Why do men find pregnant women attractive? 8 Telltale Reasons

Men have continued to confess how attracted they are to their pregnant partners. There is something about pregnancy that makes men go crazy about pregnant ladies. 

In an interview with some pregnant women, a good number of them revealed how their male advances tripled. 80% of men at work were always making compliments while there are 20% who are interested in hitting.

As a single pregnant lady, you have to vet such advances closely and figure out those with genuine desires and those who are merely infatuated because of your pregnancy.  It may sound weird, but many men are attracted to pregnant women. 

This intimate dynamic leads to the question: why do men find pregnant women attractive? We have identified the major reasons that would address your curiosity.

Why do men find pregnant women attractive

Why Do Men Find Pregnant Women Attractive? 8 Telltale Reasons

1. Changes in physical appearance

Pregnancy comes with a lot of hormonal dynamics. A pregnant body oozes fertility and has a lot of flesh in the right places. Aside from making women curvaceous, it also unveils the natural beauty. 

The breasts become larger and fuller, the butt becomes bigger, the nipples stand out and appear darker, the thighs become thicker.

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Despite the ups and downs of having a new life growing inside, pregnant women manage to radiate inexplicable beauty without make ups. These changes are found attractive by women.

2. Competition

Men are not just territorial but very competitive in nature. They have the tendency to establish dominance in any situation or circumstance. It is the natural instinct of men to compete even for the weirdest reasons. 

This competitiveness is what fuels their interest and desire for a woman. Even when she’s with another man, men would also like to snatch her away as a means to announce their superiority and massage their egos.

This personality construct is also extended to pregnant women. They have the desire to compete for this rare treasure with a new life inside her. This is a means to show their competitive capabilities. 

Why do men find pregnant women attractive

3. It instills a sense of responsibility

Getting attracted to pregnant women is another avenue through which men announce their responsibility tendencies. They know a pregnant woman needs a lot of assistance and they joyfully insert themselves into her world.

Irrespective of the owner of the pregnancy, men have a soft spot for pregnant women and do not hesitate to assist. 

We have seen sweet scenarios when men accompany their pregnant partners for antenatal. The errands they do and stuff are in their own way a mark of responsibility.

Why do men find pregnant women attractive?

4. Protection

When a woman is carrying a man’s child, it becomes the automatic responsibility of the man to protect the woman. This is a natural arrangement. 

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This overly protective nature is often interpreted as being attracted to pregnant women. He wants to assure her of his active presence and give her the mindset that he’d always be there for her.

5. Loyalty

Carrying someone’s baby is a mark of loyalty to the person. When a woman is carrying your child, she is covertly pronouncing her loyalty to you. This virtue is found attractive by some men. 

They wish to have a taste of this undivided loyalty and submission. It is very rare to hear about pregnant women cheating on their partners. This is a reality that keeps her man so much attracted to her.

Why do men find pregnant women attractive

6. The sacrifice she makes

Men are aware of the sacrifices made by a pregnant woman. They know she’s sacrificing her banging body for pregnancy. And she is carrying his heir. 

Aside from sacrificing her body, the pregnant woman would also sacrifice her cravings and follow doctor’s recommendations. Everything she does is for the development of the baby. 

These sacrifices make the man indebted and it manifests in the form of attraction.

7. Fertility

There’s no other obvious means to confirm fertility aside from pregnancy. When a woman takes in, she has announced her fertility and has identified herself as a nurturer.

Especially in these recent times when contraceptives have taken over and many women consider surrogacy as a better option.

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Why do men find pregnant women attractive?

Carrying a baby is a brave act and embodiment of the feminine power. This feminity is found very attractive by men.

8. A confident aura

If you’re still asking why do men find pregnant women attractive? Understand that pregnant women exude confidence. They have this glow that underlines their confidence.

Despite paying little to no attention about how they look, pregnant women still manage to command respect with their confidence.


Why would a man be attracted to a pregnant woman?

Because, a pregnant woman has a full and attractive body with the right curves. Aside from this, a pregnant woman has announced her fertility and has this confident aura around her. She carries herself with respect, knowing very well her loyalty to her man is admired by many men.

Do men find pregnant bodies attractive?

Yes, they do. Pregnant body undergoes a lot of physical changes which make the breasts larger and fuller, the butt bigger, the nipples darker and the thighs thicker. These features are almost irresistible by men and hence they trigger the attraction to pregnant bodies. 

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How should a man act when his girlfriend is pregnant?

The man has to step up and take responsibility. It is his duty to protect his pregnant girlfriend and see to the availability of her cravings. He has to accommodate her mood swings as it is her first time carrying a baby. The man has to assure her of his presence and support at all times.

Bottom Line

From the foregoing, we have detailed the reasons to the question: why do men find pregnant women attractive. 

From her full body through her confidence to her loyalty, the features abound that makes a pregnant woman attractive. 

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