11 Things That Happen When A Woman Loses Interest In A Man

Things That Happen When A Woman Loses Interest In A Man

Losing interest in a man they once cherished, is something every lady wouldn’t like to wish for. Despite how much some try, they end up seeing enough reasons to detest a man they once loved.

It could happen at any stage of a relationship. Whether at the dating period or in marriage. Though it is more convenient to lose interest while still at the early days of the relationship, than losing interest when you’ve fully committed.

It would be very easy to get yourself together, if found yourself losing interest in the early stages of the relationship. This is very much unlikely if you’ve already committed yourself through marital vows. The stress of getting a divorce and trying to secure a better landing for the kids, could be challenging. 

When a woman loses interest in a man

This is the major reason why women are advised to objectively evaluate their men, before committing to any relationship. It would save them the stress of getting into an avoidable dilemma. 

Unfortunately, despite the rigorous process of dating and courtship, some women end up losing interest in their man. Once they’ve taken this decision, it would be very difficult for their partners to figure them out. However, we’ve uncovered 12 things one should expect whenever a woman loses interest.

10 Things That Happen When A Woman Loses Interest In A Man

1. She stops missing you

When your woman loses interest in you, she’d be comfortable without you. You’re absence would be a reprieve for her. She begins to yearn for your absence. Every minute you spend without her, is so much cherished by her.

You wouldn’t see again her calls to check on you, when you’ve spent some minutes beyond your scheduled time to return home. She care less about your plans. She no longer complain about not seeing your early morning texts. She wouldn’t confront you for not waking her up with a peck. 

2. She becomes less affectionate 

Prior to this moment, she’d always come around when you’re engulfed with presentations and work. She’d try very well to ease your stress. Your discomfort is also her discomfort. She’d comfortably share in your stress.

Once she loses interest, you wouldn’t see again a glimpse of these affectionate gestures. You can spend eternity in your study without her sparing you a glance. She’d pass you without thinking of spanking you or hitting you playfully. Those random hugs and k**ses would go into extinction.

3. She prioritizes friends

Instead of spending her summer holiday with you, she’d arrange an “all girls” vacation trip with her friends. Her world begins to revolve around her friends. Every of her decision becomes influenced by her friends’ opinions instead of yours’.

Instead of having a dinner date with you, she’d instead fix one with her friends. Situations where you’re supposed to appear, are taken over by her friends. She spends her evening chatting with them and begins her morning with a facetime with her friends. Just know she’d lost interest in you.

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4. Electronics become her companion

She could spend all day surfing the internet and replying social media messages. This is just in attempt to avoid you and your talks. Once she loses interest in you, social media chats are prioritized over your discussions.

Even if you manage to get her into the discussion, she’d quickly run it off to concentrate on her cell phones. She doesn’t care anymore if you’re around or not. She’s already comfortable with the companionship from her electronics.

When a woman loses interest in a man

5. She makes no attempt to change

Ordinarily, every woman would be poised to make changes for the growth of the relationship. They’d easily adjust themselves to maintain the relationship. But, if she begins to lose interest, making changes becomes difficult and impossible.

Everything you complain about is intentionally repeated. They no more go the extra mile to make you happy. You can complain all day without getting a reaction from her.

6. She avoids arguments and conflicts

If a woman is in love, she enjoys every argument with her man. She’d intentionally start it up just to have your attention. Unnecessary and momentary conflicts would be part of the experience. She believes every month spent with you is worthwhile.

But, if she loses interest in you, she avoids you like a plague. Your arguments become a disturbance. She easily give up once there’s an argument. Because she’s not ready to hear more of your voice. 

7. She no longer goes the extra mile to make you happy

When a woman loses interest in a man, she stops displeasing herself to please him. Every woman wants the best for his man. She can sacrifice her salary just to get him the perfect birthday. She spends on him. Make sure he looks dashing for his presentations at work.

Such privileges would be seized once she loses interest in you. She would no longer go out of her way to make you happy. She’s very much comfortable with anything you do. She cares less about how to improve your business, dressing and career.

8. You become just a friend to her

When a woman loses interest in a man, she falls out of love. She sees as one of her many casual friends. All emotional attachments are withdrawn and every care is suspended. She is no longer in love with you, she just likes you.

Her discussions with you are just like her many discussions with her friends. There’s no longer special attention when you’re talking. The enthusiasm with which she listens to you, fades fastly away. Her greetings would be devoid of any intimacy. Just like two sharing an apartment.

 9. She stops being playful

When she’s smitten with you, you’d see her hitting your chest often. You’d see her pricking your hair or pinching your skin playfully. You’d see her block your way because you did not k**s her. These are her playful antics to show her attraction towards you.

You would no longer see any of these playful antics if she loses interest in you. She becomes very mean whenever you’re around. 

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10. Intercourse becomes a burden

If she loses interest in you, love making becomes a burden. Instead of an emotional bliss, it turns into a stressful encounter. She’s no more interested in having any intercourse with you.

When a woman loses interest in a man

Is It Normal To Lose Interest In Your Partner?

Yes. It is very normal to lose interest in your partner. Man is dynamic. There are qualities that made you fall in love with your partner. Once these qualities begin to fade away, your interest would likely fade away with them. It is very recommended to allow your partner know exactly who you are. This would enable them evaluate themselves and decide if you’re worth giving a chance.

How Do I Get Her Interest In Me Again?

There’s no proven strategy on how to win back the interest of your partner. But, the best bait is to have a heart-to-heart discussion with her and identify her reasons. You can quickly adjust yourself and eschew those behavioural patterns that got her disinterested. Start giving her more attention and increase your care towards her.

What To Do If A Girl Is Not Interested In You?

She has her reasons for not being interested in you. The best you could do is to respect her decision and space. Don’t bore her with so much talks. Just move on with your life and check out other options. Research has shown that coercing people into love through persuasion, does not produce the best relationships.

Why Do Girls Lose Interest?

There are a plethora of reasons why women lose interest in their men. Irrespective of the stage of the relationship, the reality is that once these reasons begin to surface, losing interest would become inevitable.

1. Failed promises

Please do not make promises if you’re not ready to fulfill them. Failing to fulfill your promises is an easy route to make your partner distrustful of you. Don’t make empty promises. Be ready to make things up to her. 

She would certainly get tired of your failed promises and would begin to get disinterested.

2. Cheating

Cheating is intolerable. Despite the love and understanding, cheating is enough to get things messy. It leaves your woman with an emotional and psychological trauma that may get her into depression.

The best thing to avoid getting heartbroken, is to forget about you. They begin to assume you were never in the picture. Plans for a life without you begins earnestly. Cheating is a major reason why girls lose interest.

3. You stopped caring about her

If you don’t want her to lose interest in you, you need to be there for her always. Don’t stop caring about it. You’d make her feel deceived. Make sure you entertain her always with your jokes.

Lack of care necessitates loss of interest. If you stop caring about her, she will stop thinking of you. She may find little or no reason to miss you. 

4. Change in character

This usually happens when you live a fake lifestyle just to lure a girl into dating or marrying you. We all know that twerking our lifestyle is something we can not do for a long time. Once we’re tired of being fake, our true personality would surface.

This would create a problem for you and your partner. She would be forced to come to terms with your new personality. If eventually she couldn’t accommodate it, she would begin to lose interest.

Because you’re no longer the person she fell in love with. Your consistency would orchestrate her lack of interest in you.

5. Lack of Respect

If your woman loses interest in you, check very well, you might have disrespected her often. Lack of respect is very disastrous to any intimate relationship. Women easily get disinterested in a man that disrespects them often. 

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