Signs A Mean Girl Likes You – 12 Sure Signs To Figure Her Out

Are you afraid to ask her out because you haven’t figured out if she likes you? You’re not alone on this.

Girls could be very complicated and figuring them out could be incredibly difficult. Their evolution of feelings and mood swings have not helped issues. It could be very tasking to comprehend the intention behind the actions of girls.

If you’re too quick to judge, you’d lose everything. You have to objectively evaluate their actions to know exactly if they’re interested in you.

It could be more difficult to figure out these signs if you’re dealing with a mean girl. These kinds of girls are experts in hiding their feelings and so much enjoy being chased. They hardly divulge their interests through noticeable signs, rather, they resort to making everything more puzzling. 

Signs A Mean Girl Likes You

However, signs a mean girl likes you are very similar to the general signs a girl could display if she’s attracted to you. It depends on your prowess in figuring things out and making necessary moves where and when necessary. To save you the stress of having to evaluate them all day, we’ve come up with 16 proven signs a mean girl likes you. 

Experts have endorsed these signs over time and they’ve produced the best results. From eye contact to making out time for you, here are 16 signs a mean girl likes you.

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12 Signs A Mean Girl Likes You

  1. Eye Contact

When a girl is interested in you, she tries to make eye contact with you. Intermittently, she looks you directly in the eyes with every sense of innocence and care. You could walk into a room and all see her gazing at you.

You try to work on your desk, but you could feel her gaze upon you. Once she begins to keep eye contact with you, it is a big sign that she’s already interested in you. 

On the other hand, if you begin to return this eye contact, she’d quickly look away. When you are trying to initiate eye contact, you discover she’s now too shy to maintain any eye contact with you. She’s probably shy, tense and nervous. Naturally, it is her duty to attract you and it is your duty to approach her. If she’s attracted to you, she’d not be able to sustain your eye contact.

  1. She’s Nervous And Tensed around You

If a mean girl likes you, she’d become uncomfortable with your presence. She won’t be relaxed whenever you’re around because she’s subtly trying to impress you. Over a phone call, you could feel her nervousness.

Her carefulness in answering your questions. She’s always tensed up when you’re around or talking with her. She would be very shy to look at you directly during discussions. Instead, she’d look elsewhere or make drawings with her toes while playing with her fingers.

  1. She Makes Time For You

Girls are always busy if they do not like you. They make every attempt to evade spending quality time with you. She’d become very busy with her group project, her girls’ outing and parties. But on the contrary, if she’s interested in you, she’d do everything possible to create time for you.

It could be taking your calls or returning them if she missed them. Sending you texts and replying to your chats. She’s always available to meet you and ready to spend quality time with you. She’d hardly give excuses when you request a date. 

Signs A Mean Girl Likes You

  1. She Begins To Tell You More About Herself

Research has shown that girls are incredibly secretive. It is very difficult for them to open up about themselves and their pasts. A girl can only conveniently open up to you if she feels secure around you and has a great trust for you.

If she likes you, she’d begin to discuss things about her with you. Her past, her failed relationships, her fears, her ambitions and interests. 

It wouldn’t just stop there. She’d require you to do the same. Girls are naturally curious around people they love. Just get ready to entertain loads of questions from her. If you don’t see the questions coming often, just know that she doesn’t like you.

  1. She Starts Introducing You To Her Friends And Family

Irrespective of how close you are to a girl, if she doesn’t have plans for you she’d uncertainly discuss you with her friends and family. Talking about you with her friends and family is a sign of respect for you. She’d want them to know about you because you mean a lot to her. 

  1. She Asks You For Favor

Don’t see her as dumb when she asks you to help her download songs, change the remote, reboot her PC… She wants you to have the feeling that she needs you. Men are naturally protective and domineering. Playing to the gallery to make you feel like a man when you’re around her, is a sign she likes you. 

She asks you for favors. She asks for your help on silly, little and unimportant things. Don’t overlook such signs. She’s getting interested in you and already craving for your care and attention. 

  1. She Recalls Your Previous Discussions With Her

Because she likes you, she commits to memory almost everything you tell her. She’s already interested in knowing you and everything about you’d become intriguing to her. She remembers things you told her. She brings them in your new discussions with her. 

Aside from being a sign that she likes you, this is another method through which girls checkmate liars. Having taken note of things you told her in the past, she’d bring them up often to check for inconsistencies in your recent discussions with her. In all, it shows that the girl likes you.

  1. She Strives To Sustain Your Conversations With Her

Because she likes you, she’d seldom get bored of talking with you and chatting with you. She enjoys every second she spends with you. To keep you around for a long while, she makes sure the conversation is very lively and interactive.

Instead of getting you bored with monosyllabic responses, she comes up with questions to create an interactive atmosphere. 

  1. She Subtly Opens Up About Her Relationship Status

You’d hear her remind you that she’s still single. She’d be as subtle as possible, it is left for you to figure it out. But she would ensure she tells you that she’s still single. She’s already interested in you and has no reason to delay.

She’d complain about how she wouldn’t go to a dinner party because she can’t go alone. She’d tell you if she had a boyfriend she’d like going on vacation in the summer. These are avenues to inform you that she’s ready to take you in.

Signs A Mean Girl Likes You

  1. She Gives You A Positive Body Language

Body language is another one of the major signs a mean girl likes you. Girls are overly sensitive with their body and through it, they convey deep messages and signals. As you’re trying to figure out if she likes you, try to read her body language whenever she’s around you.

If she’s overly repulsive to your slight touches, it shows she is interested in you at that moment. But if she likes you she’d not complain about or repel your touches. If you try to close the space between you, she’d remain unshaken. This is a sign she likes you. Though you have to be careful while trying it to avoid making her feel insecure.

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  1. She Does Not Cancel A Date With You, Instead She Reschedules Them

If you request a date with her when she’s busy, she wouldn’t reject the offer, instead she reschedules it to a more convenient time. It shows she values your company so much and is very much eager to have you around. Eagerness is a good test for attraction. 

  1. Everything You Say Is Funny

Girls are readily attracted to funny guys. If she likes you she’d find you funny. Even your infamously corny jokes would be very funny to her. She laughs at almost every joke you crack. This is not because you’re funny, but because she enjoys your attempts to make her happy. She wants you to rest assured that you’re funny and relevant to her. 

How To Tell If A Girl Finds You Attractive?

If a girl finds you attractive, she’d stare at you. Eye contact is a good indication that you’re attractive to her. She’d pretend so you don’t notice. But her long stares would betray her. More so, she would like to get close to you and possibly have a conversation with you. 

Signs A Mean Girl Likes You

Why Would A Girl Hide Her Feelings From You?

Because she doesn’t want to appear cheap. Girls enjoy being chased and they could do everything to keep their reputation intact. It is left for you to figure it out and approach her. 

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