How To Be Submissive In A Relationship – 16 Surefire Ways

How do you picture the thought of a woman being submissive to her partner? What do you think about being submissive in a relationship?

There’s nothing really bad about being submissive to your partner. It is even a positive ideology because it maintains a harmonious relationship.

Meanwhile, some women have a lot of misconception about being submissive in a relationship. They have misconstrued it as being less important in the relationship or being a slave to a dorminant partner. 

However, being submissive in a relationship is beyond inequality. It is a form of mutual respect from the two parties to make the relationship work. For a better grasp of what it means to be submissive in a relationship, we’ve taken a contextual definition of the word ‘submission.’

Definition of Submission

Submission is a coinage of two words – sub and mission.

The prefix “sub,” means under or below. While the word “mission” means a set of tasks that fulfills a purpose or duty.

Therefore, being submissive in a relationship means you’re submitting yourself to your partner for a common purpose – love, trust and a harmonious relationship.

From the foregoing, being submissive in a relationship is not a negative thing, rather, it is a flavor that spices up every relationship. However, there are still some misconceptions about being submissive in a relationship. 

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Here are some clarifications about being submissive in a relationship:

  1. Being submissive in a relationship does not mean you’re less important or inferior to your partner.
  2. Submission doesn’t translate to cowardice. It is brave step towards making a healthy relationship.
  3. To be submissive to your partner doesn’t imply that you should relegate your interests and values. 
  4. Submission in a relationship does not mean your opinion no longer matters in the relationship.
  5. Being submissive doesn’t mean you should tolerate the toxicity of your partner. Submissiveness is not a thing of an abusive relationship.

Having established the meaning of being submissive in a relationship, let’s quickly explore how to be submissive in a relationship.

16 Ways On How To Be Submissive In A Relationship

1. Be your partner’s best friend

Make your partner your playmate, chat mate and gist mate. 

Getting your relationship to a friendship level bridges unnecessary formalities and ensures a comfortable atmosphere always. Being not just a lover but a friend to your partner, is a strong means to submissive him. You effortlessly make him happy and excited.

2. Allow your partner to take decisive actions

When you allow your partner to take charge of something or take lead of something, you bolster the confidence and self-esteem of your partner.

Give your partner the opportunity and privilege to take decisive decisions and back him up with your support. 

3. Exercise patience as often as possible

Don’t always be in a hurry when you’re around your partner, else, you’d make them uncomfortable.

Be patient with your partner as much as you can. No matter the circumstance, assure him of your support and let him believe that you have faith in his judgments.

This would bring out his wits. And earn you a special place in his mind.

4. Respect your partner

Respect is an essential ingredient of a healthy relationship.

Is another means on how to be submissive to your partner. Respect him and his values. Pay close attention to things they don’t like and make necessary adjustments.

Respect is reciprocal. Once you melt the heart of your man with your unwavering fealty and respect, he’d love unconditionally. 

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5. Emphasize his positive attributes

Generally, relationships are not always rosy. Surely, there would be arguments, fights and crises.

Amidst all these, reemphasize the positive attributes and energy of your partner. Before taking your decision or making a judgment, do well to remember the positive attributes of your partner.

Such a quick reminder would possibly quench your anger and prevent you from taking actions blinded by raging emotions.

6. Prioritize your communication with your partner

Healthy relationship is often built on strong and good communication skills.

Prioritize communication with your partner. Always make it open and let your opinions be known. This is very important because many failed relationships suffer from communication crises.

7. Be appreciative

How to be submissive in a relationship is to show gratitude as often as possible.

Inculcate the habit of recognizing your partner’s efforts no matter how trivial they might seem. It means a lot.

It is a way of reminding them that they are doing very well and their efforts towards the relationship cannot go unnoticed.

8. Be faithful to your partner

The submissiveness of a cheating partner is just a mockery. 

Being submissive to your partner entails you’d shun every se**al misconduct and have faith in your partner.

Infidelity is totally unacceptable and should be highly and critically avoided.

9. Support your partner

Relationships could be more engaging if the responsibilities are shared. 

It is not just possible to have equal responsibilities in a relationship because of a variety of views and standards.

However, to be submissive, you have to assist your partner as little as possible. Just figure out how you’d help.

10. Make yourself a good listener

Listening to your partner is how to be submissive in a relationship. It boosts the self-esteem of the partner and creates more avenues for discussions.

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11. Be an ambassador of peace in your home

To be submissive in your relationship means you have to make yourself a peacemaker in your home.

Men and women have different tolerance levels but, women are more understanding. 

As a submissive partner, always find means to make peace. Apologize when necessary and demand for an apology when necessary also.

12. Understand your partner’s needs

Pay close attention to what your partner craves for.

Your partner may not have enough time to go for them. You have to secure it for them and let it surprise him. 

13. Respect their privacy

How would you feel if your privacy is compromised? 

The way you’d feel is very similar to how your partner would feel if their privacy is compromised. Yes. You are in a relationship but some people are still very much conscious of their spaces and privacy.

14. Trust your partner

Care, love and attention are among the rewards you could get from trusting your partner.

Let your partner know you trust them very well. Your partner would be very much comfortable around you and have reasons not to betray your trust. This is how to be submissive.

15. Bring in your partner into your financial situations and plans

Don’t make financial decisions without consulting your partner. 

Always seek your partner’s approval in your financial decisions, even in trivial ones.

Carry them along with your financial situations and plans, you’d be amazed at how fast you’ve won them over with such submissiveness.

16. Spice up your intimacy with your partner

Intimacy is beyond mere satisfaction of organs, it is a bond.

Prioritize the satisfaction of your partner during intercourse and get them overwhelmed with your affection, care and attention. 

How Do You Make A Woman Submit To A Man?

You can only love a woman into submission. Show her what love is all about. Take good care of her and remain very attentive to her. Her submission would come naturally when she feels loved, secured and respected.

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