How Do You Know You Love Someone? 13 Surefire Ways

How do you know you love someone

How do you know you love someone? Loving someone or being in love is a magical feeling, that consumes the thought process of anyone. It is an exceptional feeling that comes with untold ecstasy and excitement. Writers, poets and musicians have made significant efforts to dramatise or visualize what it actually feels like to love … Read more

What Happens When You Get Caught Cheating?

Caught cheating

Cheating is a very sensitive issue in relationships and marriages, it could mar the trust that has been built over time. This is why partners who indulge in cheating, do it with utmost secrecy and carefulness. Attempts have been made consistently by cheating partners to justify their actions, but such claims and gaslighting have not … Read more

Why Can’t I Find Love? Sure Reasons Why You’re Single

Why Can't I Find Love?

Love is a beautiful and magical feeling which everyone craves for. It is special that it elevates the self-esteem of everyone involved, through its caring and compassionate nature. Almost everyone desires and wishes for that special moment in their lives when they would be unconditionally loved and cherished by others. This feeling of smitten with … Read more

Things Covert Narcissists Say – 24 Phrases And Their Meaning

Things Covert Narcissists Say

What is Covert Narcissism? Covert narcissism is a form of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). It has the basic signs and traits of narcissism – lack of empathy, Self-centredness, inflated sense of self-importance. Generally, covert narcissists are vulnerable and largely introverts. This is the major difference between them and overt narcissists. According to research, covert narcissists … Read more

Do Narcissists Cry?

Do Narcissists Cry?

Yes. Absolutely! Narcissists do cry. The only concern is the intention. Whether it is coming from a place of empathy and sympathy or it is just another tool for manipulation. Oftentimes, the latter is the case – the cry of a narcissist is just another measure to checkmate and manipulate the feelings of their victim. … Read more

Signs Of Negative Energy In A Person

11 Signs Of Negative Energy In A Person

Have you ever wondered why you will feel demotivated when you’re around someone – but feel highly motivated when around another person? You feel the aura of optimism around some people. But you’re dazed by the aura of pessimism around others. These are energies that emanate from people. Such energies are emitted as a result … Read more