10 Signs Your Girlfriend Isn’t Sexually Attracted And What You Must Do To You

In relationship, there is a honeymoon stage where the mutual interest and desire is highest. At this stage, you’d notice a deep and genuine connection between you and your significant other. 

This deep connection transcends to deep sexual intimacy. The frequent flirting, early morning texts, frequent romantic dates and spending of quality time with each other would be inevitable. 

However, as the relationship progresses, there are tendencies that your girlfriend may begin to experience diminished sexual interest. This does not outrightly imply that she’s fallen out of love but does not rule out the possibility. 

It could be she’s already feeling too invested in the relationship and may need a break from sexual intimacy to clear her thoughts. Whichever one may be the case, we helped you identify the major 13 signs your girlfriend isn’t sexually attracted to you. 

If you notice any or many of these signs, it is very possible that your girlfriend is no longer sexually attracted to you. 

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10 Signs Your Girlfriend Isn’t Sexually Attracted To You

1. You experience diminished efforts in the bedroom

When your girlfriend is not sexually attracted to you, she makes little to no effort to impress you in the bedroom. She can’t avoid this or even pretend about it because the passion is no longer there. 

No matter how much she tries to act normal, you must notice something off about her in the bedroom. Her interest hits a downward decline and every move must be initiated by you.

To trigger her or get her aroused would become a tedious task. This is among inevitable signs your girlfriend isn’t sexually attracted to you. 

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2. She does not enjoy intercourse with you

When you notice her diminished interest in bedroom activities, you might proceed since she’s given an implied consent, however, as much as you try, you must notice her absentmindedness in the entire affair.

Contrary to the early stages of the relationship, she won’t crave for your touches or even instruct you on how best to handle her. 

One thing about women is that, when they’re sexually attracted to you, they make honest efforts to satisfy your urges. They would point to the places they want you to touch or explore and even encourage you. 

The little efforts you expend to satisfy them would be highly appreciated. But this would always be the direct opposite when they no longer find you attractive.

3. She prefers “taking” care of herself to you

Because of her reduced sexual interest in you, she’d begin to explore alternatives. This would basically include handling herself and through other means. 

One of the major signs your girlfriend isn’t sexually attracted to you is her attempts to take care of herself. 

4. She’s no longer flirting with you

Signs your girlfriend isn’t sexually attracted to you? She’s no longer flirting with you. 

In the honeymoon phase of your relationship, she’d spare no opportunity to touch you, peck you, hug you from behind or randomly kiss you. Because she’s sexually attracted to you and can’t get enough of you.

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However, when she’s beginning to lose interest in you, you’d notice a sharp decline in affection. She’s no longer affectionate and those frequent romantic gestures would be thrown out through the window.

Signs your girlfriend isn't sexually attracted to you 

5. You’re always the one to initiate intercourse in the relationship

Intimate relationship is a two-way affair and therefore, the contribution of the parties involved are highly needed for the relationship to work. 

If the burden of making sacrifices in the relationship is left to one person, it won’t take long and the relationship would hit the wall. 

In a relationship where you must be the one to make sexual advances before you get an opportunity to have intercourse with your partner, it is safe to say that you’re in a sexless relationship/marriage.

If you’re always the one igniting sex in your relationship, just rest assured that your girlfriend isn’t sexually attracted to you anymore. 

6. She begins to avoid your presence

Sexual intimacy is the integral part of an intimate relationship. Diminished sexual interest is almost equivalent to diminished interest in the relationship.

There’s no point being around someone you’re not attracted to. This is why when she’s no longer sexually attracted to you, she’d begin to give flimsy excuses why she can’t be alone with you. 

When you fix dinner for two, she’d bring up her group project. You decide to go on an evening walk, she’d remind you of an impromptu invitation to girl’s night. If the idea of spending the weekend at your place is brought up, she’d remember a distant aunt she’s not visited for a while.

She’s not ready to spend some hours alone with you.

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7. She may enjoy quality time but not intimate time

If she’s not yet ready to call the relationship quit or doesn’t want a breakup yet, probably because of her limited options, she likely spends some time with you but not during odd hours.

8. She criticizes your appearance

When a girl is in love with you, she finds your appearance impressive. Your haircut, and style of dressing would be very much appreciated. A very little change in your appearance would be noticed and pointed out.

In the event she’s not impressed with your appearance, she’ll find subtle and respectful means to pass the message and help you work on your fashion.

Criticizing your appearance is the last option if she’s interested in you. Such negativity is one of the major signs your girlfriend isn’t sexually attracted to you. 

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How to know if my girlfriend isn’t sexually attracted to me anymore?

We’ve highlighted and explained the major signs your girlfriend isn’t sexually attracted to you. If you still have doubts over the attitudes of your girlfriends or you’re finding it very difficult to figure them out, the best alternative is to have a talk with her.

Let her know how you’re feeling. You just have to pour your mind and watch her explanation. Maybe she’s having some emotional issues or some family problems bothering her. 

Her reaction to this question would indicate whether she’s lost interest or not. 

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Why is my girlfriend not interested in me sexually?

There are a couple of reasons why your girlfriend may not be sexually interested in you. 

One of the major reasons is that she may have lost interest in the relationship. Once her attention is no longer in the relationship, there’s nothing you could do that would please her. 

More so, she may also lose interest because of your hygiene. If your hygiene is very poor, it would be very difficult for you to build sexual intimacy with your girlfriend. 

Notwithstanding, your lack of attention and emotional presence are other reasons why she may lose interest in getting sexually intimate with you. 


Getting to figure out signs your girlfriend isn’t sexually attracted to you would go a long way to enable you to avoid a passive-toxic relationship. These signs cannot be hidden as they are many. You just have to watch her closely and figure out when she’s losing sexual interest in you.

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