Why Do Men Cheat In A Relationship

Cheating in a relationship is gradually becoming alarming. Especially, amongst men. To be precise, Cheating is the act of having intimate flings with persons outside a relationship. The concept of cheating has broken many intimate relationships and has rendered some other relationships toxic.

Generally, infidelity is more predominant amongst men. There are higher tendencies of men cheating in a relationship than women. It is even more disturbing that despite the love and care which some of these men enjoy in their relationships, they always find cheating a convenient endeavor. However, the major question remains; “why do men cheat in a relationship?” There are a plethora of reasons why men do cheat on their intimate partners.

Why do men cheat in a relationship

It would be convenient for ladies who are intending to start up an intimate relationship with the opposite gender, to have a closer look at the reasons why men cheat in a relationship. This is because, there are a lot health dangers associated with having an affair with a cheating partner. Aside the health implications, cheating has psychological and emotional impact on the other partner.

Often times, many young ladies have been traumatized by the knowledge of their partners’ intimate relationships with other people. It has sent many ladies into depression and most of them do live the rest of their lives in solitude and despair. Some people’s career were truncated because of their relationship with a cheating partner. Below are few reasons why men cheat in a relationship.

1. Lack of Self Control

Most men that indulge in cheating do not have self control. Simply put, self control is the ability of an individual to have their shortcomings under serious check. It is the tendency to think rationally before taking decisions. Basically, most men that cheat do so because of their inability to control their urge for intercourse. They are often led by feelings and emotions instead of rational thought. They find it very tedious to control their feelings and emotions. This lack of self control always render most men vulnerable to cheating.

To avoid this, men need to work on building their self control. This would enable them to have their feelings and emotions under serious check. With self control, one can easily live a principled life that is devoid of cheating. To achieve this, ladies need to help their men in building their self esteem. With a high self esteem, men would find it insulting to condescend low to cheating.

Why do men cheat in a relationship

2. Nagging Partner

Research has shown that most men involved in cheating are mostly in a relationship with a nagging partner. Nagging is precisely the act of making unnecessary and toxic complaints. It is also the tendency to complain about every thing including the irrelevant ones. It is very challenging to stay with a partner that founds problem with almost everything. This nauseating attitude of some ladies, often times, pushes men to the path of cheating. I could remember vividly the experience of my colleague at my former workplace. Joe was truly smitten with Ann. There was actually a great love between them. But, one thing changed the whole circumstances.

When Ann began to display the nagging side of her. She will always feed Joe’s ears with complaints upon his return from work. The peace of mind which Joe always craved for began to seem unattainable. With the consistent and unnecessary nagging from Ann, Joe began to seek peace somewhere else. At the close of work, Joe would spend most of his time at a nearby club, trying to avoid his partner as much as he could. It was during one of his frequent visits to the club that he crossed the path of Clara.

His cheating escapades began just immediately after this infamous meeting. The peace which Joe always craved for, was abundant in Clara’s attitude. Because, he had a soft spot for Ann, Joe did not summon enough courage to call it quits with her. Rather, he continued to enjoy the attention of Clara while managing the nagging of Ann.

3. When Men Marry Whom They Do Not Love

Another reason why men cheat in a relationship is because of the issue of what we call “circumstantial love”. This is a situation where the love between two partners emerged because of a prevailing circumstance. Often times, these circumstances do not consider the interests of the intending partners.

We have seen cases where parents arrange the marriage of their children without considering their preferences. We have seen cases where a partner consents to marriage because of the status of the other person. We have also seen cases where men fall in love because of a lady’s good body. Such circumstances have many a time led men to the path of cheating.

This is a typical experience of Maxwell. Maxwell was a close friend during our university days. He had the intention of stepping up his relationship with Lily, after graduation. He never knew his parents had other plans up their sleeves.

Upon graduation, they quickly arranged the marriage of Maxwell to the daughter of their close friend. The whole process was entirely alien to Maxwell because his interests were never considered. The parents were much interested in preserving the family’s friendship with Mr. Benson. Grudgingly, Maxwell got wedded to Lily. It turned out that Lily was very far from being Maxwell’s ideal lady. Because of his good morals, Maxwell tried to remain faithful to Lily. However, cheating became inevitable as Maxwell consistently sought means to satisfy his fantasies.

Why do men cheat in a relationship

4. Toxic Relationship Is Another Reason Why Men Cheat In A Relationship

The nature of a relationship is another factor that answers the question of why do men cheat in a relationship. When partners are involved in a healthy and loving relationship, cheating could be avoidable. But, when the relationship becomes toxic, cheating could be inevitable. Most men begin the act of cheating once their relationships become toxic.

In a toxic relationship, there is no understanding and harmony. Often times, the toxicity of a relationship has left a regrettable psychological and emotional impacts on the partners. A lot of factors contribute to making a relationship toxic. Pretense and little sense of appreciation are among these factors.

When a relationship becomes toxic, men begin to find solace and attention somewhere else. This is often times, the beginning of their cheating escapades. To forestall the incidence of cheating, partners should work closely to ensure a healthy relationship. It could be quite demanding to maintain a stable and healthy relationship but the benefits cannot be overemphasized.

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