How To Heal A Broken Heart And Move On

How To Heal A Broken Heart And Move On

Getting heartbroken is not always as a result of a failed intimate relationship. The death of a loved one can also cause heartbreak. Losing a job or a means of livelihood can also be another cause of heartbreak.

Changing careers can also cause heartbreak to someone. However, failed intimate relationships have been critically identified as a primary source of heartbreak. It has been argued that heartbreak suffered in relationships is more painful and severe than other sources of heartbreak.

This is basically because of the feeling of despair and emptiness that accompanies breakups. The feeling of being played by someone you cherish so much. The panging pain of being betrayed. And others are the major reasons why breakups produce the most severe form of heartbreak.

It is even more agonizing if you have started planning your future with respect to your partner. You’re already making adjustments because of them. Your career and interests are experiencing a significant shift because of your relationship. Despite these sacrifices, you end up with the heart wrenching news of a breakup. 

Your heart would be torn into shreds. For a moment, everything within you would be seen as the cause. The emotional and psychological trauma can be likened to physical abuse.

You would find it very difficult processing the details and the way forward. In all these, one major question would consistently and persuasively stare at you. How do you move on?

How to heal a broken heart and move on

5 Stages Of How To Heal A Broken Heart And Move On

You need to start the healing process as soon as possible. There wouldn’t be much time to cry over spilt milk. The person you’re crying has already moved on. Why then saddle yourself with their thoughts? The easiest way to heal a broken heart is to believe that some things are never meant to be. The better days are always ahead. However, for a long lasting solution, you can go through this routine to get your broken heart healed.

1. Take in all the pains and grief

Do not conceal your pains. It would self-deceit if you assume you’re not emotionally battered by the breakup. Unless you were never in love. 

Get yourself ready to grief over what you lost. Yes. You actually lost something. Your time and resources put in the wrong channel. If you could cry over it, please do. If you could talk to people because of it, please do. Make sure you devise a means to grief over the heartbreak.

This would assist you immensely in reducing the stress and getting you emotionally ready to put everything in the past. Once you’re done grieving, quickly put behind the memories and thoughts of the breakup behind you. Let them go just as your tears vanished. 

2. Assume the relationship never happened 

This stage could be very difficult if you were deeply in love with the person that broke your heart. However, you still need to forget about them.

It is very necessary to erase memories of the relationship. At least to set your mind up for another relationship. It could be very difficult to give love another try if you’re still living through your past relationship. You have to assume that it never happened and open your heart for another try. Because, you deserve better.

Easy tips to start erasing the memories is by blocking them on various social media handles, avoid places they visit always, keep away from their friends, and channel all your energy to your career.

3. Get so much immersed in your hobbies

You’re gradually getting over it. It is now time to find solace and companionship in something else. Such solace and companionship can easily and readily come from your hobby.

Let your hobbies take over the time you’d spent with your former friend. Get very much immersed in your hobby. If you’re a chess player, play it more frequently and create targets.

If you love traveling, start visiting new places. Enjoy the serenity of those places. Visit your families and share quality time with them. Prioritize your hobby and take in the joy you’d derive.

How to heal a broken heart and move on

4. Start making new friends and prepare your mind for love

At this stage, you’re emotionally ready to have another relationship. This is the stage where you need to meet new people and get to know more about them.

Make new friends and chat mates. Mingle with more people. Don’t be caught lonely. Allow friends to entertain you and enjoy the attention that comes with friendship.

Your heart would gradually start adjusting to this. It’d completely replace your former friend with these new and beautiful experiences.

4. Give love another chance

Being single is very lonely and stuffy. You still need someone to closely look at you and remind you how much they love you.

You still need someone to remember your anniversaries and help you celebrate them. You will need someone to wake you up with those beautiful morning texts. You wouldn’t like to be single forever.

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5. Start getting yourself ready for love

How Long Do Broken Hearts Take To Heal? 

The duration of heartbreak is dependent on a couple of factors. How much you loved your partner and the amount of time and resources you invested, among others. The weight of these factors particularly determine how long a broken heart could take to heal. However, research has shown that, on average, a broken heart takes up to 3 months to heal. 

Meanwhile, the duration of the heartbreak is not the most important thing. The major thing is the steps taken to heal the broken heart. 

Why Does A Heartbreak Hurt So Much?

Because of the betrayal. The feeling of despair and emptiness. The regret of knowing that you invested your time and resources for the wrong course. 

You feel you have been played by someone you trusted. This could leave one with an emotional trauma. 

How to heal a broken heart and move on

Can Broken Hearts Be Fixed?

Yes! Broken hearts can be fixed. It takes a while to get over the painful feeling of a heartbreak. It also takes the same little while to move on. It requires one to follow the necessary steps towards getting their broken heart healed.

Can The One Who Broke You Fix You?

Yes. A broken heart can be fixed by anyone. Either you fix it yourself or someone else fix it for you or it gets fixed by the person who broke it. But, before you allow who broke you to fix you, you need to figure out their intentions. They might be coming to inflict more pain. Just take your time to figure them out or completely avoid them.

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Can You Go Back To Someone Who Broke Your Heart?

Yes and no. It is totally dependent on why and how he broke up with you. It wouldn’t be wise going back to someone who reminded you of how much they regret to have you. It may not be wise going back to someone who easily forgets how much sacrifices you made for them.

On the other hand, you can consider reconciling with the person who broke up with you over your shortcomings. If you fix yourself, you can give him another try.  Though, it is not easy going back to someone who broke your heart.

How Do You Make A Broken Hearted Guy Happy?

Make him be with his close friends and “buddies.” They’d eventually laugh it off and give him a tonne of reasons to move on. They’d get him actively involved in his hobby. And entertain him all day with hilarious jokes.

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