What Attracts A Younger Woman To An Older Man? See These Reasons

The issues of attraction and intimacy have never been based on age differences. Love happens where it desires provided there is commitment, attention and understanding. What matters most is the compatibility of the partners as there are a lot of people with varying interests and ideologies.

The issue of commitment and understanding has given a significant rise in the number of younger woman-older man relationships.

This relationship style is quite prominent amongst celebrities as we have seen a lot of unions amongst celebrities with huge age differences.

The unions of Hillary Burton and Dave Morgan, Beyonce and Jay Z, George Clooney and Amal Clooney and Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are typical examples of young woman-older man relationships.

With this, one may be triggered to find out exactly what attracts a young woman to an older man when there are a handful of younger, vibrant and energetic guys out there. According to findings, the reasons for this preference borders closely on financial security and emotional awareness. 

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Naturally, ladies crave for relationships where they are well taken care of with little to no emotional stress. And many have figured out that such emotional and physical security are largely accessible in a relationship with an older man than in a relationship with a younger, naive guy.

Older men have figured out themselves, their careers and expectations in a marriage. They know what they want and have a lot of experience to navigate relationship challenges. Indeed, what attracts a younger woman to an older man are many and deeply rooted in the primal needs for security.

What attracts a younger woman to an older man

What Attracts A Younger Woman To An Older Man? 6 Surefire Reasons

1. Older men are more understanding

Understanding is a feature of any successful relationship. Without proper understanding of issues, the longevity of any relationship comes under serious doubts as any little crises would be big enough to capsize the relationship.

Older men are more understanding in relationships. They have already figured out what they need, what they want and what to expect. Many things would not come as a surprise to them as they already have some experience on how to handle such. 

Unlike their younger and naive counterparts, older men do not make mountains out of molehill. They are very patient and always eager to sort things out instead of resorting to a blame game or stonewalling. Petty fights are well avoided and older men understand mood swings and how to deal with them.

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2. They have more experience on relationships

Understanding in relationships is a product of huge experience in relationships. Someone who has been in 3 relationships is much liable to managing a relationship than someone who’s just testing the waters. Experience matters a lot in relationships and older men have it in abundance.

With lessons and experiences taken from past relationships, older men easily figure out the needs, expectations and desires of their partners. Without being told, they can identify when their partner is craving for attention. They can easily figure out when their partner wants a vacation or a cool moment at the beach. 

They know how to deal with a woman’s mood swings. In their repertoire, they have a collection of relevant lines for any given circumstance. When she’s unhappy, they know the right words to use. They know when to say sorry and when to prove a point. 

3. They are experts in the other room

Being good in bed is very important for a spicy relationship. It could be very boring and uninteresting for a young woman to stay in a relationship where his man does not know about some kinks that could satisfy her cravings. 

Younger women fancy older men because of their excellent bedroom skills. They know where and when to touch them. The sensitive zones of their partners are easily figured out and utilized. Unlike the younger version, older men are more concerned about the pleasure and satisfaction of their partners.

Their top-notch bedroom skills answers the question of what attracts a younger woman to an older man.

4. Most older men are matured and responsible

What attracts a younger woman to an older man? Maturity is treasured amongst ladies. They know how important it is to have a responsible and matured man as a partner.

Generally, women mature faster than men and are easily off the league of their male age mates. With this gap in maturity, it becomes difficult for younger women to find balance with their fellow younger male counterparts.

They tend to navigate towards older men because they understand their problems and challenges easily. The maturity levels of older men are very high and little above that of the younger women.

Their responsibility is another reason why older men are found attractive to younger women. They know what is expected of them in relationships and go about them without creating unnecessary headaches for their partners.

This is rarely found in most young men who are still struggling to understand their roles in a relationship.

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 5. Older men are ready for commitment

It is very difficult to keep a healthy relationship with some young guys because they easily distance themselves from the relationships when issues of commitment are brought to the fore. 

Older men are ready to keep a committed relationship because of their high maturity levels and understanding. When issues come up, they have the necessary experience to sail through. They give the much needed assurance and support to their partners.

6. Older men provide financial, emotional and psychological security

What attracts a younger woman to an older man? Older men provide a sense of security, which is needed for a successful and healthy relationship. Older people have already figured out their careers and are properly at the top of the trajectory. They have assets and a financially secured future.

Aside from this, older men also provide emotional and psychological security because they’re very much emotionally mature. Women feel more comfortable keeping a relationship with older men that gives them emotional assurance and support.

What attracts a younger woman to an older man is that older men are at the stage of their life where they can effortlessly take care of their financial demands and needs. They have investments in place and assets to support their lifestyle.

Bottom Line

The issues of relationship and marriage are at best relative. Individual preference differs. However, the attraction of young ladies towards older men is very prevalent nowadays. From daddy issues, through emotional and financial security, to responsibility and maturity, young ladies seem not to get enough of the reasons why they trump older men.

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