I Hate My Wife: 9 Reasons Why You May Resent Your Wife

Intimate relationship is a rollercoaster journey with many ups and downs. It is not always rosy and easy as it may always be in the beginning of the affair. There are bound to be phases or moments when you run into the thought of “I hate my wife.” Such thoughts are normal and could always come up as the relationship progresses.

Perhaps, there are changes you notice recently in your wife. Such changes are capable of fueling resentment towards your wife. However, your wife remains your soulmate and your only significant other. It is expected that you should explore nontoxic alternatives to issues that bring up the thought of “I hate my wife.” 

Meanwhile, it’s still a mystery to young lovers that a husband can actually detest his wife. Some even ask if it is truly normal to hate your wife.

I hate my wife

Is It Normal To Not Love Your Wife?

There are two major phases of long-term intimate relationships. The first phase is when you just started a relationship with your partner. During these moments, everything she does is cherished and honored by you.

You effortlessly notice a lot of her amiable qualities that keep you always attracted to her. Her amazing body size, her innocent gaze and the frequent nudges seem very exciting.

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However, as the affair progresses and you approach the second phase of the relationship, you’d begin to witness some challenges. The intensity of your attraction towards her begins to nosedive. There would come up moments when you feel sad, disappointed, horrible, and frustrated by her actions.

If you don’t revisit the talking stage, these ugly experiences may override whatever beautiful you shared in the past.

There are even possibilities that you’re the cause why you think “I hate my wife.” You may have changed in the long run without carrying your wife along. These unnoticed and salient changes breed incompatibility and a series of unmet expectations.

You have developed a new perception about general views and how you think about things entirely. Your wife may not be aware of these changes and may not be able to meet up with your changing attitudes and expectations.

Aside from this, there are other major reasons why you may develop hatred for your wife. 

I Hate My Wife: 10 Reasons Why You Hate Your Wife

1. She Nags A Lot

It is very tiring and frustrating to stay under the same roof with a nagging woman. Your peace of mind would be steadily threatened and your mental health jeopardized. Despite your honest efforts to meet up with the demands of your wife and children, she remains unappreciative and unsatisfied.

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When you return home after a very long day at your workplace, you anticipate peace. Instead, she makes the home uncomfortable with her numerous complaints. Such hurtful behavior is capable of making you hate her.

I hate my wife

2. She’s Fights With You

Marriage is not a bed of roses, there are bound to be moments of contradicting interests. These moments may witness some heated arguments or fights. It becomes a big concern when her arguments and fights are becoming too frequent to the extent of creating a pattern. 

Why do I hate my wife? Assuming you forgot to fix something in the house. Instead of reminding you, she resorts to calling you names and verbal abuse. She is easily offended and doesn’t hesitate to remind you how bad you are. You can easily despise such a wife.

3. She’s Very Stingy

Marriage is all about honest sacrifices for each other. Partners should selflessly and equally contribute to the growth of the marriage. It becomes a challenge when the efforts are one-sided. Such a situation causes frustration and disappointment. 

She may not contribute wholeheartedly to the relationship while prioritizing her personal affairs. Even in finances, she expects you to foot the bills and also take care of her personal expenses. If a reasonable sharing formula is not adopted in time, you end up resenting your wife.

4. She Starves You Of Physical Intimacy

Why do I hate my wife? Check your sex life. 

Without doubt, physical intimacy is the backbone of long-term relationships. A marriage with a boring sexlife is susceptible to challenges and emotional breakdown. It is understandable if your wife fails to fulfill her wifey obligations because of stress.

You can assist her and show your unwavering support and empathy. But unfortunately if the deprivation of physical intimacy becomes a pattern, it can be frustrating and you may begin to resent her.

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5. She Is Reluctant In Taking Corrections

Is your wife always finding excuses to justify her actions? She has a mindset that she’s always right and can never be corrected. All her actions are deemed right and necessary by her. 

It is very difficult staying in a long-term relationship with someone who can’t admit her mistakes or even make corrections. Nobody is perfect and that’s why there’s room for improvement in intimate relationships. 

Instead your wife sees herself as a perfect person. She rarely apologizes, instead she gaslights into thinking you’re the person with too much expectations. Such behavior could trigger your resentment towards your wife.

I hate my wife

6. She gives you the cold shoulder

Conflicts and misunderstandings are unavoidable in long-term relationships. What matters most is the conflict resolution mechanics. Such differences can be solved through a dialogue or heart-to-heart discussion. 

However, instead of exploring these options to resolve your differences, your wife resorts to giving you the cold shoulder. This attitude is frustrating and could affect your mental health. 

The silent treatment becomes toxic and abusive when it is overused. It could cause serious damage to the relationship and result in a breakdown of communication. If your wife is always giving you the silent treatment, you would always find yourself thinking “why I hate my wife.”

7. Lack of respect

In non Female Led Relationships (FDR), submission is very important. There’s a need for mutual respect from the couples. If your wife doesn’t respect you, it would be enough to trigger your hatred towards her.

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For instance, there are big decisions she’s expected to inform you before taking. Decisions on your child’s school, her career switch, buying expensive things, or planning your summer vacation. Taking such decisions without seeking your opinion is disrespectful.

8. She does not have time anymore for emotional needs

Higher physical affection is equal to more satisfaction in relationships. Affection is a much needed tool to keep the relationship going. However, it is very unfortunate that your wife may have to prioritize her new job, your baby, to the extent of neglecting your emotional needs.

Such neglect could also trigger your resentment towards your wife.

9. She spends her time on her phones and other devices

If your wife finds it more appealing to spend more time on her devices than talking with you, you would likely begin to ask “why I hate my wife” in the long run.

Spending quality time with the family is an effective means to build affection and create solid communication patterns. If your wife prefers spending such quality time on her devices, you would end up resenting her.

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If your wife is always emotionally unavailable to you, you would later end up asking “why do I hate my wife.” Marriage is not a bed of roses and requires frequent sacrifices, communication, adjustments, affection and strong physical intimacy to keep it going. 

Finding your wife wanting in any of these is enough reason to develop hatred towards her. However, if you notice you’re begining to hate your wife, you have to call her attention and talk things through with her. Try to bring to her notice the attitudes that don’t sit well with you. 

You can as well visit a marriage counselor if the situation is becoming tense and toxic. A professional counselor would see reasons why you hate your wife and offer you a guide to direct the problems.

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