3 words to make a woman want you: 15 major phrases

Making a woman happy is simpler than you can imagine, especially when they’re into you. You don’t have spend all night calling her or write long notes to make her happy. There’s actually a hack to make your woman want you. 

Instead of writing epistles, there are many 3 words that magical enough to make your woman want you. These 3 words are very active and works so effectively to make your woman want you.

3 words to make a woman want you

3 Words To Make A Woman Want you

Stop stressing yourself, utilize these 3 words to make a woman want you and build something serious.

1. I love you 

The most efficient but old fashioned “I love you” is very reliable in making a woman want you. But you have to be careful how and when to use this classic clause. 

If used too soon, it would be seen as desperation. When used frequently, it would be interpreted as if you’re having scarcity mindset. 

These words are very meaningful and powerful. Tell her this when you’re sure you really do and ready to prove it.

2. I miss you

This 3 words are commonly used and most effective in long distance relationships (LDRs). Though it could be used even when your significant other is nearby. It shows how much you think of them. Send them the text with these 3 letter words to brighten her day.

3. Good Morning, Damsel

Early morning messages do wonderful magic in intimate relationships. It helps to build up the affection and bonding for the day. There’s nothing more beautiful than your woman waking up to a morning text from you. Such 3 words would make a woman want you.

4. Need some cuddles?

No doubt – women need cuddling as often as possible. It is the love language of many and most effective means for them to experience care, protection and love.

Just ask this question, preferable during bedtime, to remind her of your care and eagerness to look after her. 

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3 words to make a woman want you?

5. You are attractive

Every woman wants to be reminded of her beauty. She needs your validation at all times. Yeah! You have to appreciate her looks to make her feel special. 

It doesn’t matter how long she’s been with you or the familiarity level. Make sure you utilize these 3 words to make your woman want you.

3 words to make a woman want you

6. You are correct

These 3 words are also there to make a woman want you. You don’t always have to be right. There are times when you need to acknowledge her views, opinions, contributions and pieces of advice. She’d make me feel wanted and important. 

7. I am grateful

You are aware of your girl’s sacrifices. Then, why are you finding it difficult to appreciate her? 

Please, don’t hesitate to show your gratitude always. Thank her for her efforts and contributions. Let her understand that you are aware of her sacrifices for the relationship and you do not take them for granted. These are another 3 words to make a woman want you.

8. You are sexy

A simple compliment that does wonders. You are sexy – doesn’t end at talking stages. It is very much needed during the relationship to boost her ego and confidence and reassure her of your attraction to her body. 

9. How are you?

3 words to make a woman want you? Use “how are you” to calm her nerves and let her know you care. 

After a long stressful day, reach out to her and ask about her day. You’d find out if her day was stressful, if she’s tired or needs something.

10. Don’t leave me

Though, it is not advisable to use these words in a new relationship, especially when you’re not yet sure of your girl’s intentions about the relationship. 

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But when rightly used, these 3 words are enough to inform her of your fear of losing her.

11. I am blessed

These 3 words to make a woman want you are very powerful in underlining your gratitude. You want to acknowledge her as the major blessing you’ve received ever. Things would have been rocky and stormy without her support.

12. I trust you

What is a relationship without trust? Obviously – some distractions and complete waste of time. Trust is the major Hallmark of a healthy relationship. You have to use these 3 words to make your woman want you.

13. You are special

These 3 words to make a woman want you are enough to remind your girl of her importance. She would understand she’s unique, one-of-a-kind and irreplaceable. Very romantic 3 words to make a woman want you.

14. I am listening

Effective communication can never be overemphasized as a tool for a healthy relationship. Girls are easily disappointed when they realize you’re not a good listener or you don’t pay attention to their opinions. 

Let her know you’re really listening to her. Let her you’re not distracted by whatever is going on in the background. 

15. I did laundry

What else could be relieving for her than these 3 words to make a woman want you? Atleast, doing the laundry yourself is saving her from another round of stress.

16. Get some rest

Go get some rest. It’s okay, I’ll handle it. I’ll take out the trash, I will do the dishes, I will get the groceries. These are little sacrifices that could earn you her complete fealty.

17. I respect you

There’s no love without respect. These 3 words to make a woman want you are not just for the moment but to live a long lasting impression. Tell her you respect her as a girlfriend, as an individual and as a woman.

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3 words to make a woman want you 

18. You are awesome

Compliments can never be too much in a relationship and no girl would get tired of your compliments if she’s truly into you.

She is an amazing and extraordinary woman. Her personality is incomparable and her uniqueness is never in doubt.

19. I am sorry

This is another 3 words to make a woman want you. Don’t hesitate to apologize when you have done her wrong. Your ego should not mess things up in your relationship. 

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20. I adore you

This phrase is very different from the traditional “I love you” which people use every day. Using these 3 words to make a woman want you would convey deep meaning and an immense sense of affection.


3 words to make a woman want you have been carefully crafted to enable you to have a smooth and healthy talking stage and relationship. 

These 3 words to make a woman want you have been proven effective over time. They do the magic needed to keep your girl smitten with you.

They can be used at any time irrespective of the nature of the relationship. Either in a long distance relationship (LDR) or a close distance relationship, the 3 words would be effective when properly used. 


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