What Does It Mean When A Girl Calls You Bro? 10 deep meanings

Are you wondering why your crush is fondly calling you bro? Or maybe why your girlfriend just started to start referring to you as bro? Do you also imagine what it means when a girl calls you bro? You’re not alone on this, many guys have shared similar concerns.

Calling someone bro often comes from a deep place of affection and care. It is a way many guys refer to someone who’s so important to them. Among guys, it is used to identify friends, just as girls use the word “sis.” 

Some of its variants like bruh, brah or even brother are used interchangeably as they almost convey the same meaning. The use of bro is not only limited to guys, girls also use the word especially when talking to people so close to them. 

But guys have problems about being called bro by any girl or their crush. Just as you may think, they fear being friend-zoned or bro-zoned as the word “bro” often depicts.

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As a guy you have to be very watchful and observant of how the word is used before you make hasty decisions that cause you a potential relationship. With this, we have uncovered the major possible reasons why a girl may call a guy bro. 

Calling bro

What Does It Mean When A Girl Calls You Bro? 10 Possible Meanings

1. She considers you a friend

If this is the reason, just know you’re heavily friend-zoned or bro-zoned. When a girl calls you bro, it may imply that you’re just a friend to her. A friend she could share ideas with without checking her feelings. 

She’s always comfortable discussing her relationship, her crush, among others with you. This is mainly because she’s not expecting any romantic attachment with you and has resolved to keep you as a friend maybe because of your good qualities which may include your listening skills. 

If you feel she has settled for a friendship with you when you’re anticipating a relationship, your best option is to tell her how you feel before seeking a relationship with someone else.

2. She’s not sure of what she feels for you

When she has not exactly figured out her feelings towards you, she might resort to calling you bro pending when the coast is clear for her to pour out her feelings. This situation is different from friend-zoning because she sparingly discusses her previous relationships with you.

She’s obviously trying to figure out what you feel about her and know if she’s on the right path. If you give her a green light, you’d notice a significant decrease in her use of the word bro. 

To make a better decision, pay close attention to her body language and her discussions with you. If she finds it difficult maintaining eye contact or asks a lot about your failed relationships, just know she’s trying to figure out whether to consider you or not.

3. She uses bro for almost everyone

When she uses bro for almost everyone in her life, just know you’ve got little worries. She is just fond of calling everyone bro; her parents, her siblings, her friends and even boyfriends. It is just a natural thing for her.

In this case, you have to continue with your advances and try having some dates with her. She calls you bro because she already sees you as part of her friends, it is left for you to take the whole thing to a romantic level.

4. She confides in you

This situation is very fragile unlike others. Any miscalculation or poorly-thought action from you could get her wary of you. This is not friend-zoning or bro-zoning. It is just a matter of having trust in you. 

She calls you bro because she trusts you. You’re her first point of call when she encounters challenges or in need of emotional support. She’s very comfortable discussing her fears with you. 

You have to be very careful with her feelings to avoid losing her trust. Just try and let go of your feelings for her and if you must tell her, try and be very careful with it. It is better to keep her around and return her faith in you.

5. She wants to flirt with you

This is an upgraded version of friend-zoning. She doesn’t have any feelings for you and may probably be in a serious relationship but she’s ready to mingle with you.

Your attention should be on the tune she uses to call you bro. She probably won’t discuss much with you aside from parties and some crazy and wild imaginations. 

It all depends on what you want from her. If you’re ready to have some fun with her, you can start by calling her by her name. But if you’re not ready, you can just keep everything casual by calling her “sis.”

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6. She is in love with another person

This is friend-zoning. This situation is often very clear for you to decipher. Every one of her actions screams: “I don’t want you!” 

She’s already in love with someone else and it’s probably using bro to keep everything with you casual. 

You have to take the signs she’s giving you and continue your search for a relationship somewhere else.

7. She considers you a brother

For those of us that have elder sisters, it is a common thing to be called bro. But this situation is about natural care and affection. 

She is seeing you as her little bro whom she can protect and defend. This is all about genuine care without any iota of romantic feeling. 

You have to tell her what you want. 

8. She admires you

If she has a crush on you, she might be calling you bro to ease the tension and nervousness on her part. She’s just seeking your attention by calling you bro. 

The tone is often romantic and caring. If this is the situation, pay close attention to her body language. She’d find it difficult to keep eye contact with you and she’d make sure she touches you slightly during your discussions.

9. Her friend is already crushing on you

It is in the character of girls to always look out for one another. Know also that girls usually don’t like going after their friends’ crush. 

If you’re interested in her and she already knows about her friend’s interest in you, she’d do everything possible to deflect your feelings. Calling you bro is one of those things she’d do.

She’d make attempts to involve her friend in your discussions with her and also talk about her friend whenever you’re discussing with her. In this situation, you’re heavily bro-zoned. 

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10. She’s not happy with you

Your girlfriend may possibly call you bro when she’s upset with you. It is a way of telling you that she’s not happy with you and should do the needful. 

You have to figure out where you got it wrong and how you’ve failed in your romantic duties lately. Just have a heart-to-heart discussion with her and everything would be settled.

Bottom Line

It is necessary you figure out what the stakes have for you before trying to work on a possible relationship with any girl. Calling you bro has a lot of implications and meanings, it is just left for you to figure them out. 

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