Good Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

There are good questions to ask your girlfriend, especially, to ascertain her level of commitment to the relationship. It is very necessary to ask questions. Not just questions but, important and good questions. It will give you an idea of what your girlfriend thinks about the relationship and the extent she can to make things work. Many relationships have failed because of the inability of the partners to ask relevant questions. Irrespective of the love there in, the importance of good and sensitive questions cannot be overemphasized.

Do not take the questions or her answers to the questions personal. Try and make her understand the need for such questions. Do not fail to show compassion and concern to her answers when necessary. Because, you might appear selfish and self-centred. You should also make your questions appear relevant and useful to the relationship. Do not be too obsessed with her past issues. It will certainly turn her off and make her question your love for her. With this, we have compiled 10 good questions you should ask your girlfriend.

Good questions to ask your girlfriend

1. What is your body count?

This question is very sensitive and many ladies, often times, find it offensive. They do find the question demeaning and undermining. Irrespective of what happens, it is still very necessary to know the body count of your girlfriend. Simply put, body count is the number of times a person has had intercourse with the opposite gender. The question is always put to the ladies because of the sensitivity of their bodies. Body count of a lady gives an estimate of how many men the lady has had intercourse with. It also measures the sexual drive and urge of the lady.

Be careful when asking your girlfriend this question. She may misunderstand your intentions. Just be careful and as romantic as possible when asking this question. You can ask her when you have retired for the night. Knowing her body count will make you understand her past lifestyle and sexual activeness. Though, there are chances that she may not give the exact figure. But, her reply will give you an information about how active she was in her past relationships.

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2. What do you do for a living?

I still do not understand why some ladies get upset with this question. They believe is the responsibility of their men to take care of their responsibilities. Therefore, they believe it is not necessary or important to know what they do for a living. In as much as many ladies do not love such question, it is very important that you should gather courage to ask your girlfriend about what she does for a living.

Knowing what your girlfriend does for a living will enable you to know her financial status. It will give you information about how you could assist her. Such information creates room for a perfect financial plan in the relationship. Do not make the mistake of shifting responsibilities to her because you’re now aware of how much she earns. Rather, find a way to bring her into your financial plans and make her see areas where she could assist you. With this knowledge, your girlfriend will have a good sense of belonging in the relationship.

Good questions to ask your girlfriend

3. What she loves doing when she is alone

There is no other way to develop intimacy than to ask endearing questions. There are questions that keeps you very close to your girlfriend. Such questions can do so much magic in your relationship. Especially, to buttress your caring attitude towards your girlfriend. One of these questions is about what she does when she is alone. Armed with this knowledge, you can get her facilities that could brighten her days. This is certainly among the good questions to ask your girlfriend.

I remember how I earned the genuine love of my girlfriend. After finding out that she will be spending her summer holidays with her Aunt, I asked her few intelligent and important questions. One of these questions was; what do you do when you are alone? She was very elated on hearing such question. Without hesitation, she quickly told me reading. Yes, reading. She loves reading books whenever she is alone. Having understood her passion for adventurous journeys, I quickly stormed the nearest bookshop. Got her 10 books on traveling escapades. Her joy was so deep when she unpacked everything. I couldn’t believe I could put such genuine smile on that beautiful face with my little gesture. This is indeed the power of asking questions.

4. Why do you love me?

Irrespective of how much she loves you, try and understand the reason behind her genuine love. Do not relax because she is showing so much care and attention. Make sure you find out why she loves you deeply. It will give you the opportunity to improve and grow her feelings towards you. Though, some people claim that there is no reason for any genuine love. This is fallacious. No matter how true the love could be, there is always a reason for this love.

I remember what my girlfriend replied when I asked her this question. I was surprised when she told me that my blog posts endeared her to me. Honestly, I was astonished and surprised. Creating blog posts has always been a passion but I did not know it will still bring me a true love. Her love for my engaging blog posts extended to me and we started from their. Knowing this was more than a motivation to me. I was challenged to create more posts and improve my skills. Her love for my blog posts made me to develop my writing skills.

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5. What is your passion and hobby?

Her passion and hobby should mean a lot to you. Do not feel it is her lifestyle and does not concern you. No! It is your duty to know exactly what inspires your girlfriend. You might be surprised to find out that you have similar hobbies. Even if your hobbies are different, you will still have a lot to do with such information. If you find out her passion and hobbies, you can easily make them more adventurous for her. Maybe she loves seeing movies, you can book every Saturday evening for cinemas.

When I found out that my girlfriend loves cooking, I made everything about cooking interesting. I frequently organised cooking contests for ourselves. I may challenge her to make an egg sauce. Understanding my awful cooking abilities, she always won every contest. I showed her my eagerness to learn from her. Without hesitation, I commended her unique cooking abilities. Such actions were enough to make her more enthusiastic about cooking. In the long run, I encouraged her to startup a small restaurant basically for lunch. She is already planning to expand it before the summer. She is still very glad that I picked interest in her passion and hobby.

6. What do you hate most in men?

This is among the good questions to ask your girlfriend. As long as she is there for you, such question can only help you to improve. There are a lot of things that ladies find nauseating about men. These are important things to know. It will help you to develop and live beyond your limitations. Asking your girlfriend such question will give her the satisfaction that her views matter a lot to you. Do not just ask her such question, make sure you’re ready to make changes where necessary.

I used to keep late nights because of clubbing and gaming. I never had plans of changing such habits until I found out that they are toxic to my relationship. My girlfriend does not entertain late nights and clubbing. Though, it was not easy in the beginning but, I continued to struggle until I stopped keeping late nights. I am currently overwhelmed with the sum I have saved since I stopped clubbing and gaming. My relationship became the prayer of many intending partners.

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