Why You Should Catch Flights Not Feelings 

“Catch flights not feelings” is a popular quote that places traveling above relationships in terms of providing comfort and peace of mind. The idea of catching flight not feelings is all about using traveling to attain peace of mind instead of having your mind shattered by the unpredictable nature of intimate relationships.

Traveling is essential for human growth and development and offers you the opportunity to explore different landscapes, cultures, sports and religions. You don’t have to spend your entire day wondering if you could get a call from your boyfriend or not. 

The hassles and challenges that come with keeping a healthy relationship are underestimated and in most times, drains one emotionally. Some people spend a huge chunk of their time in relationships that provide little to no relevance to their lives. 

Though some relationships are quite healthy and happy, it doesn’t rule out the fact that traveling is a greater means of discovering your innermost happiness than in most relationships. 

Catch flights not feelings

Catch flights not feelings is a necessary piece of advice for almost everyone. You can actually get your significant other during adventurous journeys. That is to say, traveling in itself is a pack of possibilities. Here are major reasons why you should catch flights not feelings.

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Reasons why you should catch flights not feelings

1. Traveling will broaden your mind

There are a lot of things you don’t know about yourself. There are so many things you don’t know you can do very well. There are a lot of potentials hidden within you.

Traveling would broaden your mind and offer you the opportunity to know more about yourself. 

It is fun to travel and you’ll get to interact with entirely different people in entirely different environments and entirely different circumstances. Such moments would broaden your mind and take you around a lot of things you don’t know about yourself and the world.

Your relationship may not offer you such opportunities, especially if it is an unhealthy kind of relationship. 

2. Traveling will make you step out of your comfort zone and face challenges

You can never understand how talented you are if you continue taking refuge in your comfort zone. When you catch flight not feelings, you’d understand the numerous possibilities out there. 

You’d face challenges because you’re having an entirely different and new experience. 

In the course of traveling, there are challenges you must use your instincts and insights to navigate. 

Catch flights not feelings

3. Traveling is part of education

Instead of idly waiting to catch feelings, why don’t you catch a flight? Traveling comes with education which relationship won’t offer you. In a relationship, you’re stuck with one person and their ideas, but when you step out you’d meet different people.

You learn a lot during traveling and that would go a long way changing your perspective. 

You meet different people and know about their history. You interact with different people and know about their views. You see different religions and know about their practices. You see different landscapes and know about the geography.

The exposure that comes with traveling is a peace of mind on its own. You have to catch flights not feelings because traveling is indeed part of education.

4. Traveling would offer you new opportunities

Life doesn’t end in your immediate environment. There are countless opportunities out there waiting to be grabbed. When you travel, you’d notice how important some of your skills or talents are to some people. 

Catching feelings is fine but catching flights is better. 

Through traveling you discover more about yourself and how best he could serve humanity. You meet people who offer you opportunities. The opportunities abound in traveling is enough to make you catch flights not feelings.

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5. Traveling would make you move forward

Are you still wondering why you should catch flights not feelings? Traveling would make you move forward. If you’re stuck in your environment, it would be difficult for you to let go of many things holding you back. 

But through traveling you understand how unimportant a lot of things are in your life. You understand that you can actually move on without those who made themselves god in your life.

Your new environment pushes your attention away from the challenges of your old environment. Your stress level is reduced drastically through traveling and you become freer when you’re exploring new places.

6. No one regrets traveling

Have you ever heard someone say they regret traveling? No. Because traveling is full of fun. Funs that could change your perspective and make you feel happy and fulfilled.

Bottom Line

As already identified, traveling is quite essential for your growth, development and peace of mind. It offers you the chance to avoid the hassles of keeping a committed relationship.

Through traveling, you discover a lot about yourself. You discover the peace of mind which you have been searching for in futility through different relationships. You have the ability of making yourself happy without clinging to anyone. 

Catch flights not feelings is an important quote that’ll make you leave your comfort zone and utilize your potential. You’d know how much you are needed by others through traveling. 

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The opportunity of meeting new people and creating new friendships makes traveling worthwhile. You meet people who make you feel desired and valued.

Relationships are good if they are healthy. But it is not the only place where you can find peace of mind. Peace of mind can also be found through traveling.

I know you’re already wondering how to fund such travels, but that shouldn’t be of great concern to you. You don’t have to cross the sea before you can travel. There are beautiful and aesthetic cities in the United States. Visiting these different cities is a huge traveling task on its own. 

Every country has beautiful places and less developed areas. You can leave your own city and travel around some places in your country. You’d be amazed by the contentment you will feel.

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