10 Types Of Girlfriends You Will Meet In The Dating Pool, Check Number 9

If you’ve been in the dating pool for a long while, you’d have probably come across different types of girlfriends with their unique attitudes. Even as a girl, the type of girlfriend you are to your mate is probably different from the type of girlfriend your friend is to her own significant other.

These differences stem from the uniqueness of human beings and sometimes because of how the boyfriend handles issues in the relationship. The type of girlfriend you’d have for a boyfriend that is very sensitive to your needs is very different from the type of girlfriend you’d probably be if he isn’t in sync with your emotional demands.

What matters most is understanding and the wisdom to figure out your girlfriend as soon as possible. Knowing the type of girlfriend you’re dealing with would give you an edge in maintaining the relationship. With this, here are the major types of girlfriends you can ever meet in the dating pool.

10 Types Of Girlfriends

Types of girlfriends

1. The traditional type of girlfriend

This type of girlfriend understands perfectly the sanctity of marriage. Before you could even finish figuring her out, she’s already started nurturing dreams of setting down with you. Giving in to your proposals is just like setting herself up for a marriage with you. 

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They love passionately and have great respect for their boyfriends. They are dedication personified. You can hardly see them looking outside and checking out other guys. Once they’re in, they’re in for good – no games.

It is the wish of almost every guy to come across such a girlfriend because this type of girlfriend loves with her heart, soul and body. Don’t even start anything with her if you’re not ready for commitment.

2. The controlling and jealous girlfriend

Control freaks suffer insecurity issues. Everything is considered a threat to their relationships. You can’t wave at a female friend without facing a panel back home. 

Though it is natural to show little jealousy once you’re in love but these control freaks overdo the whole thing.

They sneak into your phone, check the posts of your female friends you recently liked on social media, go through your inbox and keep tabs on your friends list. They make the relationship so stuffy with their controlling and jealous nature.

3. The attention lovers

Do you spend a day without calling your girlfriend? Don’t even try it with this type of girlfriend. They so much love attention, affection and care. The attention lovers can spend the entire day calling, texting and chatting with their boyfriends. All they want is your attention and the attention should be for them alone. Sparing a glance at some other girl is tantamount to cheating.

4. The foodie

In our types of girlfriends, these ones are so passionate about food. They place big priority on food above anything else. If you’re not talking about food, I’m sorry, you might just be blabbing. From pizzas, through pies to pizzas, just bring them on. 

Contrary to public opinion, not only foodies are fat. There are slim girls also that eat a lot. What interests people about this type of girlfriend is their level of understanding and little time for problems. They rarely have time to notice mood swings.

5. The classy types

These girlfriends somewhat resemble the “gold-digger” type of girlfriends because of their unending desire for classy things but the major difference is that they do not entirely rely on their men to fund their classy lifestyle..

They love everything fine and classy. There must be candlelight dinners and frequent suave parties. They pay so much attention to their dressing because they must dress to perfection. As a boyfriend to this type of girlfriend, you have to up your game and be in her class.

6. The cool girlfriends

This type of girlfriend is just too cool with almost everything. She never pays attention to whatever you do on social media or your hangouts with female colleagues. She believes since she’s faithful, the boyfriend would also be faithful. They are the very loving type but one major problem about them is that they cannot be predicted.

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7. The fragile type

Girls are naturally fragile but this girlfriend is too emotional. They are very appreciative. Everything you do for them no matter how little is considered a very big gesture and you must receive something “finer” because of that. They are emotionally attached and very romantic. 

The fragile type doesn’t have the strength for arguments or fights. Just raising your voice a little bit above normal decibel would have them shedding tears. They’re very lovely and down to earth.

8. The social media freak

According to our findings on types of girlfriends, the social media freaks are really committed to keeping up with #RelationshipGoals. They have active Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and TikTok handles where they update their fans about the latest developments in their relationships.

The welcome hug you receive must appear on Snapchat the next minute. Your little arguments would be on Instagram the next minute. The dinner dates, anniversaries and marriage preparations are carefully documented for social media. One thing unique about them is their love for handsome guys.

9. The best friend

If someone is not told they wouldn’t know if she’s a close friend or a girlfriend. Because of how easily they identify with their boyfriends’ activities. They play the role of best friends very well and also keep in touch with their duties as girlfriends.

If the boyfriend is a video game lover, they’d become experts in the game so as to compete with their boyfriends. Moreover, their sense of humor is unmatched.

Types of girlfriends

10. The gold-diggers

This type of girlfriend is very materialistic and easily obsessed with extravagant lifestyle. They don’t believe in the idea that a relationship is a two-way thing, for them, the guy must see to every financial responsibility in the relationship. 

Their own love language is receiving gifts without giving any. In fact, the commitment you should expect from them is directly proportional to the amount of money you spend on them. And if you eventually go broke, just forget about the relationship because they won’t hesitate to dump you.


What is a good girlfriend?

A good girlfriend is one that understands the demands of a relationship and puts in honest efforts to make the relationship work. They are very supportive and encouraging to their boyfriends. All they demand is fidelity and attention because they’re always eager to make commitments.

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What’s a clingy girlfriend?

A clingy girlfriend is a girlfriend that wants to be with you always. They call, text and chat you up every minute. Even during their girly conversations or outings, she must find a way to pull the boyfriend in or along. During parties, she sneaks out to talk with the boyfriend despite leaving the house just a few minutes ago. They are always seen around the boyfriend.


These types of girlfriends are interwoven and not distinctly different. That is to say, your girlfriend might have the attributes of 3 types of girlfriends. She might be a foodie, a best friend and also the traditional type of girlfriend. 

It is left for you to watch your girlfriend closely and figure out which type she is.

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