7 Signs Of Stupidity – how to identify stupid people

 Dealing with stupid people is among the hardest experiences one can think of. Their stupidity could be overbearing and may likely trigger one to act rashly. But, understanding that their idiocy is often unintentional, could be an edge in handling stupid people.

Stupidity can be juxtaposed with low levels of intelligence because of the predominant low IQ amongst idiots. They have challenges making constructive arguments or engaging in healthy and critical discussions.

These directly affect the peace and mental health of anyone sharing any space with stupid people. It is therefore very necessary to identify the major signs of stupidity to avoid being swayed by their idiocy and ignorance.

With this, here are 7 signs of stupidity; to enable you have a good knowledge about stupid people and how to possibly handle them.

7 signs of stupidity

7 Signs Of Stupidity

Despite their futile attempts to conceal their stupidity, their actions and reactions towards issues always make their stupidity very glaring. You just have to look at them closely and figure out these 7 signs of stupidity.

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1. Gullibility

One major sign of stupidity is gullibility. Stupid people have the tendency to believe almost every thing thrown at them. They don’t have the critical mind to question issues or objectively evaluate circumstances and people’s opinions. Instead, they’d attack others who may attempt to convince them otherwise.

This is primarily why they are targeted customers of con men. They fail quickly for scammers and are easily swindled. Even in relationships, they glaringly show their gullibility and have difficulties figuring out the red flags.

Instead of taking responsibility for their actions and putting themselves together for a well thought-out decision, they rely heavily on luck and emotions. 

2. Bad listening skills

Research has shown that people who talk too much do not always have the patience to listen to others. This is typical of stupid people. They are bad listeners and easily misinterpret issues.

Because they always have something to say when there’s nothing to say; they find it difficult listening to others. They are easily distracted.

3. Stupid people are so impressionable

Being so impressionable is another in the 7 signs of stupidity. With their low levels of intelligence, coupled with acute low self-esteem, stupid people are easily influenced by others.

They are hardly resolute and often rely on others to make their own decisions. Their standards are set according to people’s opinions and lifestyle. They can possibly go the extra mile to mimic the lifestyle of others just to give themselves the false sense of belonging.

In relationships, they are known for their unending comparisons. Everything done by their partners is only appreciated if it is of the same standard in someone else’s relationship. They compare their partners to other people without knowing what could be going on behind the scene.

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4. Implausible or blind arguments

The last thing you should wish for yourself is engaging in an argument with a stupid person. You’d be mentally drained to the extent of questioning your knowledge about the subject matter. Don’t even think of having an argument with a stupid person.

They make blind and implausible arguments. They hardly bring up facts to substantiate their claims but heavily make references to hearsay and other people’s opinions.

No matter how hard you try to convince them with your verifiable facts, they would still try to force their ignorance down your throat. 

5. Very critical and very judgemental

Thinking is difficult, that’s why most people judge” – Carl Jung. 

Stupid people are very critical set of people. They have reservations about everything and hardly get pleased. Instead of acknowledging your efforts, they’d criticize your little mistake till it overshadowed your efforts. 

Because they lack the constructivism to evaluate actions objectively, they pass judgements. 

6. Very low self-esteem/ extreme high self-esteem

Most actions of stupid people are rooted in their low self-esteem and low intelligence levels. On the other side of the coin is their extremely high confidence which ultimately impedes their decision making. 

It is either they are battling with very low self-esteem or they are facing extremely high self-esteem. These two extremes do not produce the best results. 

With their low self-esteem, stupid people have challenges making their own decisions, living their own life without seeking the validation of other people, among others.

Meanwhile, when they are at the other end, their overconfidence turns them into morons. They claim to know almost everything when they’re simply empty. Learning becomes acutely difficult for them because of their highly inflated ego.

In the middle of this are found intelligent people, who are neither battling low self-esteem or high self-esteem. They are just open-minded and willing to learn. 

7. Disinhibition

Amongst the 7 signs of stupidity is disinhibition. It is the inability of stupid people to think before they act. Their actions are mostly thoughtless and unprovoked. 

A smart person would critical weigh the stakes on ground before taking up any action but, a stupid person quickly swings into action without sparing a thought on the possible consequences of such actions.

If you’re close to a stupid person, you’d notice their nonchalance when they hurt you. This is not because it was intentional, it is because they are unaware of the impact of their actions. 

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How To Tolerate Stupidity

It is very difficult to stay with a stupid person, especially if you don’t have absolute control over your emotions. Their attitudes could be nauseating and may trigger your sensibilities. However, reacting violently would only amplify the situation as they would grossly misinterpret your intentions and reasons.

The best option is to devise a proactive measure to checkmate their stupidity. You can decide not to engage them in any arguments or decide to be patient and understanding. The ultimate goal is to maintain your peace of mind and mental health without being abusive. 

The best way to handle a stupid person is to avoid them as much as possible and do avoid playing smart with them. Just make sure your peace of mind is not threatened.

Bottom Line

We do not intend to ridicule stupid people, we only want to uncover the signs of stupidity to give people an edge on how to handle stupid people. Stupidity is not innate and could be changed when appropriate measures are taken. 

Change of environment, education, vacation, relationships and the services of a therapist are major ways through which stupidity could be handled.

Meanwhile, when you identify these signs, it is very likely you’re dealing with a stupid person and your best option is to make sure your peace of mind and mental health are protected. 

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