10 Erogenous Places To Touch A Man To Drive Him Crazy

There are a lot of sensitive regions in your man’s body that could be touched to spice up things in the bedroom. It is important you figure out these important erogenous places to touch a man to drive him crazy. Knowing this would benefit you a lot, especially in keeping your man loyal and committed to the relationship.

Sexual intimacy has a lot of influence on the success of any intimate relationship. Utilize your sexual skills and earn the respect of your man in the other room. 

Don’t be that boring partner that just lazes around during intercourse, waiting for his man to do all the job of pleasuring her and himself. Surprise him and take charge of the affair. Help him fulfill his sexual fantasies and I assure you your man won’t have the time for side chicks anymore.

To take your man to cloud 9 during intercourse, there are sensitive places you have to explore. Most of these regions are often underrated and overlooked during intercourse, but trust me, they are the places to touch a man to drive him crazy. 

Places to touch a man to drive him crazy

10 Places To Touch A Man To Drive Him Crazy

1. Explore his F-spot

The F-spot is equivalent to the G-spot in women. As the G-spot is sensitive in a woman’s body, so is the F-spot, but many women are not aware of this. For clarity, the F-spot is located where the head of the penis connects to the shaft. It is very easy to find, unlike the G-spot in women. 

This F-spot has a lot of nerve endings and when stimulated very well, your man’s hormones would be charged and fully activated for the show. During the stimulation, you have to be very gentle with the touches to avoid hurting him.

Take it slowly and steady, knead it consistently and slowly. You can as well use your tongue on it. Swirl your tongue around it while maintaining deep eye contact with him.

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2. His nipples

The nipples are among the places to touch a man to drive him crazy. Rub them gently and squeeze gently with your fingers. Touch them slowly until they’re fully hard. 

When you notice he’s responding to the slow touches, you can now change the tempo by introducing your tongue. Use your tongue to make circles around the areola. Suck the nipples slowly while giving them occasional bites. 

To do this, you have to let him lay with his back so you could have unhindered access to play with the nipples. 

3. Suck his lower lips

Among the places to touch a man to drive him crazy, the bottom of his lips is often underrated and neglected. But, for you to spice up things in your intimacy, you have to shift from the traditional forms of foreplay and introduce some new routines. Leveraging the bottom lips would be a good start.

To suck his bottom lips, you don’t have to be forceful about it. There would be no need to rush the process, besides he’s your man and you’d have all day together. To start, tease him with a kiss, and when tries to respond, grab his bottom lips and suck them gently. Though adding a little intensity wouldn’t be bad. 

Make sure you give him that dirty sucking that’d drive him crazy. He’d be eager to kiss you as soon as possible and when he eventually does, that would be a kiss he won’t forget in a hurry.

4. Run your hand through the back of his neck

Have you ever wondered why men grin from ear to ear when a lady touches the back of their necks? This is because there are a lot of nerve endings therein that can be stimulated. You don’t only touch the back of his head when you want to tease him, you can also apply it during your foreplay.

5. Touch his inner thighs

It is not only the inner thighs of women that are sensitive, the inner thighs of men are also sensitive. But unfortunately, this region is always neglected during foreplay. 

Rub his inner thighs gently but don’t be in a haste to go up (you know what I mean). Leave him with intense anticipation with every touch of yours. Start from his knees and touch down to his inner thighs, but don’t neglect the other parts of his body. This process would leave him overwhelmed and very anxious of when you’d move upwards.

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6. Kiss his neck

If you’re wondering places to touch a man to drive him crazy, his neck is undoubtedly one of those erogenous zones. The neck has nerve endings and any intimate touch around this region would be sensitive.

Start by planting deep kisses around his neck region. Proceed with nibbling and touching. Nibble it gently but make sure you’re maintaining eye contact.

7. Keep him glued with eye contact

Touches are very powerful, no argument about that, but there are ways to touch his imagination that would take him to cloud 9.

The process starts with your seduction game. Have yourself cladded in the hottest outfit ever, to trigger his senses and his imagination. Add more spice to the process with your intimate lines and questions. Tease him more with the demonstration of your fingers.

Above all, utilize the power of eye contact. Communicate your wildness and passion through intense eye contact. Have your eyes glued on him while working magic on his body. 

8. His belly button

Talking about places to touch a man to drive him crazy, the belly button cannot be left out. Concentrate on the region just below his belly button, there are nerve endings therein and the most sensitive region to touch a man to drive him crazy. 

Use your tongue if you want to leave him overwhelmed. Start kissing his belly button and work your way through to his chest and spare some kisses on his nipples. Repeat this process for a while and he’d be amazed.

9. Suck his ears and earlobes

The ears and earlobes are among the most commonest places to touch a man to drive him crazy. Touch his ear and whisper something. You can say things like: “I’m not putting on any undies,” “you taste good,” “you’re the sexiest person I’ve ever seen,” “I want to feel those lips all over me,” “I love every little thing about you,” among others.

While whispering those beautiful things, blow some warm air inside his ear. You can continue by licking his earlobes slowly while using your hands to stroke his face and jaws. Trust me girl, he can’t forget you easily.

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10. Suck his thumb

It is not only you that have something to be sucked, guys have also. I’m not referring to whatever thing you’re thinking, I’m talking about his thumb. If you don’t know, the thumb is another sensitive place in a guy’s body. Suck it slowly, who knows, you might remind him of how to suck other things in you, I hope you know what I mean. 

Bottom Line

The dominant role during intercourse is not exclusively reserved for guys. As a lady, you can also be incharge of the process and dictate the game. But you’d have difficulties being in charge if you don’t know the places to touch a man to drive him crazy.

Explore these erogenous zones during intimacy with your man and he’ll ever remember you. 

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