Why Do Men Change After Sex: 15 Observed Reasons

You’re surprised that your prince charming just started distancing himself from you after you got intimate with him. A lot of negative thoughts would inevitably engulf your mind as you try to unravel the reasons behind his sudden change.

Apparently, before you got intimate with him, he was all over you, promising you heaven on earth. Doing his best to put smiles on your face and exhausting every effort to set-up dates.

And suddenly, this once Mr. Romantic changed to a quiet, distant fellow who does everything to avoid you. The mystery behind this remains incomprehensible to you as you wonder why do men change after sex. 

Your concerns are valid and certainly, there are a couple of reasons that answers the question of why do men change after sex.

These reasons would give you a better insight to navigate through the new wave in your intimate relationship and set you up for a healthy relationship. 

Why do men change after sex

Why Do Men Change After Sex? 15 Possible Reasons

1. He wants to check if you truly love him

The affection shared during the pre-intimacy stage is often not reliable in knowing the true feelings of your significant other. After getting intimate, some partners apply withdrawal to check if they’re truly loved.

Your man may not be the exception and he is probably denying you attention after intimacy to observe your reaction towards him.

How you handle his lack of attention would determine how much you value him. 

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2. You are the clingy type

Most men like their space and are yet indisposed to compromise this. They find it very inconvenient to keep up with a clingy partner. It makes them so uncomfortable and the relationship a stuffy place for them. 

Why Do Men Change After Sex? Therefore, if a man begins to act weird or distant after your intercourse, it might be because you were so clingy after your intimate moments.

Probably, you thought getting into his skin is the most viable means to complement the nice time. But that’s not true in most cases. 

Instead of bringing him closer, such undue closeness puts many men off as they imagine how long they’d be watched closely.

Why do men change after sex

3. He didn’t enjoy his time with you

His sudden withdrawal may be connected to the last time you shared together. Maybe what he anticipated was entirely different from what he experienced. 

If you’re probably wondering why do men change after sex, you have to look inwards and evaluate your last intercourse. Because, if he was not satisfied in bed, he may find little to no reason to keep up with the affair.

To help you understand if this is the reason, we recommend you reach out to him and try talking about your last time in bed with him. Though he might try to hide his true feelings about your performance, his countenance would reveal a lot.

4. He is going through some personal issues

Family, work, career, health issues or financial crisis are part of many personal challenges that truncates attention after intimacy. 

A guy who is going through such personal battles won’t have enough mental strength to contain the back and forth in intimate relationships. 

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5. He knows he did not satisfy you in bed

Overtime, performance in bed has had a thing to do with men’s ego. When a man performs badly in the other room, he feels his ego has been bruised and often loses the courage to continue with the relationship.

To avoid further embarrassment, many men go into oblivion and leave their significant other hanging.

If you wonder why do men change after sex, the answer is not far from how he performed in bed. 

We advise you to talk to him about visiting a health expert to address his health issues.

6. He is not interested in a relationship 

Being intimate with you is not an indication of interest in a relationship. A guy might be intimate with you just for the satisfaction of his cravings without any feelings attached.

Oftentimes, the signs are boldly implied but you misinterpreted his lust as love. He probably wants to enjoy the situationship and the intimacy without committing to anything serious.

This is where you need your vetting skills. Get to unravel their true intentions and find out if they are consistent with your expectations. Don’t be deceived by your feelings or emotions, judge them by their actions.

7. He is afraid of commitment

Intimate relationship transcends the one-time visits, irregular texting patterns and a one-time mind-blowing intimate moment.

Relationships demand a lot of energy physically, mentally, emotionally and financially. You have to accommodate the insecurities and shortcomings of your significant other.

Learn to tolerate them and get used to their personality. Obviously, this process is beyond the usual lips promises when you get into it. 

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And most men do not have the mental, psychological or financial strength to get committed to one person. 

8. He wants to take things gradually

When the game is over, many guys go into retrospection where they process the past events. Was the sex good? Was there chemistry? Are we really a thing? Am I not being too fast? Maybe I have to slow down a little?

This is apparently the thought process of many guys after intimacy. They check the circumstances before bedtime and also weigh the prevailing circumstances. 

Why do men change after sex?

When they feel the enormous emotion building up, it is safe to take things slowly and in a controllable space. You just have to figure them out and flow with their energy.

9. You read so much meaning into your friendship 

Contrary to what you’re thinking, the guy may just want to remain in a friends-with-benefit dynamic. 

But you have misconstrued his kind gestures as love and a green signal. Meanwhile, the guy is only interested in the friends-with-benefit dynamic and does not want anything serious.

10. He ultimately wanted a one-time thing

Many guys already make up their minds about any girl before their first approach. They form impressions about girls and all their advances, romance and kindness revolves around this impression.

This impression could be that the girl is good for a one-time thing and they would deploy every needed strategy to achieve this.

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Meanwhile, along the line, he may be kind, romantic, religious or super social. These masks could be seen as love instead of the true intentions behind them.

Wrap up 

Why do men change after sex?, is a very valid question when you find it difficult to grasp his weird attitudes. 

Use these possible reasons and juxtapose them with what you’re observing. Take cues from these reasons and figure out where you’re placed.

If you find out the reason behind the withdrawal treatment, we recommend you talk to your significant other about your feelings or rather observations. You can as well recommend a counselor for proper guidance.

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