10 Important Reasons Why God Removes People From Your Life

Life in itself is a mystery and its meaning often eludes us. When we believe to have gotten a better grasp of life, it subtly slips off our grip. A lot of things that happened to us have been predestined.

Some people may call it psychological rationalization, but it doesn’t still rule out the concept of God in all we do, especially for theists.

There are things that happen to us or to our relationships and we begin to ask questions, without knowing that such things were ordained by God. The idea that God removes people from your life is very valid with a lot of signs and circumstances.

Everyone that you come across is not meant to stay entirely with you; some are for a season while some are for a lifetime. It is God who sees the intentions and plans of people and knows best when to remove them from your life. 

Because our ways are different from the ways of God, we struggle to understand why God removes people from our life. In all, God knows us more than we know ourselves and his intentions for us are genuine. Here are a few reasons why God removes people from your life.

God removes people from your life

10 Reasons Why God Removes People From Your Life

1. God wants you to remain focused

It is not arguable that our relationships with people have cost us a fortune. Staying with some people in a friendship or relationship could be the ultimate source of our failure. They have nothing to offer aside from distractions, jealousy and envy.

To keep you focused, God has a way of removing these people from your life to keep you focused and determined. 

A relationship with someone with someone who doesn’t share similar ambitions with you or keep similar goals as you do, may not be truthful. Because of our shortcomings as human beings, ending such relationships may be difficult, but God truly has a way of coming through for us.

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2. Rejection may actually mean you deserve better

Have you found yourself in a scenario where you invested so much of your time and resources to make your partner happy but end up getting rejected by them? And shortly you meet another person who unconditionally loves you and wants to commit to a relationship with you? This person is in all ramifications better and more successful than your former partner?

This is a typical scenario that reminds us that rejection is not the end of life but a possible means to set up for something better. To keep you safe and free up your mind, God removes people from your life in the form of rejection.

3. God wants to bring someone else

God removes people from your life because He wants to create room for another person to come. The person He’s removing might have fulfilled their responsibilities and their time is up. 

A lot of things we do not see are clearly seen and well discerned by God. You mustn’t spend a lifetime with everyone, God knows those who are for the season and He also knows the perfect time to remove them from your life.

4. God has a better plan for you

Our destinies have been preordained before birth. The God who created us has a divine plan for each and everyone of us. He chooses the time suitable for the gradual manifestation of these plans.

Some relationships are not meant to be and your staying in such relationships would only delay the divine plans. There are relationships that are not meant to be and may only end up ruining us and our happiness. God knows this and decides when to remove people from your life for the manifestation of his will.

5. God has another plan for those He removed from your life

It is not just about you, each and everyone of us are important to God and He also has plans for everyone. As He is planning to position you for His blessings, so He is also planning to position others for their own blessings.

The person you are building a relationship with, may not achieve their full potential and goals if they’re not detached from you. 

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6. They person may not be the right person for you

The worst setback is investing in the wrong stock. There are people who are not meant for you, your energies and theirs do not just relate. But in the natural stubbornness of man, we continue struggling to make sure things work out.

But truthfully, no matter how much effort we put, such relationships with the wrong people would never stand the test of time. This is exactly why God removes people from your life. These are people who are a hindrance to your growth and of zero influence to your development.

7. Maybe it is time for the relationship to be over

Every relationship has its own natural purposes and once these purposes are realized, the relationship ends naturally. It is a sign of divine mandate. 

Staying in a relationship that has offered its full potential, may become toxic or abusive. Every relationship is not meant to last forever. Have this at the back of your mind. God removes people from your life to end a relationship that is no longer productive.

8. A relationship with such people might have become toxic and abusive

When we’re in love, we choose to see what we wish to see. We are very much loyal to our feelings and emotions and not people’s actions. We must find a way to excuse the shortcomings of our partner even in glaring signs of toxicity.

Only God sees through our minds and hearts. God knows the thoughts of your partner better than you do. God removes people from your life to prevent you from their toxicity and negative energies.

9. God has better options in store for you

Don’t get yourself worked up because a relationship you’re building collapsed without concrete reasons. You deserve better. God knows our efforts and attempts to make things work, he rewards our kindness in the best way possible. Removing people from your life could be because of better plans He has in store for you.

10. You are becoming too dependent on the person instead of God

Relying on your fellow human beings could backfire because man is not to be trusted. They disappoint in the most horrible way and at the most important moments. Being emotionally dependent on our fellow human beings is not the best and God wants you to depend solely on him.

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What does it mean when God removes someone from your life?

God knows the best thing for you and knows the people who could help you realize your goals. When God removes someone from your life, it means your staying with such a person would be counterproductive. It would impede your success and set you up for failure. God comes through for, by removing such a person from your life.

Can God remove someone from your life and bring them back?

Yes. God has a divine plan for you and only Him knows how to go about making these plans come true. God may decide to separate you from someone, so as to prepare the two of you for the task ahead. There are experiences you may require which you cannot get by staying with them.

How do you know if God put someone in your life?

This person comes at the right time, when you need them most. They understand your feelings and prioritizes your happiness and peace of mind. You may even consider them your twin flame. 

Bottom Line

God removes people from your life to keep you focused and make his divine plans for you to come to fruition. It may elude your understanding, but there’s an appointed time for everything. Some relationships are meant for the seasons while others are meant for lifetime. Look beyond and see the signs that God is truly watching your back.

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