Should I Double Text? What You Must Know About Double-texting

When you’re at the talking stage with your significant other, probably trying to figure them out, there could be moments when you crave for their attention so much. Especially if they are your crush, you won’t mind going overboard to satisfy that quest. 

But at what expense? When you’re making efforts to create a connection with her and none of these efforts have been reciprocated but you can’t help but continue attempting. You’re simply ruining your reputation as she would see you as a needy and desperate fellow. 

For you to maintain your sanity and keep your reputation intact during the talking stage, there are basic relationship rules you must abide by. First, the tendency of double texting should be reduced to the barest minimum. 

Should I double text

Often times, the results of double texting are counterproductive. It doesn’t solve the communication gap or ignites the needed connection but most times it creates the impression that one is really in need of the attention. 

If you find yourself asking; should I double text? You have to take a break and process the entire situation, you may see how worthless it is to double text someone, especially your crush. 

What Is Double Texting?

Double texting is sending a follow-up text to a previously unreplied text. You sent your crush a text at 8:00Pm and because she did not reply, you quickly added another one at 8:45pm, perhaps to get her attention. 

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And if they fail to reply after the second text, some people wouldn’t even mind adding the third, fourth, and fifth follow-up texts, thereby ruining the entire process and their masculine frame. 

Besides, the double texting is not because your significant other did not see the previous message. They actually saw the message, read it but decided not to reply. Why then do you think double texting would solve the communication gap? 

Should I Double Text? What To Do When You Have The Urge To Double Text

Oftentimes, the urge to double-text your crush is inevitable. You have this intense desire to get their attention or their response and hence you resort to double-texting. Unfortunately, double-texting them will likely not solve the problem but might intensify it as they may see you as a clingy and desperate fellow.

To help you evade double-texting, we have identified things you could do to prevent yourself from sending that second text.

1. Remind Yourself Of Your Worth

Remember, before you met this person, you’ve been leading a fine and peaceful life. Even if they should leave, your life and ambitions would not be paused because your crush left. Without them, you’ve built a reputation for yourself and created a lot of value. 

In fact, you’ve met more amazing and important people than them. Why then get yourself overworked because they intentionally ignored your texts? They aren’t worth the emotional stress you’re putting yourself through. 

Get over them and focus on more important things like your career, goals and other friends who are already showing genuine interests. Instead of pondering should I double text, take your time and re-evaluate your worth, you’d see you’re big enough to stoop that low.

2. Keep Your Phone Out Of Your Reach

If your phone is within, you’d definitely fall in. To eliminate all chances of double-texting, put your phone away from you. This would enable you to think about other things and prevent you from the frequent checking of their chat box for the “typing” indication. 

Keeping your phone away would give you the needed time to subconsciously process the importance of this person and if they are really worth the stress.

It would enable you to avoid double-texting and eventually, if they reply, you would end up seeing the message later. This is another means to boost your ego as you would be perceived as not being too interested in their shenanigans.

Should I double text

3. As Yourself Why You Should Double-text

Should I double text? Don’t be in a hurry. Take your time and ask if there’s really a need to double-text. If the first message has been marked read and they’re yet to reply, how then do you think a second text would do the magic? The chances are very slim.

If they’re someone you met recently, there’s actually no need to double-text them as you would be perceived as a desperate and impatient fellow.

On the other hand, if they’re old or perhaps close friends, double-texting wouldn’t be an issue. It would even be judged a sign of genuine desire. 

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More so, you can double-text if the situation on ground calls for immediate attention or follow-up. Maybe you fixed a date and they’re not replying to your recent texts, you can put in another text to know about their whereabouts and anything necessary. 

In a nutshell, double-texting should be largely dependent on prevailing issues and circumstances.

4. Distract Yourself

When you’re idle, you’ll be tempted to pick the phone up and take another look at their profile or pictures. Through this admiration, the urge to make another attempt at getting their attention would resurface and you may end up double-texting.

To stifle the chances of double-texting, the best approach is to get yourself distracted. Have yourself engaged in activities that would keep you busy and diminish the tendency of thinking much about your unreplied texts.

Going back to your hobbies, hanging out with friends, spending much time on your projects, having a good time with your family, among others are active means to make you less inundated with your chat box.

Should I Double Text? Here Are 2 Pros Of Double-texting

As we pointed out earlier, double-texting is basically dependent on the prevailing circumstances. There are scenarios where double-texting would be necessary and important. With this, we’ll highlight the few pros of double-texting.

1. A Sign Of Genuine Interest

In some cases, double-texting would be seen as a show of genuine interest. There are situations where a follow-up text does the magic. Especially, if you notice that your significant other is somehow upset. Following your unreplied texts with another one would likely trigger their interest and attention. 

I have actually experienced this with my girlfriend. She wasn’t showing interest to show up for a date I scheduled over the weekend. She read my texts and didn’t reply to any. I thought of how to get interest and attention, immediately I sent another text about my plans to leave the city after the weekend. This was what did the magic. 

She replied immediately enquiring about my proposed trip and eventually fixed the date at my place.

Should I double text

2. Double-texting Could Present You As A Warm Person

Nobody wants to chat with a dull person. You have to be lively when starting up a conversation with your crush. Breaking your texts into parts would keep them engaged and would likely force out a reply from them.

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Should I Double-text? 3 Cons Double-texting

Double-texting is not advisable in new relationships where you haven’t clearly figured out your partner and their character. Before you make the mistake of double-texting, take a look at the major cons of double-texting.

1. The Person May Be Annoyed

Some people actually love their private space a lot and any intrusion would be treated with utmost disdain. If an initial test is not read and not replied, there are chances the person is not emotionally ready to hold the conversation. 

Trying to win their attention could be off-putting and may pass as outright disturbance. In the bid to get their attention, you end up getting them annoyed.

2. It Shows Poor Texting Habit

Should I double text? Don’t be in a haste. Double-texting is a potent approach to identify people whose texting game is wack. In texting etiquette, there are procedures to follow during texting. Double-texting is not one of them.

In fact, when you double-text, you’re indirectly presenting yourself as someone with an awful texting habit.

3. Diminishes Your Chances

If the person in question is someone you’re seeing recently, there wouldn’t be a need for double-texting. The person might probably be going through your details, trying to figure out compatibility and your potential. 

What we need at this moment is just time and space. Bombarding them with follow-up texts would present one as needy, impatient and desperate. 

Should I double text


How Long Should You Wait To Double-text?

There’s no general rule guiding the average waiting time before double-texting. However, according to a basic rule of thumb, a 24-hour waiting time is ideal. 

This is enough time for the person to process whatever thing they’re thinking, figure out the personality and know if the communication pattern is okay.

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If you don’t get any response after this waiting time, you’d thank your stars you didn’t double-text as it would have passed the person as desperate.

What Happens When You Double-text?

When you double-text text, you’re leaving your reputation and masculine frame at the mercy of the person you’re chatting with. 

If they reply to you, fine. If they continue with the snubbing, your ego would be bruised so badly. When the person is not really into you, double-texting would confirm their assumptions that you’re really in need of their attention. 

You just present yourself as a needy, desperate, anxious and impatient fellow.

Should I Double text After Being Left or Read?

No. Don’t ever make the mistake unless it is urgent. If it’s just someone you met newly and still trying to establish communication with, sending a follow-up text would be very inconsequential and unnecessary. 

Does Double-texting Mean They Like You?

Double-texting does not really imply fondness or genuine interest, it is often a sign of desperation. When they double-text you, it is a sign that they’re eager to get your attention probably because they’re leading a lonely life. You have to vet their intentions and promises.

Bottom Line

Should I double-text? Is a very valid question when someone is snubbing you online. Double-texting won’t solve the bad communication pattern, instead presenting the person as someone in dire need of attention. 

You don’t have to double-text immediately. Take your time and wait for at least 24 hours before hitting the final text. This final text should be very brief and less emphatic. Don’t appear too serious to avoid being snubbed again.

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