How Do You Know You Love Someone? 13 Surefire Ways

How do you know you love someone? Loving someone or being in love is a magical feeling, that consumes the thought process of anyone. It is an exceptional feeling that comes with untold ecstasy and excitement.

Writers, poets and musicians have made significant efforts to dramatise or visualize what it actually feels like to love someone, through there stories, poems and songs. 

However, the true meaning of loving someone has eluded some people. At times the feeling of love is juxtaposed with lust or infatuation. Loving someone is totally different from lusting after someone. In love, you feel the butterflies in your stomach. Everything about the person you love becomes a priority.

To help you figure how do you know you love someone, we’ve come up with these 20 signs that show you may be loving someone. 

How do you know you love someone

How Do You Know You Love Someone? 13 Ideas

1. You make them your priority

It is natural to prioritize things that are very important to you. Things you wouldn’t like to lose.

Similarly, when you begin to prioritize someone over other activities, there’s a big sign you love that person. Because they are important to you, you quickly adjust your schedule and program to suit them.

When you love someone, you’d see yourself skipping your group discussions just to catch a date with them.

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2. You cherish their quirks

When you begin to love and cherish someone’s charming and amazing traits, you’re likely loving that person.

These traits are amazing and unique. Something that differentiates them from others. You unconditionally love these quirks and even try to imitate them. It could be a particular way they bite their lips.

Falling in love with their unique traits could be trivial but it is a very big push to start off your relationship on a high note.

3. You are eager to make commitments

Someone’s readiness for commitment is a big test of love. This is true. People tend to shy away from commitments when they find out they don’t feel a thing.

But, when there’s love, there would be this unusual feeling of readiness for commitment. You are always ready to go ertra mile to please them and very ready to take risks on their behalf. 

How do you know you love someone

4. You feel jealous

How do you know you love someone? Check how you feel when they’re very close to another opposite gender. If you feel nervous, uneasy and unhappy about it, then you love them. You’d feel unconcerned and indifferent if you don’t feel a thing for them.

You can only get jealous over someone you love. It is involuntary and is a big sign to know if you love someone. 

When you love someone, you would want them for yourself alone. You wouldn’t like to share their attention with another person. 

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5. You feel their pain

How can you tell if you love someone? If you feel their pain, you love them. 

Because you love them, you share something already with them and this naturally enjoins you to partake in their pain, sorrow and joy. 

For instance, if someone you love flunked in a course, you’d feel the pain of that failure. It would seem you flunked together.

6. You stare at them intermittently

If you find yourself staring intermittently at someone, it implies that you love them. 

Eye contact is a powerful means through which attraction is shown. When you make eye contact intermittently with someone, you’re attracted to them and possibly love them.

When you can’t help staring at someone always, it is a big sign you love that person.

How do you know you love someone

7. You don’t bear grudges against them

Holding grudges is just like drinking poison and expecting another person to die. It is not encouraged to hold grudges, although we can’t help it most of the time.

However, when you love someone, your grudges against them disappear as soon as they come. There’s no place in your heart to accommodate grudges for a person you love, because your heart has already been filled with love for them.

Instead of getting angry at them or keeping malice with them, you’d begin to see reasons to forgive them.

You may conveniently hold grudges against someone you don’t love but, your grudges against someone you love is like foam exposed under the sun. It vanishes as it comes.

8. Their opinions are acceptable to you

How do you know you love someone? When their opinion matters a lot to you. 

We take pieces of advice from people we think highly of. You don’t easily accept people’s opinions, especially on some sensitive issues.

But when you see yourself prioritizing someone’s opinion, it’s an indication you love them.

9. You think of them always

How do you know you love someone? If thoughts of them engulf you.

You start your day with thoughts of them and retire to bed with their thoughts very fresh in your mind. At times you’d murmur their names and within you, their names re-echoe often. 

It means you love them. You think about them because you wish to be around them.

10. You yearn for their touches

We love being very close to people we love. The touch from someone you love leaves a lovable memory. 

You’d crave for physical closeness to someone you love. It helps to satisfy the natural yearning for care and attention from someone you love.

Yearning for someone’s touches or physical closeness, is a sign you love them.

How do you know you love someone

11. You always want to spend quality time with them

You can’t get tired of staying with someone you love. It is even hard to spend quality time with someone you love, because everything happens in a flash when you’re with them.

1 hour would seem to be 1 second. Every minute counts when you’re around someone you love.

If she time flies so fast when you’re with them, it is a big sign you love them.

12. You want them happy

Because we want to see the people we love happy, we spent a fortune in making sacrifices and commitments to make them happy. 

From our families to our friends, we always wish to see them happy.

You’re very happy when they’re happy.

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13. You step up your affection and care towards them

Another way to know if you love someone is my observing your attention and affection towards them.

You effortlessly care about them, play with them and make sure you give them your undivided attention. 

What is the difference between loving someone or being in love?

Loving someone means you have feelings for them. These feelings may be or may not be reciprocated. But, being in love means there are two persons who are aware they love each other and are ready to make sacrifices for each other. 

In a nutshell, loving someone is just a component of the bigger picture of “being in love.” 

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