How To Know When A Relationship Is Over – Surefire Signs

It is arguably painful to realize that the relationship you’ve sacrificed a lot for is now running aground. Your honest efforts and attempts to salvage the situation is consistently proving abortive.

Though, relationships are designed to be a source of joy, happiness and peace of mind for the partners; it is not often the case. While some are having a near perfect relationship, others are weighing whether to call it quits or give it a last ride.

When the love, trust and respect upon which the relationship was built on are shaken vigorously, breakup might become inevitable. But, it doesn’t happen overnight. Breakups are not done by accident; they are well thought-out decisions. 

There are signs and indicators that raise awareness that a relationship might have served its purpose. These signs are often glaring and well spelled out. But, the minds of those in love would force different interpretations.

However, it is very necessary to look out for these signs that indicate the imminent end of a relationship. Ignoring them wouldn’t change reality but would only make you unprepared to face the reality. 

Meanwhile, we’ve uncovered 10 signs your relationship is about to hit the wall. Watch out for these signs when your relationship is becoming unnecessarily uncomfortable for you.

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How to fall out of love

How to know when a relationship is over? 10 signs to watch out for

1. Your goals are now inconsistent

Alignment of goals is the primary indicator of a healthy and happy relationship. In the beginning of most relationships, when the love and attention is glowing as ever, the partners tend to discover a genuine similarity in their goals.

Even in circumstances where it seems incompatible, efforts are made to re-navigate everything for their good interest.

Suddenly, you start having challenges maintaining these relationship goals. You’d see yourself towing an entirely different path from your partner. The interests and passion in what they do disappear like foam exposed under the sun. 

The both of you now have difficulties trying to picture yourselves in each other’s future. No matter how much you try, it is not just aligning. This is a moment you have to retrospect on every other circumstance on ground; because your relationship may be heading for the wall.

2. You notice the flaws of each other more than the strengths of each other

When you’re new in a relationship, you notice mainly the positive attributes of your partner. Their strengths are very glaring and you effortlessly shove aside their weaknesses. For their weaknesses, you give them a benefit of doubt and increase your tolerance level.

However, as things begin to go south, you can now only see their imperfections. This triggers you more to get irritated by them. Their strengths are no more noticeable and their efforts are not appreciated.

When you both are only exploring the negative attributes of each other, instead of working together to improve; the relationship is heading towards an imminent breakup.

3. Constant fights and arguments

Fights and arguments are normal in a relationship. It is expected that there should be a clash of views and opinions where two adults are conversing. However, the tone of these misunderstandings tell a lot about the nature of the relationship.

How to know when a relationship is over?

If you’re always disagreeing on issues – both the trivial ones – with your partner, you’re having constant and intentional fights and you have high-toned arguments with each other, it is a sign that the relationship is running aground.

With these frequent fights and arguments would deteriorate to keeping of malice and holding of grudges. At this level, you both would find it difficult and unnecessary to talk to each other and attempts would be made to avoid arguments.

Then, you have to start planning a new course of action because your relationship is possibly over.

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4. There’s physical and emotional abuse

Physical and emotional abuse should not be tolerated in any relationship. It is the height of disunity in a relationship. No matter how smitten you are with someone, once you experience any form of physical or emotional abuse; it becomes imperative to take a walk.

There’s no justifiable reason for any form of abuse in a relationship. When your partner resorts to abuse, either emotional or physical, it is an indicator that they’re already tired of your presence and are taking you for granted.

When you notice any form of physical abuse like hitting, slapping, punching or a mere brawl; you can start planning for your exit. As it may be difficult to identify the forms of emotional abuse, just be on the watch for a manipulative attitude from them.

5. Lack of emotional connection

When there’s no emotional connection, the end of the relationship is inevitable. Emotional connection is like a flavor that spices up your love life. The mutual feelings and affection for each other are the major reasons why you entered into a relationship.

When there’s no more care, attention, love, affection and mutual respect; the relationship loses its ultimate meaning. We proclaim our intimate feelings through any of these gestures. You’re no longer vulnerable and open to each other. It is now very difficult to have an engaging conversation.

How to know when a relationship is over?

So, if you discover that you’re emotionally disconnected from your partner, it is a big sign that your relationship is running out of time.

6. Lack of Trust

Every relationship is built upon trust. Trust is like a backbone to every successful relationship. Once this trust is broken – either through infidelity or failed promises – it is very difficult to repair. 

You become distrustful of each other and suspicious of each other’s moves. Everything they do is scrutinized closely before you consider whether to believe it or not. 

This is not love. Because love is all about trust. Therefore, if there’s no trust in your relationship, it implies you may be calling it quits sooner than later.

7. Physical intimacy becomes unappealing

Sexual intimacy is the bedrock of a healthy and happy relationship. You can’t be in a healthy relationship without solidifying it with physical intimacy. This is just true.

When you’re in love with someone, you can hardly get tired of getting intimate with them. You’re easily excited at just the thought of it. 

How to know when a relationship is over? When physical intimacy is no more appealing for you either of you or both of you. You no longer find it interesting to connect with your partner through physical intimacy. The relationship is heading towards its end.

8. You spend much time with friends and family

It is very necessary to spend time with your friends and family but it becomes a problem when you’re substituting your partner with them. Their conversations and company are much more enjoyable for you than that of your partner. 

It is another sign that your relationship is about to end.

9. You fantasize being with someone else

It is normal to admire people. But it is not normal to fantasize being with them instead of your partner. When you can’t quickly shrug off such thoughts, but instead hold on to them, it is a sign that your relationship is very close to an end. 

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10. There’s no more sacrifices

We make sacrifices for the things we cherish and think highly of. When you’re in a healthy and happy relationship, you’d go the extra mile to make things work out. But when you and your partner are now finding it difficult and totally unnecessary to make sacrifices, it is just a sign that the relationship is about to end.

Bottom Line

A breakup does not happen overnight. It takes time and endurance. During this time, there are a plethora of signs the relationship is long overdue, but we continue to make attempts to ensure the success of the relationship.

However, when these signs are persistent without any sign of improvement in view, the end of the relationship may be inevitable. 

It is however necessary that the partners should engage in a heart-to-heart discussion to uncover the possible reasons behind these signs and necessary steps to salvage the relationship.

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