8 Identifiable Signs Your Ex Wants To Sleep With You

The end of an intimate relationship is not often the end of your communication with your ex. After a breakup, there could still be a healthy communication pattern between your ex without any feelings attached. 

However, it is a different scenario when your ex shut down the communication lines between you two and just popped out from nowhere to check on you. 

Maybe, you just posted new pictures on your Instagram wall or a new profile picture on your Twitter page or you shared a Facebook story about your recent visit to the pool. These and others are possible triggers that’d remind your ex of what they’ve been missing. 

With this, they start making attempts to re-establish the already broken communication and see if they still stand a chance of getting intimate once again. 

Signs your ex wants to sleep with you

When an ex reaches out to you, you’d imagine the possibility of getting back together especially when there’s still some feelings left for them. But unfortunately, most exes reach out just because of their own selfish interest – sleeping with you. 

Despite how caring they might appear, it is still very possible that they’re only reaching out just to sleep with you once again. To assist you in avoiding a second deceit, we’ve uncovered 10 signs your ex wants to sleep with you.

10 Signs Your Ex Wants To Sleep With You

1. They Don’t Want To Be Intentional About The Relationship

When you start a new relationship or when you recently reconciled with an ex, there are pertinent questions that should define the relationship. 

To define whatever you share, honest answers should be provided to these questions; What are we now? What do you want? Where is this affair heading to? Should we inform our families and friends that we’re now a thing?

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If the person truly wants to start something with you, they wouldn’t hesitate to make their genuine intentions known, backed with verifiable signs of commitment. 

On the other hand, if they only came around because of your newly uploaded pictures on Instagram or they need your temporary companion, they’d hesitate to define the relationship. They’ll shy away from every question pertaining to commitment.

They don’t want to be intentional about the relationship, they only need someone to help them ease boredom. Instead of revealing what they want from you, they bore you with their vague and incoherent stories.

2. They’re Too Busy For To Schedule A Date

Being busy is understandable but being too busy to prioritize you, is already a red flag. 

If your ex is genuinely interested in getting along with you once again and building on what you shared in the past, they’d make calculated efforts to be there for you and make out quality time for you.

Despite having a busy schedule, they will create means to relax their schedule and create time for you. 

What matters most is that you’re a priority and you’d certainly notice it from his actions. 

However, if an ex is only coming back because of sex, they’d hardly make time for you unless they want your companionship. This is just among the signs your ex wants to sleep with you.

They won’t be available when you need them. If your meet-up doesn’t have sexual undertones, they’d avoid it. Fixing dates wouldn’t be in their schedule because all they want from you is intercourse and going on dates would be quite unnecessary.

Signs your ex wants to sleep with you

3. They Rarely Take Your Calls Or Return Your Texts

We know some people might not be too interested in frequent communications but that’s rarely feasible when one is in love.

If someone is truly in love with you, they will make honest efforts to keep in touch with you because they’d miss your company. They won’t spare any effort in checking on you and would be delighted to return your calls or your texts.

However, if you notice they’re not showing these signs, there are obvious tendencies that they’re not really into you and have nothing to miss about you.

If they’re not thinking of you always, they would have no reason to call you always. 

4. Inconsistency In Their Reconciliation Attempts

When someone is really into you, you’d notice their frequent and consistent efforts in keeping in touch with you. 

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The morning texts, phone calls and chats would naturally flow in. It would continue to an extent a pattern would be created. However, it is the direct opposite when your ex is trying to reconcile with you just to create an avenue for intercourse.

This inconsistency is fueled by their unstable desire towards you. 

When you notice this pattern, it is glaring that your ex is only coming around to fulfill their sexual fantasies.

Signs your ex wants to sleep with you

5. A Rapid Skyrocket In Interest

Have you ever wondered why your ex who hasn’t called you for a couple of months, begins to bombard you with frequent calls, texts and emails? 

Your answer might not be too far from reality – they just want to have another taste of you. This interest doesn’t grow gradually, it just comes from a zero level and skyrockets to 10. 

When you look closer, you’d notice nothing genuine about this sudden surge in interest; just empty promises and the visible desire to get you laid.

6. They immediately reach out when you post a new picture on social media handles

You’ve probably gotten a load of texts just after you dropped those gorgeous photos of you on either Instagram or Facebook. Some might reach out to you in admiration while some others may reach out for flirting.

In all of these, just be mindful of your ex. Because surely they would show up. Not because they admire your new looks but because you just reminded them of what they’ve missed so far. 

If he’s reaching out just shortly after seeing your new Instagram photos, it indicates lack of genuineness and clear purpose. You can go ahead and vet them before giving them a chance.

7. They have a different relationship

When an ex really wants to restore the relationship, the first step is to denounce other relationships and make themselves very available for them to make amends and continue with the relationship once again. 

But hell no! They won’t take the risk to shut off other relationships because they’re not really coming for a relationship, but for something very short, more like a fling. 

When talking about signs your ex wants to sleep with you, the different intimate relationships under his watch is a big sign. Make enquiries and find out if he’s really single and very disposed to navigate through another relationship with you.

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8. They schedule to meet you at odd hours

Don’t be surprised when your ex only creates time to meet you at night and at odd places. It is just among the signs your ex wants to sleep with you. 

They claim to be so busy all day to enable them to schedule a visit at odd hours where it would be convenient for them to make odd advances. 

When an ex really wants you back, they follow through the same process of asking someone out. They create time for romantic dates to refresh your memories of the past joyous moments and get you psychologically ready to give them a second chance.


Signs your ex wants to sleep with you are easily identifiable just that we often chose to think with our emotions instead of our brains. 

An ex seldom comes back because of a second chance, they’re either coming back for revenge or to have a taste of you once more. You just have to be on evaluation mode to enable you figure out easily why an ex is suddenly interested in you. 

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