More so, your wife may be yelling a lot because of the background in which she was brought up. Some were loved at home while others grew up in chaotic environments. If she happens to have grown in such a chaotic background, her yelling could be traced to this. As it could be a behavioural pattern.

Generally, yelling is an aggressive means of communication when the minds or ideologies of two parties are not in sync. It is not a red flag in relationship but it could become one if the frequency becomes high. 

With this, we’d take you to the major reasons why your wife is yelling and also provide you with proactive tips to handle her yelling so you don’t go about again shouting “my wife yells at me.” Stay with us.

My wife yells at me

My Wife Yells At Me: 10 Reasons Why She Yells At You

1. Financial Crisis

Women are wired to enjoy good things and lead a stress-free life. Anything that would oppose or be a stumbling block to their “baby girl treatment” would be looked upon with intense scorn.

This is why women are threatened by financial problems. The feel overwhelmed thinking about how the rent would be paid, the utility bills, welfare of the children and other major expenses. 

Understandably, going into a financial crisis would certainly put your into a panic mode and she may yell at you more often than usual. 

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2. Traumatic past

If you complain; “my wife yells at me,” it is important that you take a look into her past. Her background, past relationships or her previous workplace. 

These places are sometimes toxic or chaotic and would inevitably affect the psychology of the victims. 

People have experienced such toxic or abusive past, are often held bound by the shackles of the trauma. This would manifest in how they relate with other persons. 

3. She’s Going Through So Much Stress

Another reason why your wife may be yelling at you could be because of the so much stress she’s experiencing lately. 

From fulfilling compelling tasks at her workplace, through taking care of the kids, to attending to your personal needs, are tedious and capable of creating an emotional, physical or psychological breakdown. 

At this point, yelling at you could be easily seen as transferred aggression. You have to find ways to ease her stress and late her know you’re ever ready to help her. You’d be surprised you won’t say “my wife yells at me” anymore.

4. Avoiding Your Responsibilities

If you’re the type of man that does not take responsibility, you’d often find yourself complaining “my wife yells at me” often.

Please, not taking your responsibilities is a serious red flag for any woman, including your wife. Even in Female-Led Relationships (FLR), some responsibilities are also given to the man. 

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It is very necessary and essential that you take responsibility in your marriage. As not taking responsibilities would expose you to consequences, more severe than your wife’s yelling. 

5. Adjudging You A Weak Man

If you’ve lost touch of basic masculinity and your wife now sees you as a weak man, she’d easily yell at you at the slightest opportunity.

Women love being led and adore men who are masculine enough to direct and dictate the relationship. Once you fell off this standard, you’d suffer the challenges of being a weak man. 

When notice yourself saying “my wife yells at me,” you have to quickly evaluate where she’s placed you and know if you’re still a real man or a weak man.

My wife yells at me

6. She Does Not Respect You

It is better to be respected by a woman than to be loved by a woman. When she respects you, she values you and have seen you worthy enough to be her’s. She won’t do anything negative like yelling at you, that would jeopardize this situation.

A woman can love often out of pity, without having an iota of respect for you. 

When she’s yelling at you, there are high tendencies that she’s lost any iota of respect for you. Your presence doesn’t matter much to her again and doesn’t see you as an influence.

7. You Do Not Prioritize Her

Women and attention are inseparable. In her view, the attention you give to her is a representation of how much you value her. If you don’t prioritize her, she’d feel unloved. 

If you do not prioritize her, you’d always complain “my wife yells at me.”

8. You’re Neglecting Her

If you’d certainly find saying “my wife yells at me” if you do neglect her. 

Maybe she has something important she’s showing you but you’re busy scrolling away on your phone. Some shouts may be enough to get your attention. 

Or maybe she’s passing through some emotional quirks and you remain indifferent about it, she’d yell at you at any opportunity. 

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9. She’s Not Happy

Maybe she’s yelling at you because she’s not happy. When one is angry, aggressive means of communication becomes inevitable. 

If she’s yelling at you because she’s upset, the best thing to do is to give her some space and allow her to process everything and then you can talk to her about it.

10. Crossing Boundaries

In relationships, there are boundaries or deal breakers. No matter how smitten you are, you shouldn’t have any business with breaking these boundaries or deals. 

It is also applicable in marriage. There are lines which you’ve agreed with your spouse not to cross. Going contrary against this resolution would make yelling inevitable.

My wife yells at me

Why My Wife Yells At Me? Use These 5 Tricks To Stop Her Yelling

When you’ve observed this aggressive pattern – yelling – in your wife, you have to take proactive measures to nip everything in the bud. Yelling is something that could be handled easily and should not be allowed to escalate. Here are 5 approaches to stop your wife from yelling at you.

1. Understand Why She’s Upset

The first step in handling your yelling wife, is understanding the reason why she’s upset. We’ve highlighted the major reasons why your wife may yell at you. Study her closely and find out which reason triggered her.

2. Apologize To Her

When you’ve found out why she’s yelling, the next thing to do is to apologize if you’re wrong. If you’re not wrong, try and talk to her about the issue and how best you think it’d be solved.

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3. Hear Her Out

She would obviously have something to say. What you have to do now is to be an attentive listener. Pay attention to whatever she has to say. It is another way of showing care. She’d be comfortable pouring out her mind. When she’s done, you can easily pick up her reasons and work on them.

4. Relieve her

As part of the making up, you have to do something for her. It could be doing the dishes, taking care of the kids, getting her some gifts, e.t.c. You just have to show her how much invested you are in the relationship. 

5. Contact A Therapist

If you’re still getting the same result after trying these approaches, it may be high time you involved a third-party with a neutral stance to look into the issue. Getting a professional relationship therapist would help in understanding your wife and her needs.

Bottom Line

“My wife yells at me” is not a bad complaint and should not be enough to jeopardize what you share with her. There are ups and downs in relationships and your wife may not be patient enough to avoid yelling at you during these moments.

You need to understand the reason behind her anger, apologize To her if you’re wrong and hear whatever she has to say. You’d be able to talk over it and continue with your lovely affair.

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