11 Qualities Of A Boyfriend Material

Qualities Of A Boyfriend Material

It is very challenging to figure out exactly what ladies want in a man. For some people, it is money. For some others, it is a reputable job. While others believe it is a promising career.

Ironically, over time, ladies have continued to turn down men with a good combination of the aforementioned qualities. This has further raised the bar on what men really describe as a boyfriend material.

However, it has been established by many experts that ladies actually want a boyfriend that could represent them very well. A boyfriend who is attractive and presentable. Someone who can conveniently sustain a reasonable discussion. These are among the few top qualities that have characterized a perfect boyfriend over time.

Qualities of a boyfriend material

With a necessary cognizance of the imperfect nature of man, it could be very difficult to have a perfect boyfriend material. But attempts have been made to identify the necessary qualities that could earn one the title.

These qualities could be handy for men who are earnestly seeking to be the perfect boyfriend for their girlfriends. It could also be a guide for ladies who are searching for boyfriend material.

11 Qualities Of A Boyfriend Material

1. Cleanliness and good hygiene

Ladies have indescribable respect for neat guys. They are easily attracted to clean guys. As a boyfriend material, you need to have good hygiene and always maintain neatness.

Get your haircut in an adorable style. Maintain neat dentition and always keep well-shaved bears. You should also smell good. Get a good deodorant and perfect fragrance always.

Every girl would comfortably stay around you and wish you could be there’s. Do well to make your neatness reflect in your home and car. 

2. Good fashion sense

Ladies naturally love to show off. If you’re not worth showing off, don’t bother considering yourself a boyfriend material. You need to up your fashion game. Let her fall in love with your dressing. 

You don’t need to go overboard or crazy, to achieve this. Just make sure you look good always. She wouldn’t hesitate to classify you as boyfriend material.

3. Commendable sense of humor

If you’re a guy that is always mean, I’m afraid you might have a hard time becoming boyfriend material. Ladies are often scared of mean and serious guys. They feel threatened by those mean and serious looks.

You need to develop your sense of humor. Ladies are very much friendly to playful guys. They feel happy around them. Putting a smile on her face is enough to be considered boyfriend material. 

4. Caring nature

To be seen as boyfriend material, you need to be very caring. Being caring does not stop at sending early morning texts or goodnight messages. It goes beyond frequent romantic texts and phone calls. Though, they’d be counted as signs of a caring boyfriend. You still have to go the extra mile to register your caring nature.

Be practical. Let your caring nature manifest in your actions. Get her gifts, no matter how little. Ladies are easily attracted to guys who make such little sacrifices. Spend quality time with her. Show so much interest in her career and endeavors.

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Qualities of a boyfriend material

5. Be a good listener

Most guys do not have the natural patience to enjoy the long talks from their girlfriends. This is a very big turn off for ladies. They are forced to think they are irrelevant or undeserving of your time and attention.

You need to clear this doubt. Grow your listening skills. Find it interesting to hear what she has to say. Make contributions where necessary, to show you’re actively listening. Ask questions and engage in little arguments. She would feel very much comfortable to discuss with you. 

6. Come up with surprises

Do not be a boring boyfriend, whose every action could be predicted. Ladies love it when you romantically take them unawares. Don’t just wait for her to discern your obvious thoughts.

Take her by surprise. Little surprises here and there would spice up your relationship. Ladies are naturally dramatic. Make her expectant always. You’d become perfect boyfriend material.

7. Find happiness in spending time with her family and friends

If you truly love her, you need to extend the same care to her family and friends. Spend quality time with them and seize every opportunity to remind them how lucky you are to have her.

8. Shun cheating

The easiest way to ruin a girl’s love and trust, is to cheat on her. Don’t be involved in any act of cheating. Shun it totally. Find every reason to condemn cheating whenever you’re with her. Give her reasons why you can’t cheat on someone you truly love. 

You have to be very honest always. Let her conveniently trust you. This is an easy route to become that perfect boyfriend material.

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9. Don’t trigger her insecurities

We know very well how jealous ladies could be when they’re in love. Your greetings with random girls could make her jealous. Your long stare on other girls could make her insecure. How you talk passionately about fair complexioned girls, when she’s black, could also make her insecure.

You need to let your world revolve around her. Don’t give her reasons to feel insecure. If she’s dark, talk good about dark girls. If she’s chubby, talk sweetly about chubby ladies. 

10. Be Courageous and thoughtful

Ladies are very much proud of their courageous boyfriends. Don’t be weakling around her. Else, you’d lose her respect. Be courageous and ambitious. Let her see the zeal in you.

Qualities of a boyfriend material

11. Understanding

Understanding is a very important quality in every intimate relationship. If you don’t have understanding, you might find it difficult to appear in the good books of any girl. Ladies are very much attracted to guys who have a good sense of understanding.

Be very quick to figure out her obvious thoughts. Do not expect her to tell you everything. Try to identify her problems without being told. She might find it convenient to bore you with her problems. It would be easier for her if you could figure things out by yourself. 

What Does It Mean When A Girl Says You Are Boyfriend Material?

It means you have the necessary qualities that could make a perfect boyfriend. She has tested you and found out that you have what it takes to take care of a woman. You’re caring, honest, attractive, playful, hardworking, thoughtful, sensitive and very understanding.

How Do You Show A Girl You Are A Boyfriend Material?

It is not always easy to be a perfect boyfriend material. It takes a lot of learning and unlearning to get acquainted with the qualities that characterizes a boyfriend material. To show a girl that you’re boyfriend material, you need to be very caring.

Have great respect for her and her views. Keep good hygiene and maintain a good fashion sense. You also have to be a good listener and have what it takes to sustain reasonable discussions.

What Makes A Person A Boyfriend Material?

Caring nature, good hygiene, honesty, integrity, understanding, thoughtfulness, good listening skills, good fashion sense and ability to commit.

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