16 Psychological tricks that will make him miss you

It is another thing falling in love with someone and it is an entirely different thing being loved by someone. Perhaps, you’re head over heels for them and they’re yet to figure out your place in their lives. Before you completely fall helplessly in love with someone, you have to ascertain how much they value you.

Because, in the long run, your love, care and attention for your partner may not be enough to keep your relationship going without the utmost contributions of your partner. 

If you’re so much in love with your boyfriend, without ascertaining their stake, you may end up being taken for granted. It would be easy for your boyfriend to take you for granted when they believe there is nothing to lose if the relationship goes south.

To prevent this, there’s a need for you to retrospect over the relationship and evaluate how much you’re needed in the relationship. Don’t bother asking your boyfriend if they actually need you or miss you, make it practical.

The 16 psychological tricks would be your best option in knowing exactly how much you’d be missed by your boyfriend. Use these 16 psychological tricks that will make him miss you. 

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16 Psychological Tricks That Will Make Him Miss You

For these tricks to be effective, you have to be above your emotions. Don’t allow your feelings for your boyfriend to jeopardize this strategy until you get the results you need. 

1. Don’t be cheap – play hard to get

Guys are mostly interested in ladies with a touch of self respect and dignity. Make the chase adventurous for him and he will be excited about the whole show. Don’t be too uptight with your emotions but do everything necessary to withhold your attention towards him.

Despite how genuine your love might be, your boyfriend would possibly rate you low if he didn’t lose a night while chasing you. 

How treacherous and challenging it was for him to get you, would translate to how much he would value you. Because he had difficulty in getting you, he would have a second thought before calling it quits with you.

2. Give him opportunities to be a hero

What do you notice when your boyfriend assists you with something? What do you notice after receiving help from your boyfriend? There’s obviously a surge of emotions between you two. It is a natural phenomenon in intimate relationships: you make sacrifices for what you love.

Trigger the hero instinct of your boyfriend. Allow him the opportunity to be of assistance to you. It gives men a feeling of responsibility when they take care of their ladies. 

Meanwhile, you don’t have to go overboard with your demands. Make it affordable for him, else, you’d scare him with too many requests. It may not have to be financial help; it could be any form of assistance.

You may request them to troubleshoot your system, rearrange your folders, help you download your favorite movies, assist you in developing your social media handles, help you make some deliveries, among others.

Helping you, would get him attached to you. When you try to create a space, he’d miss you genuinely. 

3. Become scarce – reduce your availability

It is true that the value of a product lies heavily on its scarcity. When a product is scarce, the demand doubles and the value triples. Utilize this strategy and see how much you’d be valued in the relationship.

Don’t be readily available – it is not a test of love; you’re only reducing your value. Unless you have figured out the genuine intentions of your boyfriend and his efforts towards keeping the relationship afloat. 

Otherwise, the best idea is to be unavailable most times. This strategy can only be successful when you’ve registered a resounding and reassuring presence. If you’ve made yourself available to him for a while and showed him care and attention, it is time to become absent.

Allow him to yearn for your presence. Let him know what he’d be losing if you eventually call it quits with him. Being scarce would triple the respect he has for you.

4. Alluring presence and quick withdrawal

This trick is very similar to the trick of being scarce. The only difference is that this strategy could be utilized at any stage of your relationship. It is also known as: love bombing and then disappearing.

At times, it is very necessary to thrill your boyfriend and let him get thirsty for your presence. If he doesn’t have anything to lose if you leave, he wouldn’t have any reason to miss you. 

Make out time, shower him with inexplicable love, care and attention. Be there for him and let him see you as the best. Make this love bombing very brief, else, it’d lose its relevance.

After the “love bombing,” quickly disappear. He’d be thinking he’s gotten you and you’re already head over heels for him. Surprise him! In the midst of his thoughts and perception about your actions, quickly disappear and stay a little bit away from him.

The feelings would be difficult for him. It wouldn’t be easy for him to stay away from you. He’s already excited with the love you’ve shown him; he’d be heartbroken with your absence. This is the result you need. Let him miss you and know how important you are.

5. Let him know you’re okay without him

If your boyfriend knows you can’t do much without him, he’d possibly become unnecessarily pompous. Don’t allow him to be complacent. Attach some values to yourself. 

Show him you don’t need you. It may not be necessarily financially, though it is also necessary to show him you’re already independent. But, the major issue is about emotional help. Don’t appear cheap or let him feel he’s doing you a favor by dating you. 

Keep some male friends and hangout with them. He’d go into competition with some imaginary guy and would possibly step forward his best foot when dealing with you. 

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6. Utilize social media

When a guy is in love with you or attracted to you, he keeps tabs on your social media handles. He stalks your Facebook account, Instagram handle, TikTok handle and even checks your tweets.

This is all in an attempt to know exactly who you are, your views and preferences. You don’t have to idle away while he’s running this background check. Feed his imaginations and get him on his toes.

Let your social media handles reflect class and exuberance. Make WhatsApp stories about your time out with your friends. Drop Instagram photos of you and some guy. Make videos of you and some male friends. Make sure you don’t indicate you’re already in a relationship, to avoid scaring him away.

The goal of this strategy is to get him much attracted to you. To let him know how comfortable you are already.

7. Create a little mystery

Your boyfriend shouldn’t know everything about you. Keep some surprises for him. Though, it is advised to open up with your partner before committing to a relationship; that’s not always the best idea.

It is very necessary to keep some details to yourself and allow them to unfold with time. Meanwhile, these details shouldn’t be negative. It could be some skills you have. Just try and create some mystery about yourself.

8. Beat him at the texts game

Be in control during your chatting with him. Let him crave for your words. To achieve this, you have to be economical with your words. You don’t have to be boring to perfect this strategy, it’s all about creating boundaries.

Let your replies be brief and open-ended – he has to dig deeper. Use emotions often and constructively. You have to keep him glued with your brief and quick responses. 

Allow him to initiate the chat but make sure you end the chatting. Let the game be dictated by you and he’d be curious to outplay you. 

9. Make yourself memorable

Your boyfriend won’t miss you if there’s nothing memorable about you. Flood his memories with your elegant appearances, sweet talks, reasonable discussions, plans for the future, among others.

If there’s nothing memorable about you, your absence would go unnoticed. While you’re with him, feed his cravings and create a folder about yourself in his thought box.

10. Don’t underestimate self-work

You have to work on yourself. Take good care of your hygiene and appear alluring as often as possible. Hit the gym, get those killer curves, look young and beautiful. 

Whenever you’re around, everywhere should reek of your presence. Taking good care of yourself would send a message about how importantly you carry yourself.

11. Make him want more

There should be boundaries in almost everything you do with your boyfriend. Let him cherish every second you spend with him. You can achieve this by utilizing this rule among the 16 psychological tricks that will make him miss you.

During your romance with him, set boundaries, but make sure they are healthy boundaries. Always leave him wanting for more. He shouldn’t get the better of you until you’ve figured out everything.

12. Surprises

It is not only ladies that need surprises; men need it also. Sometimes, you have to go out of your way to surprise your boyfriend. Surprise him in a very romantic way. It could be by making his favorite meal or buying him some clothes. 

Surprises are adventurous and thrilling. Use it and spice up your relationship.

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13. Don’t be a “yes girl”

According to herway,you shouldn’t be a “yes girl.” Learn to cancel his invitations and dates. Don’t be readily available. He should know you’re busy and have so much value for your time. Instead of being a “yes girl,” you’d be a “maybe girl.*

14. Intentionally forget your things around

Among the 16 psychological tricks that will make him miss you, is this strategy of leaving your stuff around. When you visit, you can intentionally forget your necklace, hair clip or any other thing. 

When you’re not around, these things keep reminding him of you.

15. Develop yourself

Don’t let your entire life revolve around the relationship. Get a life. Focus on your career or work and be too busy with them. Don’t appear idle or lazy. Face your business and let him know the relationship is just secondary. When he knows you’ve got some things keeping you busy, he’d cherish every moment you spend with him.

16. Don’t be too close to his friends

You would certainly introduce yourself to his friends and family. But, you have to keep a boundary. Don’t be involved in their discussions and limit your hangouts with them. Friends have a lot of influence in most relationships. Don’t give them the opportunity to start evaluating you, remain classy.

Bottom Line

The 16 psychological tricks that will make him miss you are well proven strategies to get the attention and care of your boyfriend. You don’t have to wait till it’s late, quickly use this strategy and know how much you’re needed in the relationship.

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