How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back: 10 Strategies

How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

Research has shown that most guys are always interested in getting back to their ex girlfriends. Guys find it very difficult to break off from the emotional attachment with their ex girlfriends.

They try as much as possible to explore means that’d bring them close to their ex girlfriends. As much as they have claimed to move on, they can not entirely deny their interests in their ex girlfriends.

This often happens because of pride issues. Guys are always conscious of their ego. And being dumped by a lady is something they can not easily entertain.

To massage their ego, they try getting back their ex girlfriends to prove they are still in control of the game. More so, some other guys attempt to get back their ex girlfriends, because they genuinely miss the company, care and attention they enjoyed from them.

How to get back your ex girlfriend

Having made futile attempts in finding a replacement, they’d realize that their ex girlfriends are still the best. However, guys often fail woefully in an attempt to get back their ex girlfriends. This is because of their poor strategies. They often rely on the illusion that they were once there’s, so they could easily get them at any time.

With such undermining thoughts, they easily get rejected by their ex girlfriends. Their attitudes are often devoid of sincerity and honesty. The girls would easily misinterpret their intentions and shut the door on their faces. For you to get your ex girlfriend back, you need to follow these well proven steps.

10 Steps On How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

1. Assume you’re meeting her for the first time

Your ex girlfriend has probably moved on without you. Her interests have gradually changed and her views about men have been altered. You need to be convinced that this was not the same girl you dated some couple of days, weeks or months ago.

Don’t assume she’s still the same person, else, you get battered by her blunt rejection. Assume you’re meeting her for the first time. Follow every necessary protocol you’d follow while trying to convince a girl. Don’t deny her the enthusiasm that comes with being chased.

Chase her. Make her know you’re fully ready to have her back. Take her on a date. Disturb her with your attention.

2. Be realistic

Don’t keep high expectations. Make it as low as possible. Prepare your mind that you’d either get accepted or rejected. Don’t be too sure that she’d accept you again. You would blow up your games with such thoughts. 

Research has shown that only 29% of girlfriends get back to their ex boyfriends. There are tendencies that you may be rejected. Knowing this would allow you to exhaust possible options without fear of rejection. And prepare your mind for any outcome.

3. Don’t appear desperate

As you’re making efforts on how to get your ex girlfriend back, you need to keep it moderate. Don’t be too serious about it. You may appear desperate and this would be a turn off for her. Let all your texts and calls be as moderate as possible.

Don’t complain too much about her nonchalance. She might be testing your patience and tolerance. Argue little and listen more. 

4. Be Jovial and playful always

Girls are more attracted to funny guys than other guys. They feel comfortable around funny and playful guys. If you’re funny and playful, you have a higher chance of winning the heart of your dream girl.

While trying to get your ex girlfriend back, be ready to crack funny jokes. If you don’t know how to be funny, you have to take some classes. Be jovial always. Making her laugh should be your priority. With this, she’d easily get attracted to you once again.

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5. Be honest and sincere

You know you have a punctured reputation before your ex-girlfriend. There are still memories of your betrayal. It would be difficult to rebuild the trust she had in you. 

You have to be very honest and sincere during this second attempt. Don’t try to manipulate her. Be very honest with your promises and offers. This is one more reason why you have to be practical.

Don’t just make empty promises. Start showing her how much you have changed. Convince her that you are ready to take care of her. Let her see the sincerity in your words. She has suffered a heartbreak, don’t give her reasons to start imagining it again.

6. Let your new relationship be built upon friendship 

Start by being friends with her. Let your new relationship with her be built upon friendship. It would be easy for her to accept since you’re friends already. During this friendship, make sure you’re always there for her.

How to get your ex girlfriend back

7. Work on yourself

Don’t meet her as you were when she left. Entice her with your latest achievements. She would be more fascinated about you, if you have something new about you. She’s probably used to your old personality. She might not easily get attracted if you did improve.

The improvement could be in your career, your job, your house or other luxuries. No matter where, just try and get some achievements. Improve your personality and your dressing also. She would easily see you as a new person and evaluate you differently.

8. Get close to her friends

Friends can easily influence our thoughts and decisions. We don’t joke with the opinions of our friends and families.

Get close enough to her friends. Let them know how ready you are to make amends. Convince them that you’ve regretted your past. It would be easier for your ex-girlfriend to believe you if her friends are already convinced about you.

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9. Don’t give up easily

Don’t allow yourself to be swayed by her formalities and postponements. Tolerate them all and even more. It is just a question of time before you succeed.

10. Be yourself

Don’t fake anything. Maintain your personality. Let her know on time, who she’d be dealing with.

What Can I Say To My Ex Girlfriend To Get Her Back?

Your ex-girlfriend has probably heard such from you. You need to do little talking and more action. Let her see the things you wish to say in your actions. If you continue to entice her with your words, she’d get used to them and they’d become boring. Let her feel more of your actions. She can’t get bored by your care, time, resources and attention.

Can A Girl Get Feelings For You Again?

Yes and no. Yes, if she had not met someone better. No, if she has no more reason to remember you. If a girl is yet to completely get you off her mind, because there’s no other person to feel the vacuum.

She might start nurturing feelings for you again. But if someone better shows her what sincerity, honesty and love really mean, she may not have any reason to have feelings for you again.

Do Ex Girlfriends Come Back?

Yes. Ex girlfriends do come back but not quite often. Girls find it very difficult to move on. But once they do, that could be the end. Research has shown that only 29% of girls get back to their ex boyfriends.


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