10 Ideas On How To Make Your Boyfriend Obsessed With You – he’ll beg to be kept

Hello ladies!

Are you already wondering why it has been difficult to get that young man so obsessed with you? Perhaps, he’s in love with you but he’s not really invested into the relationship as you need.

First, you have to understand that it is very easy to get the attention of a man than his commitment. A guy can be so crazy about you during the first days or weeks of the relationship, that is during the honeymoon phase.

But when he begins to get so close and acquainted with you, his commitment would begin to fade. 

It is very easy to get the attention of a man but it is always difficult to get him committed. This is exactly where the challenge comes in and we know you’re already asking; how do I keep him committed to the relationship during the post honeymoon phase?

Because this is the stage where you need him most. You’re already into him and suddenly he begins to reduce the late night calls, no more early morning texts, no more romantic dates unless you fix one, no more surprises and other signs of diminished interest. 

You don’t have to idle about and watch your dream man sleep away. Because, changing men won’t solve the problem as it is obtainable in almost every man.

You have to stay put and use these surefire tricks on how to make your boyfriend obsessed with you. 

How to make your boyfriend obsessed with you

15 Ways On How To Make Your Boyfriend Obsessed With You

1. Be Supportive To Him

You shouldn’t be at the receiving end always. Go out of your way and create an unforgettable impression. Insert yourself into his plans, dreams and aspirations. Help him build his career.

He won’t only be obsessed with you, he’d be dependent on you. Without you, he’d be helpless. 

Remember, you don’t have to buy the entire world to show support. It could be a random visit to his study when he’s working on a presentation. Don’t allow him to run into debt while trying to fund your lifestyle. Understand his finances and make necessary adjustments.

2. How To Make Your Boyfriend Obsessed With You? Don’t Nag

As a hardworking man, your boyfriend is probably going through a lot. The stress at the workplace, meeting up with family demands, keeping focused on his career, developing his hobby, among others are too much stress for him.

You don’t have to salt the injury by nagging him to depression. 

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Make his house a home for him and a place he’d be running to for refuge. Be kind to him and show him compassion and empathy. 

Put yourself in his shoes and imagine what he’s going through to create a better tomorrow for you two. There are times you might be upset because of his attitude, perhaps he failed to meet up for the dinner date.

You have every reason to be angry but bringing down the roof with your nagging won’t solve the problem.

Have a heart-to-heart talk with him and let him understand your pain. If he’s really into you, he would be remorseful and genuine attempts to right his wrongs. 

3. Don’t Stop Improving And Becoming Better

Being attractive to your man is a continuous adventure. Don’t relax because he’s fallen for you and lose those charms that got him on his knees. When those charms are lost, he’d certainly get up and look elsewhere.

When you already have his attention, retain it and keep it as much as long as you want him to be obsessed with you. 

How to make your boyfriend obsessed with you? Continue to grow and improve. Develop yourself, your career and your body. Create more value and let him know you’re still the best option out there. 

How to make your boyfriend obsessed with you

4. Don’t Always Make Yourself Available

Still wondering how to make your boyfriend obsessed with you? Utilizing the power of absence is another potent approach. 

But this approach can only work when you’ve created an impression that’d make your absence easily noticed. If you use this approach when he’s still not yet into you, you may just be kissing goodbye to your new relationship. 

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But we trust your qualities and believe you have what it takes to make that impression. 

Now that you’ve created a picture of yourself in his memory, you have to disappear a little and let him miss you. Take his calls and reply to his texts but always give him genuine reasons why you can’t meet him. Let him know you have tasks to do at your workplace and you have presentations on a tight schedule. 

He’d be so eager to see you and every minute you spare to be with him would be cherished so much. 

5. Appreciate His Kind Gestures

Gratitude doesn’t only matter when charity is done, it is also important in your relationship. Do away with entitlement mentality and understand the efforts your significant other must have put in place to please you. 

If you’re thinking of how to make your boyfriend obsessed with you, appreciate everything he does for you, no matter how little. Don’t think you deserve it because you’re his woman. Appreciate him and watch him do more for you. 

If you’re wondering how best to show appreciation in a relationship, we’ve got few ideas for you.

Appreciation in words:

  1. “Thanks sweetie, I never knew you loved me this much. I can’t imagine you went this far to make my birthday a bliss.”
  2. “Awwwn… you’re the best darling ever. I feel you searched my mind before getting this gift. I really love it. Thank you.”
  3. “Oh my Gosh! We’re going on a vacation?! I never expected this. Woow! I have been longing to visit that beach. I’ll choose as my man ever and ever again.”

Such wonderful and soothing words would make him committed to the relationship and always eager to surprise you. 

You can also return his kind gesture with a kind gesture as well. If he gets you a new phone, you can as well surprise him the next weekend with a pair of shoes. Make that effort and you won’t ask again how to make your boyfriend obsessed with you.

6. Be A Romantic Girlfriend

How to make your boyfriend obsessed with you? Don’t leave the romantic duties for him alone. Be playful around him and talk dirty. You don’t have to be shy, you’re with your man. 

Tell him those naughty things you’ve imagined in your head and watch him giggle in excitement. 

Surprise him with a random kiss, a hug from behind, a nudge when you cross paths, make a face and ask him to kiss your forehead before you laugh, whisper into his ears and lock eyes with him intermittently.

These are things that would make it difficult for him to stay without you. 

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7. Keep Yourself Attractive

Please, you’re with your boyfriend and not your pastor. You have to spice things up in your relationship. Get those alluring lingeries and undies that would glorify your body. Wear them frequently and capture his attention. 

Those images would be registered in his memory and he would find it difficult to get along with another woman. 

Work out always and have your shape in check. He wouldn’t get tired of having you around because he can’t get enough of your beauty and sexiness.

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8. Improve Your Skills In The Bedroom

How to make your boyfriend obsessed with you? Be adventurous in the bedroom. Don’t allow him to predict your moves in the bedroom or he’d quickly get used to it. 

Be dynamic when you’re in the bedroom. Feed his fantasies and make him create more fantasies. 

Take control of the process and dictate what to do and how to do it. Instruct him on where you want to be touched. Initiate intimacy and remove the burden from him. Don’t allow him to be needy. Change styles when you’re at it and find out if he’s got some fetishes you can cope with.

9. Extend Your Love To His Family And Friends

Family and friends can make or mar your relationship. When you love him, love his family and friends as well. You don’t have to be at loggerheads with his closest associates if you really want him to be obsessed with you.

10. Surprise Him

You shouldn’t only be unpredictable in the bedroom, you have to be unpredictable in almost everything. Surprise him always. 

How to make your boyfriend obsessed with you? Utilize the surprise tool. It could be getting him that device he craves so much for, you might prepare his favorite dish without him asking, pay him a surprise visit at his workplace, fix a date and take care of the bills.

Surprises would make your significant other very curious when around you. Feed his curiosity and also create more curiosity with your dynamism.


What Are The Signs When A Man Is Obsessed With You

If you’ve applied the ideas on how to make your boyfriend obsessed with you, you’d probably watch out for signs of this obsession to know if your strategy worked.

First, when your boyfriend is obsessed with you, he’d be eager to hear from you every minute, every hour, every day. There’s nothing like being too busy in his schedule. He’d be readily available for you.

When he’s obsessed with you, he makes efforts to improve your career and help you out with your goals and aspirations. He’d be glad to be part of the process.

If he’s obsessed with you, you’d notice his deep concern towards your family. He takes them as his own and reaches out to them as frequently as possible.

You don’t have to ask much before he fulfills your request. Because your happiness matters much to him, he’d always make honest efforts to put smiles on your face always.

More so, when he’s obsessed with you, other girls become unattractive. There’s nothing they can do to get his attention because you’ve already got the charms. He would not cheat on you.

Bottom Line

It is very necessary to figure out how to make your boyfriend obsessed with you. We’ve identified the needed strategies required to keep him committed to the relationship. Apply these strategies and watch him beg for your presence. Meanwhile, you have to be sure that mutual desire has been established.

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