How To Start Conversation With Your Crush: Surefire Ideas

You already have a thing for him/her but the thought of approaching them frightens you. You get overly nervous when your crush is around and practically stutter without any composure while trying to start a conversation with them.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone on this. We’ve surefire ideas on how to start conversation with your crush.

Having a crush on someone implies a romantic feeling towards that person, which may go unnoticed or unexpressed. It is usually unexpressed because it is very difficult to figure out if the person you’re crushing on is really interested in you and ready to reciprocate the affection. 

In other circumstances, some people intentionally suppress this romantic feeling because of their own reasons. Maybe they’ve not figured out if it is infatuation or love.

Because many experts have argued that having a crush on someone is a short-lived experience that lacks the basic qualities of falling in love with someone. 

However, whichever side of the coin you are, there’s still a need to be expressive. Making your thoughts known creates a lot of options for you.

Either to completely forget about your crush or start working on a possible relationship with them. Therefore, you have to figure out how to start a conversation with your crush

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7 Ideas On How To Start Conversation With Your Crush

1. Start With Genuine Compliments

You’re meeting a stranger whom you haven’t figured out how he/she thinks of you. And not just a stranger, someone you already have romantic feelings for.

A single wrong move from you could crash all your plans for the future. This is why you have to be very phenomenal with your first impression.

First impressions matter a lot. Create an impression that would remind of something good about you. An impression that she’d be longing to get every day. Give them a genuine compliment!

Be very creative with your compliment, try create something different from the usual and populous lines. We can help you out with some tips.

If she’s rocking a good hair, you could compliment her by saying: your hair really looks nice,is it a human hair?” If you like his jackets, you could say: “that’s a nice jacket on you, you must have a good taste.”

More examples are: “Hi! I like your sneakers, they’re really good on you.”

“Hey! You’ve got a wonderful gown, the stripes are amazing.”

“Hello! Are you a model? You walk so majestically.”

“Hi! I love your pair of shades, they are good on you.”

These genuine compliments would make your crush relaxed and ready to listen to you. Everyone wants to be around people who could make them feel important.

2. Start A Conversation Around Something He/She Likes

You’ve probably given her a mind-blowing genuine compliment and you are both set to start up a conversation. You need to keep the fire burning, by adding more spice to your already awesome compliment.

Don’t go around boring her with questions about her. Those can be saved for your date with her. 

At the moment, you have to take the conversation to her area of interest. Prior to this moment you should have figured out what interests your crush or her hobbies.

Hit your discussions around these stuffs. If she’s fascinated by TV shows, let her tell you her opinion about a trending series or TV show.

She’d be glad to pour out her views enthusiastically. Your job is to listen with so much enthusiasm and support her views as much as you can. Let the conversation revolve around her interests and she’d never get tired of talking to you.

3. Smile and keep eye contact

It is very important to maintain eye contact during your conversation with your crush. Also put a smiling face to make her comfortable and relaxed. With eye contact, you’d be able to figure out if she’s nervous while looking at you. With intermittent eye contact, she’d struggle with the attention if she’s attracted to you.

Your smiling face would keep her secured around you. Don’t ever wear a gloomy or long face at any point in your discussion. 

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4. Don’t Overthink it

If you keep bothering yourself about how to start a conversation with your crush, you’d possibly get tired and lose interest at the end of the day. To avoid this, the best you could do is to make it quick. Do not over process everything. Such thoughts would weigh you down and make you envisage the impossible.

Once you’ve figured out that she’s your crush, quickly start making moves towards conversing with her. 

5. Only Allow A Maximum Of 5 Seconds To Approach Them

If you have a perception that you’re getting nervous over the process, quickly take a countdown of 5 seconds and approach her. Start counting from 5 to 1 and immediately move towards them. The idea of this strategy is to eliminate every fear and anxiety.

6. Prioritize The Moment

The flow of your conversation with your crush is largely dependent on the environment and what is happening within. Environment plays a vital role in determining someone’s mood. Your ability to figure out the environment is an added advantage.

Take note of the environment and what is presently going on within the environment. If she’s seeing a football game, you’d have to identify the team she’s supporting and join her in the cheering. 

If she’s at the queue in a coffee shop, you’d probably ask about her favorite taste. 

7. Ask For Their Help

If the above processes are well implemented, you’d have settled around her. The both of you are probably comfortable around each other and it is now time to take everything to a new different level. Step it up by getting her involved in a deeper role. Ask for her help!

Know how conveniently she’d help you. It could be to help you take a photo or record something. Just try and ask for their help no matter how trivial the help could be.

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What Topic Can I Start With My Crush?

There are variety of topics to discuss with your crush provided you’ve figured out her interests and hobbies. Topics like cooking, traveling, fashion, movies and music, sports, TV shows, academics, social media trends, among others can form the basis of a good and healthy conversation. 

What Should I Text My Crush?

What you should text your crush depends on how close you’ve been with them lately. If they already know you and you’ve had some offline conversations with them, you can text her about your intentions to work on a possible relationship with her.

Above all, make your text an embodiment of genuine compliments. Use your text to win her over and let her see love in you. 

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