Why Do I Still Think About My Ex? Here Are The Reasons

You have called it quits with your ex but you’re struggling to get him or her off your mind. The memory of the good old moments keep replaying in your head. Everything around you reminds you of your former significant other.

You now ponder; why do I still think about my ex? You have to understand that it is normal to think about someone you loved deeply and planned a future together.

The challenge is that such thoughts would impede productivity and entail an emotional rollercoaster.

If you notice you’re thinking frequently about your ex, you have to work on your emotions and put such feelings aside. Your ex has gone their way and is probably enjoying another relationship. Why then waste your energy thinking about them?

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We know it might be difficult to get them off your mind but it is still possible and very necessary. In this article, we have identified the major reasons why you’re still thinking about your ex.

You’d certainly get the needed answer to your question of why do I still think about my ex.

Why do I still think about my ex

Why Do I Think About My Ex? 8 Possible Reasons 

1. They were probably your first true love

Letting go of a first love could be so difficult. This was someone who shared your first intimacy with, someone you shared your first relationship with, someone you probably shared your first kiss with…

These memories are held precisely because they are the first of their kind. Efforts to move on a heartbreak with your significant other would be truncated by these memories.

You’d think no other person would be as good as your first significant other. But that’s not true – there are a lot of people out there who are willing to love you more than your ex. 

2. The sacrifices they made for you

We can easily forget someone but not what we benefited from them. You can’t easily let go of the sacrifices they have made for you because you have subconsciously gotten used to such dynamics.

As a lady, you were in a relationship where your ex takes care of your entire bills and in your new relationship, your significant other doesn’t even bother about your personal expenses, you’d certainly think about the good old times in your previous relationships. 

You remember the sacrifices of your ex as you struggle to cope in your new relationship. 

Why do I still think about my ex

Why do I still think about my ex?

3. You’re not busy

There’s a traditional saying that “an idle mind is the devil’s workshop.” When you don’t have something to do or a skill to keep you busy, the brain would scan through its archive to produce lively memories for these idle moments.

You’re thinking about your ex because your days are so free and devoid of any stress. 

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When you’re really busy, your thoughts would mainly be on your work and you’d have little to spare for an ex.

4. Their performance in bed

Why do I still think about my ex? Maybe, you had a wonderful intimate experience with them.

When you remember your fulfilled fantasies and mind-blowing intimacy, you can’t help but spare them a thought.

5. You have not gotten a better replacement

The pains of heartbreak are not readily felt after the news of the breakup, the pains take time to build up and apparently peaks at the moment when you realize the difficulty in replacing them.

When you meet people who are not as good as your ex, you’d find it inevitable to think about them and might also consider a second stint with them.

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6. Your ex is still on your socials

You can’t avoid thinking about someone whose Instagram snaps you see everyday. If you’re seeing your ex’s WhatsApp statuses, you’d inevitably think about them and it would be a matter of time before you slid into their DM.

You can avoid thinking about your ex by removing and blocking them across all your social media handles. There’s no way you can not think of someone whose pictures you see everyday.

7. You’re still visiting places where you spent time with your ex

Why do I still think about my ex? Because you are still visiting the coffee shop, parks, malls and other places where you and your ex shared some moments together.

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Once you step into such places, the first line of thought would be the last time you visited there with your ex. Such memories at awkward moments are capable of ruining your entire day.

You have to avoid such places until you know you have completely adapted to the new realities.

8. Mutual friends

Mutual friends are a kind of connection between two partners. These friends know how the relationship started and witnessed your romantic gestures. 

When you’re done with your ex, just the face of these friends would remind you of your ex. In most cases, such mutual friends are implored to broker peace in a tumultuous relationship.

You’re probably thinking about your ex because you have a lot of mutual friends around you.

People make time for what they want


It could be difficult to forget your ex but thinking about them should be to only the extent where it would not endanger your emotional safety.

Nobody is too special to be replaced. When you find out you’re still struggling to get over your ex, also start making arrangements for their replacements.

We have identified the reasons why you’re still thinking about your ex. We recommend you visit a therapist for adequate emotional support.

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