Why Am I Sexually Attracted To Older Men? Here Are 10 Telltale Reasons

I have been hurt by this recent trend of young girls falling for older men. My ex-girlfriend who had been together with me for over 18 months, left me for a 44-year-old banker.

I know I’m not doing badly for a guy that just joined the labor market and still has those cute looks. But I was surprised she remained adamant on her decision and eventually tied the knot with her new heartthrob.

Till now, I still feel surprised by how girls easily look beyond looks and youthfulness when considering a relationship with an older man. This relationship dynamic was usually prominent amongst celebrities but it is gradually taking a front seat in the public domain. 

As a young girl, you are probably wondering; why am I sexually attracted to older men? You no longer have any interest in wasting your time in the dating pool with some immature 24-year-old guy who hasn’t figured out himself and his career. But the personality, charisma and confidence of an older man leaves you in utter awe. 

From our findings, there are a couple of answers to your question – why am I sexually attracted to older men? The answers to this question would also be helpful to young guys who are not yet sure of their games in the dating pool. 

Why am I sexually attracted to older men

10 Reasons Why You’re Sexually Attracted To Older Men

1. Financial Protection

The major reason why younger women flock around older men is financial security. Women are naturally wired to be taken care of and pampered. The only relationship that could possibly guarantee them this is the younger woman-older man relationship dynamic.

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Older men have probably figured out their financials and have made some savings with some investments to secure the future. This guarantees financial stability and a secured future. Such men are very attractive to younger girls because of already sorted out finances. 

This is a kind of financial stability which her boyfriend in her age bracket cannot provide for her. They know the number of years that would be required of their boyfriends to climb through the ladder of hard work before reaching a level of financial independence. 

2. Older men are more experienced

Why am I sexually attracted to older men? Because you’re in need of a man who is grounded. A man who has enough experience about life and its dynamics. You crave for a man that has already understood his vision, and personality. 

Older men, through years of struggles and endeavors, have figured out a lot of things about family, relationship, investment and finance. They’re rarely indecisive over sensitive issues unlike younger guys that are still led by the opinion of peers and family.

3. Confidence in oneself

Nothing gives confidence like financial freedom and a fulfilled career. Having a sound financial system that puts the future in safe hands, is a great source of confidence. 

Older men are very confident in themselves because of financial stability, personality, poise, style and class. They already have so little to worry about and have got themselves shaped up by the bruises and harshness of the past. 

Their speech, approach and proposals exude nothing aside from confidence. With this, they believe so much in themselves and command a lot of respect. Indeed, it would be quite difficult for any young girl not to be moved by this rare show of confidence.

4. Early maturity in women

Research has shown that women mature faster than men. The emotional intelligence of women is often higher than that of women. This is probably why a 20-year-old girl would comfortably handle an intimate relationship with a 40-year-old man. 

If you’re still thinking; why am I sexually attracted to older man? The answer lies in your maturity. As a girl that matured really faster than guys in your age bracket, your views and theirs would never be the same. 

As they may be concerned about partying all day, pulling boobs; you’re pretty engrossed with the future. You’re already thinking about your 5-year plan. This difference in maturity levels, doesn’t not allow you the interest to fancy young boys. Instead you get attracted to older men whose dreams and visions are compatible with yours.

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5. Older men know how to pleasure women

Sexual pleasure is the cornerstone of a healthy and successful relationship. It takes a good experience in bedroom activities to know exactly how to pleasure women. This experience is what older men have in abundance. 

Unlike younger guys that are easily carried away by their own pleasure during intercourse, older men prioritizes the pleasure of their significant other. They know the right places to touch to drive their partner crazy. 

They are very conversant with some bedroom techniques that could easily trigger orgasm. Instead of being trapped in the traditional missionary dynamics, older men have a good knowledge of other dynamics to help their partner attain sexual pleasure.

Even some fantasies or fetishes, younger guys are skeptical about; older men are always open to explore them. Why am I sexually attracted to older men? Quest for sexual pleasure is the answer.

6. Good knowledge about women

Being in a relationship with a young, inexperienced guy could be very stressful because of the gap in emotional intelligence. Their insecurities are always projected and they easily play the defensive game when they suspect manipulation. But this is not obtainable in a relationship with older men.

They have better knowledge about women. What younger guys see as manipulation from women are seen as occasional mood swings by older men. Their emotional intelligence allows them the luxury of easily figuring out what their partner is craving for.

In relationships, there are quirks women won’t like telling their partner about. They only give signs and hope their significant other decodes the message. Older men easily get such messages and know exactly how to go about it. Without being told, they can easily figure out whatever their mate is craving for. 

7. Higher chances of settling down

Why am I sexually attracted to older men? Because older men are ready to settle down. A good number of younger guys would shy away when issues about settling down are presented. 

Unlike younger guys, older men already know what they want in a woman. If you don’t fit into their standards, they won’t bother starting anything with you unless they’re in for the fun. 

Generally, older men are eager and much ready to settle down and start a family since they’ve a stable career, settled finances and clear purpose.

8. Older men are not afraid of commitment

The fear of responsibilities and commitment is the major reason why younger guys shy away from long-term intimate relationships.

They think such relationships would come with responsibilities that would possibly dig a hole in their little savings. Once the issue of commitment is brought to the fore, younger guys take to their heels without thinking twice.

You may now wonder, why am I sexually attracted to older men? Because unlike younger guys, older men keep a committed relationship. They have the courage to take up responsibilities and are very intentional about the relationship. Responsibility doesn’t scare them, instead they see it as a window of time for them to establish authority.

9. Improved Communication

Without any iota of doubt, communication is the backbone of a healthy and committed relationship. It takes the sincerity and dedication of the partners to keep the communication process as healthy as possible. 

This is exactly why young girls gravitate towards older men. Indeed, older men are experts in keeping a smooth communication process. Though they may not text often, their phone calls are top notch. They know the appropriate moments to call their significant other and they know also when she’d like an impromptu visit.

Better communication is another answer to your question of why am I sexually attracted to older men.

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10. Older men are very caring

Caring, attention and affection are three constants in an intimate relationship. Besides, how would a relationship taste without a caring man? Sour, I guess. This is where older men come in. 

They know how and have the resources to take care of their significant other. The attention they crave for is supplied in abundance. There are a lot of material gifts to keep the relationship going and interesting.


The younger woman-older man relationship dynamic is becoming very popular because of the mutual benefits therein. Younger women know what they want in a relationship and older men are often the favorites to provide whatever thing they crave for in a relationship. 

Meanwhile, this article doesn’t intend to undermine younger guys but just taking a sincere look at why younger girls are attracted to older men. Besides, younger guys would also get old and also become the dream men of many younger girls.

In all, age is just a number. What matters most is maturity and a sense of responsibility. We’ve seen 25-year olds that are more reasonable and responsible than some 35-year olds. If the younger girls who are asking; why am I sexually attracted to older men, could find these attributes they’re searching for, in younger guys, they wouldn’t hesitate to start a relationship with them.

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