Empty Feeling After Breakup Could Be Prevented By

I have come across many people lament their ordeals after they received a breakup notice from their partners. Especially, the empty feeling after breakup. The pain is understandably excruciating. The feeling of loneliness is always inevitable. Feeling lonely after breakup is unavoidable. Unless, you were not really smitten with your partner. Precisely, breakup is a formal discontinuation of a relationship. Often times, this relationship refers to intimate types of relationship. It is a means through which either of the partners end their relationship with the other partner. Generally, breakup causes heartbreak. It can also lead to depression if not well managed.

Especially, there is this empty feeling after a breakup. It is a feeling where the affected person begins to develop sense of less worth. This is a feeling that erupts the feeling of low self esteem. Irrespective of the person’s principles and social class, this empty feeling after a breakup is inevitable. Some people might even consider suicide or isolation in extreme cases. It is therefore very necessary to avoid feeling lonely after a breakup. In as much as it may be difficult but, it could be achievable. The best bet is to consult a therapist. But, if there is no therapist to handle the issue, one can follow these principles to overcome the empty feeling after breakup.

Feeling lonely after breakup

1. Quickly Visit A Relaxation Park After The Breakup

This is a very proactive measure to avoid feeling lonely after breakup. After the breakup, you will probably need someone to talk to. You might begin to see things from a weird perspective. The feeling of low self esteem will creep in. The best thing to do at this moment is to come from your shell and meet different people. You may not necessarily talk with them but, being in the midst of many people would reduce your loneliness. This is why it is recommended to visit a relaxation area or an amusement park after a breakup.

Staying in these people-filled places would make your mind to wander a little. You will have a lot of things to think about. There would be a lot of reasons to give out that genuine smile. Meanwhile, do not get jealous when you see some couples playing lovey-dovey. Within a small moment, your mind would gradually find peace once again. And you may be lucky enough to secure a better partner, who will value you more than anything.

2. Visit Your Close Friend

We all have that one friend we always confide in. That friend who understands our weaknesses and never uses them against us. That particular friend who knows about us more than any other person. Such friend is the best person to talk with whenever we experience something shocking like a breakup. They will certainly have a special way to remove the empty feeling after breakup. This is why you should quickly contact your close confidant when breakup comes knocking at your door. A phone call across to that friend could do. But, a visit would do better.

When you meet them, don’t be hesitant to pour out your heart. This would be the best moment to cry out the pains of the breakup. You will be surprised to the feeling of relief that would engulf you when this your friend begins to talk. Give them listening ears as the lecture you on how special you are. Within a short while, that empty feeling would be forgotten.

Empty Feeling After Breakup

3. Practice Your Hobby To Avoid The Empty Feeling After Breakup

Another better option after a breakup, is to practise your passion or hobby. Simply put, a hobby is something you enjoys doing at any point in time. Irrespective of the circumstances, you cannot get bored at practising your hobby. Hobby is all about passion and it is our first love. Therefore, the best thing to do after breakup is to revisit your first love – your hobby. It could be writing poems, traveling to new places, seeing movies, doing TikTok videos or even listening to the Blues.

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Once you receive the news of the breakup comes to you, put yourself together and begin to enjoy something else you love doing – your hobby. With time, this hobby would replace your partner. The empty feeling after breakup would be snugged out by your hobby. Practising your hobby would give you a genuine energy to confront and overcome the recurring feeling of loneliness. If your hobby is about traveling, quickly book the next train or bus and enjoy the heavenly feeling. As practise this, your mind would wander over a lot of things and you’ll get preoccupied with other things than the breakup.

4. Listen To Your Favorite Music

Music is not just art, it is lovely and emotional. It is a representation of circumstances within us. Music is indeed worth confiding in once their is heartbreak. It gives you the feeling of belonging and develops your self esteem. Once you have a breakup, quickly get your favorite music and begin jamming to the lyrics. Gradually, an inexplicable joy would envelope the empty feeling after breakup. I could remember vividly the feeling during my first heartbreak.

It was during my penultimate year in the college. Joan dropped the news without mincing words. My world was crumbling before my very own eyes. I immediately lost courage to continue with my group project. Luckily, Pedro was very much around to get me busy with the beautiful lyrics of my favourite song. Gradually, I began to sing along as the effect of the music precipitated the feeling of loneliness. With time, I got attached to the music. I practically forgot about the breakup. Though, that empty feeling after breakup could be stubborn but, I continued to busy myself with the lyrics of my favourite song.

Feeling lonely after breakup

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5. Preoccupy Yourself With Work

An idle mind is the birthplace of unimaginable thoughts. Being idle after a breakup would only complicate issues. The feeling of loneliness would continue to re-emerge. Your mind would always wander to the beautiful moments you shared with your partner. Those romantic nights and weekends would be remembered. Your uncountable dates with them would be recreated in your mind. The lovey-dovey you played with them would be staring at your face. Once this happens, quickly get yourself busy with work.

Find something doing. You might use the opportunity to finish up your class assignment. Dedicate your time to your workplace. Do so much work to keep your mind well occupied.

6. Delete The Memories Of Your Partner To Avoid The Empty Feeling After Breakup

Do very well to erase the memories of your partner from your mind. It could be difficult to overcome those memories but overcoming them is the easiest way to bypass the lonely feeling after a breakup. If your partner finds it less difficult to breakup with you, you should also find it less difficult to erase them from your memory. The best way to do this is to delete anything that could make you remember them. From your contact list, get them off. At your social media handles, get them blocked. If possible, avoid their street of residence. Totally get yourself detached from any circumstance that could bring them back to your memory.

By doing this, you will easily overcome that feeling of loneliness. You will gradually begin to see things differently and a new beginning would knock at your door. That empty feeling after breakup would depart from you and you will get back to track. As you do these, get your mind open for another chance to love.

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