Signs Your Husband Isn’t In Love With You – 20 Surefire Signs

Signs your husband isn't in love with you

Marriage is an embodiment of love, trust, affection, and companionship. These are the primary virtues that form the bedrock of a successful marriage and relationship. However, there are times when challenges pose a serious threat to the viability of these virtues. If these virtues are truly strong, the marriage may survive any challenge and continue … Read more

How To Tell A Girl You Like Her And Win Her Over

How to tell a girl you like her

It is another thing falling in love with a girl and it is an entirely different thing proclaiming this love to her. A properly used approach could get your crush head over heels for you while a poor and irresponsible approach could earn you a disdainful reproach from your crush. When you love someone, you’re … Read more

How To apologize To Someone You Hurt Deeply

How to apologize to someone you hurt deeply

Many relationships and friends have hit the wall because of the inability of either partner to make a sincere apology when necessary. For some people, their self-worth is placed every other even at the detriment of a peaceful and stress relieving intimate relationship. But, for others who understand the magic a sincere apology can do … Read more

100+ Things To Talk About With Your Crush

What to talk about with your crush

It could be very difficult to start up a conversation with your crush, especially when you don’t have anything in mind to discuss with them. Lack of topic ideas to discuss with your crush could make you nervous and hinder your effective communication. To put your best foot forward, it is advised that you should … Read more