I Feel Unsatisfied With My Life: Here Are The Causes And What To Do

Wait. You are not the only one on this train. A lot of people have been in this train, some are currently in this train and others would also join the train. It is part of human nature to have anxiety, get depressed, feel empty or worthless.

You do not have to consider the extreme option because your life seems to be falling apart. I understand you may no longer have reasons to live, you have lost focus, you are not seeing improvement despite your efforts. These dynamics could be painfully overwhelming. 

Especially when you see your mates doing exploits while you are still stuck in the ground floor of your career. You try an intimate relationship but you end up getting your heart shattered.

Unsettled bills are piling up here and there. The feeling of emptiness gradually creeps in and begins to question your existence. 

I feel unsatisfied with my life becomes your only thought. If you are at this point, we have some good news for you; “you’ll soon get over it.” 

To help you navigate through this stage of “I feel unsatisfied with my life,” we have identified the major reasons why you feel your life is not worth living.

Why do I feel unsatisfied

5 Major Reasons Why You Say “I feel unsatisfied with my life.”

These telltale reasons have been identified as the primary enablers of depression. If you see your life in this trajectory, there are tendencies you are depressed or you would soon get depressed. Check them out and know where to fix up.

1. Relationship fallouts

Keeping a healthy intimate relationship has been identified as a viable means to escape the shackles of loneliness. Such a relationship helps you keep up with the stress from your job, families and challenges in navigating your career.

However, when your intimate relationship is always falling apart and your heart is always broken, you’re susceptible to depression. 

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You tend to think much about yourself. A lot of questions on your self esteem keeps you busy and heartbroken. You can not easily figure out why your significant others are not getting committed.

These shakes in your relationships can affect your views about life in general and can make you say; “I feel unsatisfied with my life.”

2. Uncertain career path

Growing up, the two major challenges remain navigating your career path and building a stable intimate relationship. The former could be very difficult because of the uncertainties. 

A lot of factors are in play and strategically working against your odds. You have to make a firm choice amidst these challenges and in a given timeframe. When the career path has not been figured out, many youths seem unsatisfied with their lives. 

They feel the absence of a purpose to live by and are often engrossed with fleeting pleasures as a coping mechanism. The emptiness associated with this stage often leads to depression and the thoughts of; “I feel unsatisfied with my life.”

3. Stressful events

Another reason why you’re saying; I feel unsatisfied with my life is because of the unhappy events that have happened to you. 

It could be the bereavement of a loved one, a betrayal by a trusted ally, job loss or even illness. These events can happen to anyone but what matters most is the circumstances surrounding their occurrence.

There are stages in life when the bereavement of a loved one could be shattering enough to dampen the future. When these stressful events occur, it impacts the general well-being. 

And if a therapist is not quickly contacted, the thoughts of these events are enough to send one into depression.

I feel unsatisfied with my life

4. Alcohol and drug abuse

Coping mechanisms are reliable means to bypass tension and manage stress. But the challenge is about the type of coping mechanism applied one is going through a lot. 

If one engages in some maladaptive coping mechanisms like excessive alcohol intake and drug abuse, there would be poor mental health outcomes.

Alcohol and drug abuse are unreliable coping mechanisms as they only sedate the mind for some moments and expose it to a more severe pain and tension when the intoxicants dissipate.

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And the resulting effect would be addiction as one continues to search for means to escape the pain and mental stress.

This addiction often leads to depression and personality challenges. 

5. Low self esteem

Low self esteem is what you think about yourself. Your own opinions about you. These opinions are negative as there is a lack of confidence. You have courage to believe in yourself and often blame yourself for almost every sad event. 

With low self esteem, you compare yourself to your peers and consider yourself a failure. You use bad words like ugly, unintelligent, fat, poor on yourself. 

There is no courage to try out new things or even leave the abusive relationship because you believe you don’t deserve better. 

If you’re still wondering; why do I feel unsatisfied with my life? Check your self esteem. 

I feel unsatisfied with my life

Measures To Avoid Saying “I Feel Unsatisfied With My Life”

Having detailed the causes of this ill feeling, it behooves us to assist you in your recovery plans. First, you have to remind yourself that this is only a stage, a transient one and in no distant time you’ll have it figured out.

With this in mind, you can go through our recommendations and kick-start your recovery.

1. The break-up is not the end of life

If you have yourself emotionally cycled because of your significant other break-up with you, it is time to loosen up and explore. 

The dating pool is very much open with better options. At the moment, it may seem your ex is the best, but you’d be surprised by the number of good options out there. 

When God Wants You With Someone, This Will Happen

Don’t allow the heartbreak to bring you down. Mingle more with your friends, talk frequently with your family and give more time to your hobbies. This coping mechanism would be enough to keep depression very far away from you.

2. Be decisive about your career 

This could be very challenging if you have many options or many potentials. The first thing to do is to narrow down your goals and general purpose, which starts with talent discovery.

You may excel in your endeavors but the inner fulfillment would be missing if you have not explored your talents. This brings imbalance in your corporate life. 

Figure out your talent and if possible, make it your hobby. If it needs formal education, do well to get it. We have sensational novelists who have medical degrees. There are quintessential lawyers who are tech experts. 

Once you have discovered your talent, you would have solved 80% of your career challenges. 

3. Use adaptive coping mechanisms

Adaptive coping mechanisms or strategies are ways to mitigate stress or tension in a healthy way. Examples include venting, seeing a therapist, talking with friends, hitting the gym, focusing on your career, among others.

These types of coping mechanisms help to build emotional resilience and mental stability. With this method, you can navigate through any stress or tension without endangering your mental health.

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To avoid getting more depressed, desist from maladaptive coping mechanisms like excessive alcohol and drug abuse. This method would only postpone your pains and stress. It doesn’t solve the problems head-on and instead, creates more health challenges.

Applying adaptive coping mechanisms would enable you to avoid questions like; why do I feel unsatisfied with my life?

I feel unsatisfied with my life

4. Visit a therapist

If you have explored these options and somehow, the problem persists, you then need to consult a professional therapist. 


“I feel unsatisfied with my life” is a natural thought when things are not falling in place as you wished. 

There are reasons for these emotional situations which include low self esteem, break-up, unclear career path, and others. 

When you have figured out the primary source of unhappiness, follow our recovery plan and get yourself out of the shackles of depression. You can as well visit a therapist if you continue to ask why I feel unsatisfied with my life.

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